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What are you listening to?


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I'm just curious as to what you guys are listening to. :D


Right now, I'm listening to:


Jardin D'Hiver by Henri Salvador

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Queen :wub:




This is the last music video that Freddie was in. He is dying here and he obviously knows this. But look at the way he performs. He is presenting himself to be full of life and hope. Now that's human spirit. There are so many number of ways to perform this meaningful song, yet he chose the most cheerful way of performance. It's as if he wanted to console us. It's knowing that people like Freddie existed and exist that makes me love life and humanity :)

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Currently, The Decemberists - but a few minutes ago the Chilingarian quartet was playing Etchmiadzni Par. :)

I have my tunes set on what I call "Chaos Random" - which chooses tunes in my library from completely different genres and generations and strings them together. I don't do this often, but rightnow it's the perfect mix of surprise & spontaneity... wonder what will be next. Could be the Ramones, could be Bill Evans, or it could be Azat (er.... I mean Harout) :lol:

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Snow by the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now


I love these guys :wub: ^_^




Also, Hump De Bump by the same group.



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