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  1. Has anyone heard human trafficking related stories related to USArmenia?
  2. Mindtrap


    Look folks, do your homework and use any extra cash to buy buy buy. There are so many wonderful stocks that are undervalued! Youll thank yourself later. "No information on this web site should be considered a recommendation or solicitation to invest in a particular security or type of security. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of a mutual fund and all other securities carefully before investing."
  3. Mindtrap


    So what Im saying is Im bullish on the energy sector. Look we bought low and rode it up, pulled out when it got 2 hot and down we are. The cycle will be back and will go on the ride again. Nat gas might be a buy at 8$ bottom??? Lets face it, until we discover some new miracle power source, nat gas and oil are our only alternatives.
  4. Mindtrap


    I almost forgot to reply; wait until the presidential elections, its gona be a rough ride until then. Regardless of who wins the election people will still invest even if Barac raises cap gains to 30%, where else can you find so many vehicles for your money to grow?
  5. Mindtrap


    Looks like Ive been missing out on the action in this thread! Democrats and alternative energy...fours years, I see us where we are today give or take. Im not much of a commodity trader, mainly because I dont have the knowledge for it and wouldnt put my money where I wouldnt be able to understand the situation. Anyway, the media has been pushing the ideas of alternative energy sources other than fossil fuels for some time, it seems like the new cool thing! I hear the phrase "dont depend on foreign oil" alot but am yet to see a feasible plan that will take us in that direction. Drill Alaska, we know thats not going to happen anytime soon. Conservatives and Liberals have turned this issue into such a big deal that they have painted themselves into a corner and neither is whiling to give in just yet. G.W. Bush lifted the ban on offshore drilling but until we see anything from that it may take a decade. Solar power is to far into the future for me as well as hydrogen. In order for hydro to be an actual fuel source we need stations, well why on earth would investors put the money into it if there arent enough vehicles using the energy source? Energy is big business just like anything else, it will take time, a long time until we become energy dependent (assuming we ever do). I believe your concern should be on foreign markets such as the BRIC nations and their growth in relation to energy demand. My advice to anyone who is looking for long term investments is this is the time. Everything is on sale, do your homework, analyze, and hold. The daily fluctuations will be hard to stomach but in the end I have faith in the markets and this wonderful country.
  6. Mindtrap


    I just took a peak at your website, very nice. I hope to finish reading it sometime this week.
  7. Mindtrap


    AK, I would have to disagree with your views on the risk factor in the current market conditions. After I typed the above, I was hoping I would come back to a mutual fund based question to which I would say "buy an index fund". I am not a big fan of mutual fund, especially the active ones which make up the majority. They have a whole suitcase full of fees, charges, and commission which they try very hard to hid from the average consumer. I don't trade, I invest which makes my situation different from the dogma associated with stock investors. If you do your homework, research the company/industry you are interested in, have guidelines as to what you are looking for, this is the PERFECT time to invest. Let me ask you a question, would you buy a watch for $100 from Target or the same watch that is on sale for $60 at Walmart? Assuming you had the money and were in the market for a watch you would purchase the one that costs less. Well similar to my example (as terrible of an example as it may be =D ) the stock market is having a clearance sale and the smart money says buy buy buy. I understand what your saying and agree with you. For those who are unaware of the market, how it works, and the basics, I say stay away. They are the types of fools that sharks prey on. However, for the smart investor it is always (almost always. 30's 70's 87 was the time to short stocks but thats another chat) a good time to invest. It doesnt matter if the stock market as a whole is moving up or down, because movement and volatility means there is money to be made. On the FOREX topic, Ive been studying the field for a few months and although Im nowhere near where I wanted to be I am learning. The leverage/margin available is incredible and allows you to make great sums of money with minimal changes in PIP and at the same time you can loose the shirt off your back.
  8. Mindtrap


    It looked like an interesting topic, unfortunately turned into a chat filled with jokes. Abnyway, what kind of investing are you looking into? Securities only or are you thinking about long term goals and using the market as a temporary parking for your money? I didnt read the entire thread but i do recall someone saying stay away? Yes there is risk involved with investing but it doesn't have to be risky. Theres risk in driving but your not a risky driver are you? Depending on the period of time you are looking to invest there are many alternatives you may want to look into. If you will need the money in the short term, lets say up to 2 years from know, maybe you should be looking into mutual funds and other index funds. The S&P index does around 12% (average calculated over years). Something more secure would be money market or CD's. Im not a fan of the money market or bonds (especially at todays 10year note paying 3.?? %) Again, lets get the chat going if your interested. Ill be checking in daily to see if your interested and we can move from there.
  9. And I will be back after finals to add my 0.02
  10. Good for them! Whos been taking care of it for all these years? Im just waiting for all the whiners to hijack this thread and scream about "Russia is taking over Armenia" and "Armenia is for sale" GET OVER IT!
  11. Just wonderful. Well made and funny.
  12. I hope there isn't one gram of truth to this because it makes my heart race and body tremble! I don't want to imagine those SOB's anywhere in our territory.
  13. You hit the nail on the head. Its not a money problem we have, but an ethics problem that has mysteriously emerged in a large portion of our youth. We lack popular hero's for these individuals to look up to and because they are not made aware and taught about our culture, they automatically look toward the tough, rich, and powerful. I understand this issue has been brought up time and time again, but the question is, how do we change it? As ive grown (just a bit) Ive begun to notice this drift in the Armenian youth. We have a portion that is going to school, educating themselves and trying to be a positive part of the community. In contrast, I witness the other half (stereotype alert) "cruzin in their benzo bumpin game" (which im guilty of doing as well) and trying to live the life they see on MTV. Its an epidemic and I may be dreaming but we need to somehow, somewhere do something to change our future. Again, I understand my tone was rude and harsh but our youth is a subject that I am very passionate about. Ive worked with an after school program for many years and see it all happening before my eyes. I see Armenian children who's parents are not together, father ran off, sibling from other parents and so forth. So...
  14. I think Charles and Diana had a more modest wedding. I completely understand where you all coming from and I see how my comments have been harsh. However I think we should see the other side of the issue as well, regardless of my belief in it. I think there are so many phsycological issues to be dealt with in accordance to this wedding. Somehow (and Ive seen it in Armenian here and there) we have become a society (not everyone but a good portion) of material things. Everything is "bigger and better" with us and we try to out do our neighbor. Again, I dont want to direct this toward everyone but a good portion of our society falls under this category. We have a bigger problem here, that problem is the loss of our Armenian identity in the coming future. There is this divide that grows larger by the day. It is like the rich and poor, but in our case, the "traditional" for lack of a better word and the modern.
  15. The reasoning for my paranoia is based on other experiences ive had on Armenian forums. As soon as I was in disagreement with the mods, I was "accidentally" blocked from the website and had to contact administrators to get the issue resolved. I eventually left. I absolutely understand what the objection is for and what was meant, however I sense an underlying resentment for those with wealth from some individuals. Not only from the forum but in life. Life in Armenia is not a breeze but we shouldn't make it out to be some type of miracle people have food. It is hard, just as hard as things were/are in other second world nations. I try to visit every few years and have seen a tremendous growth in the city of Yerevan and other regions. When we visit, we stay in a home by ourselves, do our shopping and try to get an understanding on what it takes to live there daily. The last time I was there (2005) it coast approximately $6 a day to have a decent life and be able to have the common ammenities and luxuries most have. I understand its difficultly and don't what to minimize the situation, but look how far we've come. Its nothing less that amazing! Do we need more to be done, of course. Seeing how far off course ive traveled, lets take it back to the wedding issue. If Gagig Tsarukyan were to have a small wedding in a small banquet hall with on performers and the other lavish things we see, the citizens of Armenia would bad mouth him for the next decade. Our actions and life are governed in part by our economic status. If you are making $200 a moth, you live like it. If you are one of the richest people in a country, you live like it. This is the system we as a people chose, now we will live by the "consequences" of our actions.
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