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The Armenian "Khalkhal" bracelet remains the most popular deco


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The Armenian "Khalkhal" bracelet remains the most popular decoration in Turkey.
Created by Armenian masters 300 years ago in Western Armenia. Erzrum, the women's gold bracelet remains the most prestigious jewelry in the East, and the number of people wanting to purchase this jewelry is growing in the West as well, writes the Turkish publication Sozcu, referring to the words of the Chairman of the Tokat Yashar Genzhaiy Union of Jewelers.
"This bracelet consists of seven layers and looks very elegant. Over the centuries, this ornament was made by Armenian craftsmen. ", — is noted in the article
It is reported that the price of the jewelry depends on the gram of gold used to make it. On average, the bracelet weighs 110 to 115 grams and is designed for long-term use.
"To this day, the Khalkhal bracelet has been passed on as a gift from generation to generation," the article of the Turkish edition states.
The bracelet is also featured in numerous electronic jewelry catalogues in the USA, Canada and Europe.
Since ancient times, Erzrum has been one of the most densely populated Armenian gavars. At the beginning of the nineteenth century. 68 thousand people lived here. Armenians, 41 thousand of them. —in 128 villages. Armenians of the province traditionally engaged in jewelry business.

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