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Saint Hripsime


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Saint Hripsime.


She is not actually Armenian by birth but was martyred by King Tiridates of Armenia. We call the king as Dirtades. In Ethiopia, St. Arsema is currently being highly popular than ever because of the miracles seen at the churches consecrated in her name. The number of churches built in her name is also increasing. And in almost any spiritual book shop in Ethiopia one can find "Gadla Kidist Arsema" i.e., the book of the life of St. Arsema. I myself love this saint very much and consider her as one of my matron saints. I hope she will, one day, allow me visit her church in Armenia where her remains are kept.

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Movses, please tell us the source of these articles. At one point it seems like it is of Ethiopio-Georgian origin.

And please correct the Armenian subtitle to ՀՌիՓսիմէ,as it seems to be of Greek origin of RhiPHsime (PH=Փ). Once again, the reason in the Armenian it turns to H-ripsime is because we have an allergy to words and names beginnig with the letter R, just like Rome rurns to H-rom,Ho-rom or U-rum.

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