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  1. See what people need to understand is that they need to stop hatin. Now before you start to negatively reply, finish reading. That would be the first step to stopping. Now what I mean is that people hate because they're ignorant. But that can be changed. You can learn and thus you must listen to the music. If someone doesn't like something they bullshit it. There are different kinds of music, for different occasions. Like hyebruin said. Some for weddings. Yes we know that sometimes it's tight to listen to a wedding song just cuz it got something that no Rabiz song has. But that is what makes this world have different songs, people and thus creating wars, masacres, genocides among other horible things. Death. Now I know that this may sound off topic but listen. People need to stop hatin, what needs to be done is for people to listen before they judge and unlike some of the people who may after this post sending death threats, you need to stop and smell the flowers. Ok I'm sorry it's the way that it is, but unfortunately this is the way that I understand it. If you listen, you won't have to take my view point but you will learn a different point of view which will open many possibilities in the future. It opens a door, that before you thought didn't need because it didn't exist but now you can have that door. And you will have the chance to open it.
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