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Haaretz: Israel should not sell arms to Azerbaijan

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Posted 27 March 2015 - 02:39 PM

Haaretz: Israel should not sell arms to Azerbaijan, in order to avoid repetition of Armenian Genocide

In light of the increased manifestations of hatred in Azerbaijan against the Armenians, Azerbaijan’s increasing military strength and the rise in internal tensions there, it is feared that if war breaks out again between Azerbaijan and Armenia, there will be massacres against the Armenian population in that contested region, reads the article of Yair Auron published on the site of Haaretz.
As it is noted in the article, and yet, despite the handwriting on the wall, last month Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon flew to Azerbaijan to meet with the heads of its military and state, including the president.

The article reminds that in 2015 will mark 100 years since the genocide against the Armenian people. An Azeri assault, if one takes place, could be a sorrowful reminder of the events of those days. But perhaps it is not too late to prevent escalation. Israel has a moral obligation in this matter, beyond its international obligations. It would be very serious if it turned out that Azerbaijan’s security forces committed war crimes and crimes against humanity using Israeli weapons.

As result of a conflict between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis about 30,000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes. The Armenians, who were fighting for their homes, were able to overcome the Azeri army, which was much stronger than they were, and were able to maintain control of the Nagorno Karabakh. In 1994, a fragile, Russian-brokered cease-fire was arranged. The conflict, however, was not settled.

“20 years later, international efforts to urge the Armenians and Azeris to an agreed-on solution have been unsuccessful,” the author writes and stresses that he has heard many times about escalation in the region and about war crimes committed by Azerbaijan.
“I was also told about breaches of the cease-fire agreement by Azerbaijan just recently. It seems that the Azeris are trying to goad the Armenians into responding to breaches of the agreement, so the Azeris will have an ostensible reason to reach their goal,” Yair Auron writes.

In early August, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev visited the front and told the soldiers that the weapons they had purchased from foreign sources, meet the highest standards in the world, the article reads.

According to the author Russia and many other countries have condemned the escalation, and said that the only solution to the conflict is diplomatic. Israel has ignored these statements, as Israel is one of the leading exporters of weapons to Azerbaijan.

As noted in the article with the outbreak of the war, in 1992, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe asked its member states to ban export of weapons to those involved in the conflict. Britain and Germany prohibit the export of weapons to Azerbaijan and, as far as we know, the United States does not permit the export of weapons to that country over concerns that it could be used against Armenia. While Russia and Israel the weapons embargo didn’t stop. According to reports in the foreign press, in recent years Israel is one of the leading exporters of weapons to Azerbaijan. In 2012 Israel signed an agreement to supply $1.6 billion-worth of weapons to Azerbaijan. At least two Israeli drones have fallen in Ngorno Karabakh, the latest one this past August.

“This is not the first time Israel has supplied weapons to a country that is committing genocide. Israel sold weapons to the Serbs during the Balkan war in the early 1990s, during which time the United Nations had imposed an embargo. Israel must refrain from such acts because we are a people of Holocaust survivors,” the author noted.


Haaretz is Israel's oldest daily newspaper.

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Posted 29 June 2017 - 08:59 AM

I wonder if his name will be added into the infamous black book, just asking!

Public Radio of Armenia

June 28 2017
Israeli political scientist Avigdor Eskin visits Artsakh

Well-known Israeli political scientist and public figure Avigdor Eskin was hosted in the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh on June 27.

Addressing the lawmakers, Mr. Eskin attached importance to his friendly relations with the Armenian people and said he had come to Artsakh to get to know the country and its people and to share the impressions with his compatriots.

“I’ve come here to learn rather than tell anything. The Armenian nation that has born a number of famed people, deserves great attitude and respect,” the political scientist said.

In a Q&A session with Artsakh MPs Avigdor Eskin referred to his stance on the Karabakh issue, the perspectives of development of Armenian-Israeli relations, the need to implement the Jews’ successful experience of repatriation in Armenia and Artsakh, etc.




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Posted 01 July 2017 - 09:24 AM

news.am, Armenia
June 30 2017

Israeli expert: I urge everyone to visit Karabakh
20:04, 30.06.2017

I urge everyone to visit Nagorno-Karabakh, Israeli political
scientist, pubic figure Avigdor Eskin told journalists Friday.

“What does it mean to declare a person criminal only for visiting
friends in Karabakh? I not only visited it but also urge all my
friends in Moscow and Israel to visit Karabakh. These people shouldn’t
be in isolation. I see very interesting human potential in Karabakh. I
tell people to go there to rest as tourist,” Eskin said.


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Posted 01 July 2017 - 09:34 AM

As predicted!!!!!!!!

Interfax - Russia & CIS General Newswire

June 29, 2017 Thursday 5:34 PM MSK

Baku to blacklist publicist Eskin for visit to Karabakh - source

BAKU. June 29

Russian-Israeli publicist and public activist Avigdor Eskin will be
blacklisted by the Azeri Foreign Ministry for an unauthorized visit to
the 'occupied territories,' as Baku calls the self-proclaimed
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

"Avigdor Eskin will not be an exception. He will be blacklisted by the
Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry," a diplomatic source told Interfax.

Every person who visits Nagorno-Karabakh without permission from
official Baku, regardless of his post and status, becomes persona non
grata in Azerbaijan, the source said.

Eskin visited Nagorno-Karabakh on June 28. He said he was present
there "for one and a half days." Eskin had several meetings during his
illegal stay on the 'occupied territories.'

av ng aa


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