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What should I do?

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Posted 14 July 2000 - 12:23 AM


This my case: I'm an armenian in Sweden, and I want to in the future mary an armenian girl. But in Sweden it's hard to find armenian girls. And I don't want to go to Armenia to "get" my a wife, because I want someone who takes me for me, and not for the fact that I'm from Sweden.

Here in Sweden I had a gilrfriend who's not armenian, and it all ended bacause of that. But I think that she was my soulmate.

So what shall I do? Should I try to get my old girlfriend back?

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Posted 14 July 2000 - 09:32 PM


Come to LA !!! We shall find you a bride


PS. By the way - were you born in 77?

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Posted 17 July 2000 - 12:19 AM

Yes i'm born in 77!

I have thought about to moving to LA. But I have my education and my job here in Sweden. I don't want to just leave all that!

Thanks for the advise, anyway!

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Posted 17 July 2000 - 11:04 PM

Tsavt-tanem vochinch el mi ara Linelik@ klini jamanaki harsta "
inchpes asum e Hin Haykakan Arrats@ BAxt@ spasorin e Galsi Spasi!! ,

Mek psakvorna poshman mek el chpsakvor@ et el arten ko baxtitsa

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Posted 20 July 2000 - 09:51 AM

Ehhee!!!...nstelov taxtin spaselov baxtinel mi ban durs chi ga...lol..

to the guy from sweden (sorry, don't know your name): I'd suggest you read our discussion on love. The point is, marriage isn't something you can resign to fate. You have to take an active part in its making (WHEN THE TIME COMES).

that's all for now, folks....(lol..ever watched looney toons? )..)


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