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Armenian Man and Thai Girl story...

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Posted 14 January 2001 - 09:13 PM

I don't know people if any of you recieved this e-mail from thai girl. Please Read:

Dear every armenians, ......this is the story of us (Armenian man who live in Bangkok and Thai girl )
The main problem is I can't speak Armenian and Russian so his family will not understand what I want to tell them, I need their help, they should know this story that what their son and their brother did here. Phone number of them in Kotayk is 374-22-26895 (I want their address in Kotayk, I maybe send letter in Russian to them)
I would like to tell you about my story with Mr. Levon Abrahamyan. I sent the pictures for you to see also. Levon told me that he will take me to Armenia to meet you and he said ""I am sure that my family will like you", You know he said "He is serious with me, he wants to have future with me and I already took him and introduced him to my family (my mother, father and relatives). I used to stay with him and I was the one whom he trust but now he ran away from me with the reason that we can't have future. I would like you to know that he did a big mistake to me , it is not fair because I'm a girl and I want to have future with him as he said. Now he just said easy, well what about me? I can't live without him, I can't sleep well like before, his face, his smile, our nice things that happened between us is haunting me all time.
I hope some day his family will know and handle something. He broke my heart, he didn't keep his words, he became bad guy who sleep with other girls without caring about my feeling that I'm wating him at home. He used to call me "Hokis" and I really love this name but now he said" I'm a free man even he has me. I've never change my feeling on him. I still love and respect him as in the beginning. Time we spent together will be the most precious memory for me. How can we never work as a couple, Many people in Bangkok, see us, knew us and they said "We're a nice couple". I felt totally happy with him and I couldn't imagine that how this guy change himself. I am sure that my feeling for him is stronger and deeper.
You know he told the story about his family, friend, country, culture and tradition in Armenia and I love to hear, to learn, to know. It is very similar as in Bangkok. He should not leave me like this. He never think when he has trouble and in anytime only me be with him. I'm always on his side.
What do you think about this story? I'm sorry is I disturb your people but I want every armenians know about this. He broke feeling about Armenian.

Best Regards,

Hmm... Can anybody comment... or Armenian men are Armenian men... And it isn't the first time to know?

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Posted 15 January 2001 - 10:08 PM

wow...small world...(i know who she's talking about)

my heart goes out to this girl...it really does..but she needs to understand it isn't personal...us armos are strange like that (both men and women)...

it isn't about armenian men, artur jan... in fact, i think more armenian men marry other women than armenian women marry other men... it's just something we as armenians feel (especially those of us from armenia.... most of us can't imagine being married to anyone who isn't armenian..(sweeping generalization, i understand, don't lynch me please)

i don't know....personally, it would take A LOT for me to marry a non armenian. A LOT. I can't even imagine the circumstances where I would take such a step. But of course, to each his own...People are different, they make different choices. This guy made his choice. For him it just might be the right one...

if it makes this girl feel better, i think he loved her...c'est la vi, i suppose. (see what i mean, love and marriage are such different issues)

Anyway, that's my rather narrow minded assessment of the issue. Again, don't lynch me, this is the most narrow minded thing you'll ever hear me say on this forum, I promise

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Posted 16 January 2001 - 01:23 AM

Originally posted by Artur:
... or Armenian men are Armenian men...

Rather ... BOYS will be BOYS

I am smiling because thats all one can do in a case like this. A typical soap opera (with an Armenian twist)

One thing I would tell this girl is this "Get a life !!! Move on !!! This happens to all women (and men) all over the world regardless of color, race and sexual orientation !!! Keep your chin up, girlie "


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Posted 16 January 2001 - 01:59 AM

Well, i'll send an e-mail to that thai girl about this forum.
In my experience i've seen so many cases when armenian men promised a lot and left without anything. It is like in our blood i guess. But it is very unusual to see Armenian men living Armenian family. Even though there maybe problems between wife and husband in Armenian family, kids are between them (armenian saying).
In the case of russian girls,... well... :) Its all the same... promise the love... and then to merry them but then leave... Good example would be my uncle... ::)

So, i'll email that girl and we will see what heppens... :)

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Posted 17 January 2001 - 12:14 AM

hmmmm-- yes haskanum em vor Ser@-Kuyra -Xula-yev Atarin ela kpnum , Sakayn chem haskanum mi ban@, es Durak@ vor xostatsela es axchkan Hayastan tani ira tnetsikin tsuyts ta yev iylen ~~~~ urish hetaqrqir patmutyun chuner horinelu ??

De hima patkeratsrek Traditsyonal HAykakan @entanik Papik@ tatik mama PApa - yev mer tran ir Axchka het galis a " Hars en berum hars " - inch k@patahi --
yev hajord or@ Harevaner@ / to et Porosi trin tesar ? japonakan toyota a berel hars achkalusankin el Wan tan Sup en tarel .. -

AnEta jan miangamiyn jisht es
BOYS will be BOYS and thay will needs ther toys - ba - de hima japonakan toyota a te belarus - da arten kap chuni.

karevor@ iyn e te yerba tramard@ hagenum z@v@rneluts yev ira sepakan azgits mekin @ntrelov Ojax kazmum .

Menk mi hiyanali Film unenk -> HArsnatsun Hyusisits <- hishum ek ?
de hima patkeratsrek Muradi tren es Asyatsy Axchkan er havanel , Arusyan VArdanyan@ - kotratsvats chinarenov xoselov kov er ktum - Alamezon@ yev Serob@ japona-chinakan Harsaniki planern en voroshum - ha mek el hopar@ moratsa anun @inch er en el et kormerum krvela - de patkeratsrek--

katakov em @endunum amen inch kani vor iskapes tsavali tema e -

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