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Love, money and fraud

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 04:52 PM

This story often happens with American males who, fed up with American bitchy females, start looking for a submisive Philipina female in websites where Philipine brides are offered. It is a scheme run by male Philipine males. After the American male get HOOKED in LOVE with a "bride" that he never met or seen (except beaitiful fake photos e-mailed to him), he star receiving e-mails that say she is in dificult situation and that she need money ugently for this and for that, even "she" may ask for money for airplane ticket to fly into the arms of her love but never does saying another situation came up at the last minute and I had to spent the ticket money for that, can he send money for another ticket; well, since he is by now blinded with love, he does; and then she says that she became suddently sick and had to go to hospital so that is why she did not take the airplane into the arms of her waiting love, would he send more money for another ticket and that she will fly as soon she is out of the hospital and the hospital got all the ticket money. But this time our American guy wanted to be present at the bed of his love to comfort her, and he flies to Philippine and ---he finds out there is no bride and the address he has is fake and is told by police that this is a well-known scheme run by Philipine males or gangs and they can do nothing about it as he donatated his money and was not robbed from him.

Blind Love: Young Woman Hands Over 3 Million AMD to Man She Never Saw


Here’s a story that could have been lifted from some cheap romance novel. Sadly, it’s real, and so are the victims .
29 year-old Kristineh Mikayelyan fell in love with a man she only knew over the telephone. Over the course of a year, the young woman handed over some 3 million AMD in cash and gold jewelry to a man she had never seen in person.
That man is Edward Malintsyan, who is now on trial for fraud and detained at the Kosh correctional facility.
In fact, the two first saw each other at the investigator’s office. Kristineh was taken aback when she saw the thin and small bodied Edward. It was nothing like the Rambo-esque photo he had sent her from jail.
At that face to face meeting, Kristineh’s mother was able to whack Edward a few times with her umbrella. The angry mom shouted, “So you’re the guy who cheated my daughter. I’ll bury your head. Give the money back.”
Yesterday’s trial was supposed to have started with the questioning of witnesses. Five of the nine registered were at the trial. However, the defendant told the court he felt queasy. Judge Martin Saroyan declared a twenty minute recess, during which Malintsyan was given a shot of Dimedrol. He complained of numbness and said he might not be able to hear all the witnesses. The court nevertheless went ahead with their testimony.
Aram Tadevosyan, a taxi driver, was one who testified. Two years ago he plied the Gyumri-Yerevan route. He said he knew Kristineh since they lived in the same neighborhood in Gyumri. Mr. Tadevosyan told the court that on several occasions Kristineh gave him a package to deliver to Yerevan. He would phone the number Kristineh had given him and the packages would be picked up.
“Once, she gave me two gold rings to deliver. Another time it was an envelope full of cash. There was a medium size box another time,” Tadevosyan told the court.
Another taxi driver, Azat Atoyan, also testified that he had taken a sum of money for Kristineh to Yerevan. Atoyan confessed he didn’t remember the amount.
“I don’t remember if it was 60,000 or 100,000. I just know it wasn’t more than 100,000,” Atoyan said.
After the witnesses finished testifying, the defendant complained about being sleepy.
Judge Saroyan scheduled the next trial session for January 23.

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