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How-to bring an enemy tank to a stop

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 09:45 AM

This article was based on some reports coming from inside Armenia, most being of secret nature but circulated among the experts in the scientific field of Armenia as "for your ears only". No links or names are given because of not jeopardizing certain individuals as this matter is of absolute secrecy in Armenia.

 Azerbaijan, with the technical help of Russia and Israel, invested millions (perhaps billions) in modernizing its tanks and buying up-today ones; however this updating of its tanks may prove to be a funeral for its tank force since Armenian military tech expert have found a way to disable those tanks and stop them on their tracks before they even reach the firing distance.

What was found by the Armenian scientists that those computers in the enemy tanks work with WiFi, and with bluetooth cards (as replacement for older USB drives), the solution was in finding a way to hack those computers in order to disable and bring the tanks to a stop. Finding a way to do this was not easy, its took years of research and experiments by the Armenians.

The crew of the enemy tanks have to use radio signals for communication purposes, they can not do without communication with other tanks in the battalion and with the headquarter that coordinate and singe the attack. Take note that TV remote controls also use high-frequency sound for communication.

Decoding the encrypted data transmitted by radio signals is easy, slicing those waves signals is easy also, inserting new data into the wave after slicing it is easy. (for example the new erroneous data inserted can be: "tank No.5 turn to left" in the place of the original signal coming from coordinator commander that said "tank No.5 turn to right of file").

What the Armenians found was that those new updated computers on the Azeri tanks transmit waves, and the best example for this is how a wireless mouse (and wireless speakers) works with a computer. The hard part was to come near those computers and then hack them by transmitting viruses wirelessly (jump the air as they say), Armenian were able to find the new malware virus for infecting the computers of the tanks, that was not hard to do, the hard part was getting close to the hardware of the computers inside the tanks to do the air gap jumping and shutting them down.

What the Armenian scientists discovered was that, after slicing the waves of radio signals, they are able to insert this new virus into  the signals and thus the virus would be carried inside the tank and into the computer of the tank. When the computer is crashed the tank or the vehicle will come to a stop. It will take a long time before the crashed computer is repaired, meanwhile those sitting tanks would be an easy targets for the Armenian forces to burn them down with their crew, most-likely when the Azeri crew see their tanks are disabled they will abandon them and run for their lives.

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 10:30 AM


A joke.

How do you respond to an asszeri grenade?

You pull the pin and throw it back :goof:


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