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Posted 21 October 2016 - 10:40 AM

Not a single moral person was found in cabinet to implement the program – Heghine Bisharyan (video)

“Bananas are 2-3 times cheaper in Georgia than in Armenia. Can we eventually eliminate the monopoly?” lawmaker Heghine Bisharyan said in the National Assembly on October 21.

The member of the Rule of Law Party (OEK) says the government wrote problems in the past, too but used to do the opposite thing.

“How can we develop small and medium-sized businesses if supermarkets are thriving in the country? The bill restricting the activity of supermarkets stayed in the government for 7-8 years. Not a single moral person was found there to implement the program…,” Bisharyan said.



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Posted 06 November 2016 - 09:32 AM


Society 20:10 04/11/2016 Armenia
Mark Grigoryan: It is high time speaking about the fact how corruption devours Yerevan

During today’s discussion on the topic of “When will the process of construction be regulated in the center of Yerevan?” held in Media Center Mark Grigoryan, reporter and author of “Unknown Yerevan” TV program, asked Ruzan Alaverdyan, Chief Adviser to the Head of State Committee for Urban Planning, who are to blame for demolishing the building of the printing house.

“We have the right to know who are to pin blame on. Consider this as a rhetorical question or an announcement,” Grigoryan said.

He believes that the cause of the changes made in the center of Yerevan is the deeply rooted corruption in the country.

“We are all human beings who might be afraid to voice the issue publically. Eventually only I, among the people of this room, have survived an attempted murder which still remains undiscovered. Thus I am afraid to speak about corruption as well. But if we all refrain from speaking about it the corruption will continue to rule. We have the right to know the names of the owners of all the lands and structures in the city, the way they have been privatized and what money has been used,” the speaker noted.

Turning to the explosion of Yerevan's first printing house, Mark Grigoryan mentioned that some sources named one of the former mayors as the owner of the building.
“How is it possible that the property of one of the former mayors has not been included in the list of historical values? We are talking about the political aspect of the issue, we override corruption. I think it is high time speaking about the fact how the corruption in Armenia devours Yerevan,” he said.

According to Grigoryan taking such building under the state protection cannot save them as there is the _expression_ of primary interest which does not care about the monuments.


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Posted 29 November 2016 - 11:00 AM

16:03 | November 29 2016
“The administration has a problem of bringing money from Diaspora.”  Alec Yenikomshian

Alec Yenikomshian, a member of “Founding Parliament”, sees two main motives why Serzh Sargsyan announced in his speech that more powers will be attributed to the Diaspora.  In an interview with Aravot.am, Mr. Yenikomshian noted that the first reason is to bring in money from the diaspora to Armenia, secondly, confronting day-by-day growing a sober consciousness about the events in Armenia.

Recall that the RA President Serzh Sargsyan said in his speech at the 16th congress of the Republican Party.  “We have Spyurk concerned with Armenia’s development, we have compatriots who have achieved global success and whose personal and institutional possibilities are much more for moving forward something in Armenia than the capabilities of a number of state structures combined. These individuals are truly concerned with Armenia’s advancement. We make a switch and say, from now on we will be working together according to the preset formats, we will set objectives together, we will assume roles together, we will implement together and in the end, we will say together what has been successful and what has not.”


Yenikomshian noted that Serzh Sargsyan does not need to prove anything.  During these years, including before 2008, he has always proved that he can make promises but all his words have no value.  Detailing, Mr. Yenikomshian noted, “This administration is facing serious financial problems.  The money taps are almost closed and narrowed, very little money enters Armenia.  Those amounts were serving this administration, private individuals and preserving the system.  And now, they have no money necessary to maintain the system, therefore Serzh Sargsyan fondles the diaspora promising to give a speech and role to some representatives of the Diaspora in order to bring in money to Armenia to preserve their system and administration.”

Alec Yenikomshian thinks that Serzh Sargsyan sees that the diaspora, however, soberly realizes the situation in Armenia, and if the previous decades the administration was able to cheat the diaspora, to create the illusion that the Armenian state is here and it is necessary to protect it, now, these attempts do not give are result, and gradually, more voices denying the present administration and casting the whole responsibility on this administration are heard.

In conclusion, Mr. Yenikomshian said, “No word uttered by Serzh Sargsyan means anything in terms of promises and nice words.”  Note that the section of his speech regarding the Diaspora, Serzh Sargsyan wrapped up with a warning, “However, we will hardly find time and, honestly, desire to name one by one all the individuals who haven’t been in Armenia at all or didn’t stay for long, who do not understand our reality, in some cases don’t participate even at their community events but assumed the role of judges and are slamming and reproving us at every corner. I am sure such behavior has no prospects and in time will simply disappear.”  Alec Yenikomshian assured that these very sentences betray the motives which have pushed Serzh Sargsyan to make such a statement.



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Posted 30 November 2016 - 09:17 AM

People wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the corruption and save the fatherland!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Welle publishes report on Armenia brain drain

10:59, 30.11.2016
Region:World NewsArmenia
Theme: Society

The German Deutsche Welle (DW) TV and radio company has published a report on brain drain in post-Soviet countries, including Armenia.

As per the report, Armenia’s population continues to decline; and those that the country particularly needs, the educated youth, are leaving.

The writers of this report also stressed that a wave of emigration from Armenia is observed in recent years, and the number of Armenians leaving the country continues to grow.




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Posted 22 September 2017 - 10:17 AM

Aravot, Armenia
Sept 21 2017
‘How can resettlers trust you, if locals leave the country?’, Sargis Najaryan to Armenian authorities

“People can’t trust your words. You need to prove by action. There is a lack of confidence connected to the working style. Particularly Diasporan businessmen have distrust regarding Armenia, but, I think, we can overcome this. We must achieve a mutual trust”, representative of Lebanese Armenian community, director of “Masis” weekley Sargis Najaryan stated at the meeting with reporters.

Mr. Najaryan assured he has tried to come up with the reason for Armenians leave Armenia. Addressing Armenian authorities, Sargis Najaryan said, “How can resettlers trust you, if locals leave the country? There are violations, irregularities, corruption anywhere in the world. For example, Jacques Chirac was prosecuted for violations committed during his office as Mayor of Paris, in France, Berlusconi, the king and the queen of Spain. But people do not leave. I had been thinking about this a lot, and came to the conclusion, that they do not leave, because they know very well that the highest authorities and ordinary citizens are equal before the law. This is what we lack in Armenia”.


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Posted 28 September 2017 - 08:59 AM

Is this genuine effort, or a smoke screen?

MediaMax, Armenia

Sept 27 2017
New anti-corruption strategy discussed in Armenia


Photo: Press service of the Armenian President


Yerevan/Mediamax/. President of Armenia, National Security Council Chairman Serzh Sargsyan convened a meeting of the council today.



The meeting agenda included anti-corruption reforms and the information security and information policy concept. 

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms Vache Gabrielyan and Minister of Justice Davit Harutyunyan reported about the anti-corruption measures taken until the present moment, anti-corruption efforts realized in international cooperation, and new strategic directions of the fight against corruption.

The National Security Service took notes of the mentioned reports.

The meeting attendees discussed the draft Information Security and Information Policy Concept of Armenia. National Security Service Director Georgy Kutoyan explained that the draft concept describes current state, basic values, principles, interests, threats and challenges, policy goals, and other points of Armenia’s information security. 

The National Security Council approved the draft concept.




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Posted 30 September 2017 - 07:36 AM

ARMINFO News Agency, Armenia
September 28, 2017 Thursday

Seven Steps Toward the Elimination of Corruption in Armenia by David Harutyunyan

Yerevan September 28

Ani Mshetsyan. Justice Minister David Harutyunyan today presented
seven steps developed by the Ministry on the way to eradicating
corruption in Armenia at a press conference.

One of the main measures in the anti-corruption struggle was the
creation of a special commission that would be engaged in checking the
data on property and declarations of state officials and officials and
their relatives.

In addition, Harutyunyan said that the institution of informants,
which will be created, will play an important role in the
anti-corruption struggle, even despite the negative attitude of the
society towards this structure. "In addition, we have taken steps and
created an electronic system where a person can leave information
about corrupt transactions anonymously," the minister stressed.

Another measure in the fight against corruption, according to
Harutyunyan, is the expansion of the list of persons who are required
to submit a declaration on property and income. Another effective step
in the direction of fighting corruption, according to Harutyunyan, is
the restriction of cash transactions by high- ranking officials.

"I also consider it very important to create a developed electronic
system in state structures, the presence of which will significantly
reduce corruption risks," David Harutyunyan said, adding that certain
steps in this direction have already been taken.

"We will see the results of measures taken to combat corruption in the
near future," Harutyunyan assured.

Referring to the amnesty of ex-head of the State Social Welfare
Service of Armenia Vazgen Khachikyan arrested on charges of
embezzlement on a particularly large scale, Harutyunyan said that he
learned about it from the media, adding that every citizen of Armenia
has the right to pardon.

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Posted 03 October 2017 - 09:16 AM

I'm not well aware of the intricacies of the Armenian society today. But I trust what I saw with my own eyes and what I felt. Armenia made giant step forward compared to many other nations in the modern world. What I saw in Yerevan and to some extend in the provinces (much work is needed there) is astonishing. There is no other nation in the World in the past few decades which went through severe earthquake that devastated 30% of the local economy, a nation that went trough war with neighboring country (that is threefold bigger and richer in manpower and resources)  for a right cause of freedom and independence, a nation that lived for a decade through gas and energy shortages, a nation whose eastern and western borders are blockaded, a nation with no resources, no EU structural funds,  or significant IMF (WB) resources, no access to sea, no well established market positions in the world.... and yet I saw a flourishing country which stands better compared to other countries (some of them in the EU). To me all of these is a source of pride and reassurance of what to do next. In a matter of few years of semi-free economy Armenia made a giant step ahead. Imagine if Armenia can improve its judiciary and governance and have fairer rules of conducting business.

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Posted 03 October 2017 - 11:46 AM

Yes it's reassuring to see all these signs of progress and success, we don't have the luxury of time because of emigration and brain drain. Diaspora Armenians with money wants to invest and create jobs in Armenia, but don't have the confidence because of corruption. Once this is solved the flow of people will reverse and the population will grow, so is the economy. I hope the government wakes up fast and act accordingly, let's not forget we're under three million people and losing some every day. Time is crucial!

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Posted 03 October 2017 - 12:01 PM

Aravot, Armenia
Oct 2 2017
Survey: The majority thinks that the Armenia-Diaspora Forum was another useless gathering

On September 18-20, Yerevan hosted the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Conference. Aravot.am asked its readers’ opinion on this.

The respondents were offered four options of answer: “it was very effective”, “it was another useless gathering”, “what Armenia-Diaspora, I haven’t heard of such”, “it wasn’t particularly effective, but it is good that so many people from the Diaspora came to the Homeland for at least a couple of days”.

And so, 7 percent of the respondents consider that the conference was very effective, 17 percent have not heard about it. 36 percent consider that it wasn’t particularly effective, but it is good that so many people from the Diaspora came to the Homeland for at least a couple of days. And the majority of respondents, 40 percent, consider that it was another useless gathering.



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Posted 06 October 2017 - 08:37 AM

They take state property and sell their property in a corrupt way- Gevorg Gorgisyan (video)

In the National Assembly, the issue of the annual 2016 report of the Implementation of the State Property Privatization 2006-2007 was discussed. It was presented by Arman Sahakyan, Head of State Property Management Department under the RA.

Gevorg Gorgisyan, secretary of the Yelk faction, asked him: “We often hear that state property has been sold because the state is a bad manager, but we also see bankrupt institutions. Don’t you think that the exploiters are not right ones, and those decision makers should be punished too? These people actually took over the property, sold their property in a corrupt way, and as a result, these objects disappeared.”

In response, Arman Sahakyan mentioned that the issue is about only 3 companies. “In your draft, however, there are 11 state institutions in which a bankruptcy process has begun. So, why are these structures appeared in this list?” He also adds, “I can present the bankruptcy processes of all of these three companies very profoundly.”

Vardan Bostanjyan, a member of Properious Armenia faction, first wondered why this has been confirmed only now. “I also want to address the issue when the state property is alienated at symbolic prices. And one day we see that it is rented immediately and the annual rent is more expensive than the price that was paid. Will this practice disappear or not?”

Arman Sahakyan stated: “In 2011, we did not have such cases. All the alienations represent a market value, after which investments are made. There were cases when there was no attractive property, but we created conditions for investors that would be more attractive for them.”


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Posted 06 October 2017 - 08:38 AM

Another recommendation on anti-corruption activities

At today’s cabinet sitting, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan stated that a number of practical changes have been implemented in the fight against corruption during the last year. He also added that in 2018, the measures implemented in the aforementioned will be assessed by a number of international organizations.

Taking into consideration the importance of this, the Head of the Government has assigned the Minister of Justice to summarize and present a recommendation on the actions to be taken by the relevant state bodies.

Also, Karapetyan instructed the Government Staff Chief to prepare Prime Minister’s recommendation on the basis of information submitted by the Minister of Justice. “Setting strict control over the current process of operations and reporting periodically to me,” said Karen Karapetyan.



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Posted 20 November 2017 - 10:22 AM

All those scum bags who take money from these injured people who fought for your freedom, may you rot in hell until eternity! I can't imagine someone can be any lower than this.

ARMINFO News Agency, Armenia

November 18, 2017 Saturday

Great scandal brews around the Fund of "Dead and wounded military personnel"

Yerevan November 18

David Stepanyan. A scandal is brewing around the Foundation for the
"Dead and wounded servicemen". According to the sources of the
newspaper Zhamanak, disputes and disagreements are periodically taking
place at the meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Fund.

On December 14, 2016 in Armenia, the law "On Compensation for Damage
Inflicted on the Life or Health of Servicemen in the Protection of the
Republic of Armenia" was enacted, which provides monthly deductions
from the salary of every working citizen of Armenia for a fund to pay
the families of deceased servicemen and disabled soldiers. In
particular, the fund's trustees discovered abuse of several million
drams and it became already clear that the beneficiaries of the fund
were not receiving the funds collected for them, which in some cases
are illegally exported to someone else's pockets.

"Despite the orderliness of the figures in the quarterly reports, the
real picture is completely different," the publication notes.

According to the official website of the fund, according to the data
on October 27, after the law "On 1000 drams" came into effect, about
4.6 billion drams (more than $ 9.5 million) were transferred to the
account, of which about 71 million drams (about $ 150,000) voluntary
donations. The total amount of payments was more than 282 million
drams (about $ 585 thousand). Payments were given to families of 13
dead soldiers, four contract soldiers and six officers. Another three
servicemen, a conscripted soldier, a contract officer and an officer
were paid disability benefits.


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Posted 13 April 2018 - 09:49 AM

I hope the site doesn't crash! It's a start though.

News.am, Armenia

April 12 2018
Armenia to introduce system for anonymous reporting of corruption cases
15:49, 12.04.2018
YEREVAN. – The government of Armenia has approved the technical description and procedure for the establishment of a platform for single anticorruption e-notifications. The respective decision was made at Thursday’s Cabinet session.
According to the substantiation of this decision, people can report a corruption crime in Armenia, by way of this system, but still maintain their anonymity.
The Armenian state, in the person of the Ministry of Justice, will act as a guarantor for the protection of people who report cases of corruption.


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Posted 03 November 2018 - 11:54 AM

Arminfo, Armenia
Nov 1 2018
Entrepreneur Silva Hambartsumian admitted that she bribed $ 14 million to MP Aram Harutyunyan

Yerevan November 1

Ani Mshetsyan. Entrepreneur Silva Hambartsumian stated that in 2008 she bribed $ 14 million to former Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan, and now she bribed MP of the National Assembly from the RPA, in order to obtain a license to operate the mine. Harutyunyan told this on the air of Radio Azatutyun (Freedom FM.).

As Hambartsumian noted, she transferred $ 8 million to the account of Harutyunyan in Dubai, and transferred the remaining $ 6 million in cash through Suren Avagyan. According to the entrepreneur, after giving a bribe, she received a license, which was later revoked. Harutyunyan promised that he would give real estate to Hambartsumian instead of money, but have not respect his promise." After that, I submitted an application to the General Directorate of the Police of Armenia on Combating Organized Crime," said HAmbartsyumn.

The entrepreneur said that she transferred the bribe to the account of citizen Araks Dilanyan, who in turn transferred money to the accounts of three Armenian citizens in Dubai.

To note after October 24 Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that one of the MPs was suspected of receiving large-scale bribes; the name of Aram Harutyunyan began to circulate in the press. Pashinyan also noted that an official document is expected from the Foreign Ministry of one of the countries. Silva Hambartsumian stated on this occasion that in order to bring the matter to the end, they will soon receive a document from Dubai regarding the three mentioned citizens. When asked whether Hambartsumian acknowledged that the bribe she issued was a criminal case, she said that in 2008 there was no such law. The woman also noted that if it were not for the revolution, this case would not have been solved. She also stated that the case had previously been dismissed by order of the presidential staff. To note October 24 Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated in the Armenian parliament that the largest case of bribery in the history of the Third Republic will be revealed in the near future, adding that this is a case connected with one of the deputies. He noted that this crime has been proved and now an official document is expected, after which the arrest of this deputy will be initiated. According to Acting. Prime Minister, the disclosure of this case will pull for themselves and some other high-ranking officials.


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Posted 20 April 2019 - 10:36 AM

Head of Armenian anti-corruption body accused of corruption The accused is a longtime ally of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who has made fighting corruption a centerpiece of the new government’s agenda. Ani Mejlumyan Apr 19, 2019
1028_b.jpgDavit Sanasaryan, the head of State Control Service, being introduced by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in May 2018. Sanasaryan is now charged with abusing his power. (photo: primeminister.am)

The head of Armenia’s state anti-corruption agency has been himself charged with abusing his power, while he denies the charges and claims they are the result of political infighting.

Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS) announced on April 18 that they were accusing Davit Sanasaryan, the head of the State Control Service, on charges of “not carrying out his official duties and abusing his power in order to promote the interest of his employee’s business.”

Sanasaryan is a close ally of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a member of his Civil Contract party and an activist in the “Reject Serzh” protest movement that brought down the former government and swept Pashinyan to power nearly a year ago.

Pashinyan has made fighting corruption the center of his agenda and has repeatedly touted victories over corruption since coming to power. “We have managed to root out systemic corruption,” he told European lawmakers earlier this month.

The NSS did not provide details of the alleged corruption scheme, but the investigative news website Hetq reported that it was related to a tender for blood dialysis equipment for a state hospital in the northern city of Vanadzor.

According to their account, one Samvel Adyan, who was an employee of the State Control Service in charge of purchasing for state enterprises, changed the terms of the tender in order to benefit a company connected to his brother.

“They are stealing business on a state level,” Hrant Pivazyan, the head of another company who was preparing a competing bid, told Hetq.

Adyan and two other employees of the State Control Service were arrested in February in connection with the case. The new charges, however, allege that the scheme went to the top of the agency.

Sanasaryan is not under arrest but he has been forbidden from leaving the country. He has been temporarily relieved of his duties, but a spokesman for Pashinyan told the state news agency Armenpress that he has not been fired because Pashinyan respects the presumption of innocence.

In a combative press conference on the day the charges were announced, Sanasaryan said he was being accused because he was incorruptible, in order to create space for other corruption.

“I want to tell those mocking me that even in the grave I will fight against corruption,” he said, and suggested he might be a victim of an internal power play. “I believe the prime minister will not pursue a political persecution against me, but there are many people who would like to see me out of this position. The State Control Service has a lot of power and can step on many peoples’ toes.”

Analysts were still trying to interpret the meaning of the charges.

If David Sanasaryan committed a crime, he should be subject to criminal liability strictly because there should be no corruption in Armenia,” said Daniel Ioannisian, an activist and coordinator of the NGO Union of Informed Citizens, in a Facebook live broadcast. “But I have serious doubts in this regard,” he said, suggesting that the NSS should not have pursued the case because another agency, the Special Investigative Service, regulates high-ranking officials.

Ani Mejlumyan is a reporter based in Yerevan.

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Posted 21 April 2019 - 07:57 AM

JAM News
April 20 2019
Armenia: fight against corruption knocks on PM’s door
JANnews, Yerevan
April 20, 2019

The head of the State Control Service, an active participant of the revolution, is accused of abuse of office


imgonline-com-ua-Resize-C6wHUVKupNlmXmz.The fight against corruption in Armenia is knocking on the door of the prime minister’s team.

The head of the State Control Service, David Sanasaryan, has been accused of abuse of office and his authority suspended.


Sanasaryan’s story goes back to February, when two officials supervised by him – the head of the public procurement monitoring department Samvel Adyan and medical equipment expert Gevorg Khachatryan – were detained.

They were accused of intervening in a tender for the supply of medical equipment for hemodialysis.

Both employees of the State Control Service are accused of:

– unlawful interference in the public procurement process;

– abuse of office, and

– obstruction of legitimate business activities.


Investigators say that from 2018, they illegally interfered in the process of purchasing medical equipment and ensured that specific trade organizations be chosen for the tender.

Sanasaryan told reporters later that he had personally hired them:

“Samvel Adyan and Gevork Khachatryan are among the best and most exemplary employees of the State Control Service.”

The head of the State Control Service of Armenia, David Sanasaryan, was charged on 18 April of using his position to promote the business of a company which is managed by his employees.

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, instructed the head of the State Control Service and his associate David Sanasaryan to abide by the decision of the investigative department of the National Security Service.

This is a temporary termination of authority. Moreover, the prime minister’s press secretary stated that Pashinyan “is not going to dismiss Sanasaryan from his post, since he respects the presumption of innocence”.

What does Sanasaryan say about the accusation?

Sanasaryan has pleaded innocent in the allegations made against him. He said that no one will ever be able to associate his name with corruption. Sanasaryan wrote on his Facebook page:

“The fight for a new Armenia continues. The accusations against me were fabricated, thus there won’t be any evidence … It would be more reasonable to suspect me of killing Kennedy than of being engaged in corruption. ”

“Political persecution is impossible”

The Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, Lena Nazaryan, ruled out the possibility of political persecution in the affair:

“I also think it impossible that, in the event of guilt, somebody will be punished,” Nazaryan stressed.

Nazaryan says that in the fight against corruption, the ruling party will not divide people into friends and foes.

“I think you have already seen this,” the vice speaker said.

Who is David Sanasaryan?

David Sanasaryan was a civil activist for a long time. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Heritage Party. However, last year he joined the Civil Contract party, which is led by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Sanasaryan was one of the main and active participants in the velvet revolution of spring 2018.

About the State Control Service

The law on the establishment of the State Control Service was adopted by the Armenian Parliament in February 2018.

The new service has more authority in matters of audit and control over state structures. It reports only to the prime minister.

Sanasaryan was appointed head of the service at the end of May last year.


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