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Just want some comments on these rabiz singers...

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Posted 03 November 2000 - 11:37 AM

hyemyes jan

i hope you didnt take my judgments harshily about aram bro.Yes you do seem to know allot about music witch is great. 6/8 music can be found in some turkish songs (im sure you have heard it.)

anyways just like a said at the end of my first repley These are just my opinions and i hope people listen to what ever makes there day pass by more pleasent.

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Posted 03 November 2000 - 02:05 PM

Qtromeo jan,
I was afraid you were gonna think I was mad or anything, but I didn't want to mean it, bro. It's just the way I talk, it sounds a bit harsh. I don't really care abouit aram as if he's my dad or anything, only in the music business. So I'm sorry if u felt offended by my message, although I didn't want to say it in that way. Everyone has their right to express themselves freely, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or something.
Yeah, there are some 6/8 turkish songs, but we don't find the same music in armenian. Armenian 6/8s are more hayastanyan songs, almost purely armenian. But we must not forget that there is the possibility to transform a regular turkish song with an oriental beat (adani, baladi, wassouf, etc.) to an armenian 6/8 beat. Aram's "sev sev acher" was an example of it, although the turkish version seems to have some slow 6/8 in it. Check it out "haydi soyle" sung by ibrahim tatlises.

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Posted 03 November 2000 - 02:11 PM

Qtromeo and Hayemyes,

What do you two do in music? Are you musicians, producers, engineers? Math is my profession, but music is my passion


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Posted 03 November 2000 - 03:49 PM


i am a singer and song writer, and i am involved in studio mixing.

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Posted 04 November 2000 - 12:18 PM

Originally posted by hayemyes:
Tata: One of the best in Armenian music now

Since you posted that (and qtromeo raved too), I checked out some of his songs off Napster. Sounds good! Could be the beer, though . GTAK records here I come...

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Posted 04 November 2000 - 02:14 PM

hi guys,
sorry to reply late,
i'm a keyboardist

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Posted 27 July 2005 - 10:26 PM

Here are my comments. I have been listening to only Armenian music, jazz/blues, etc for the past 4 or 5 years; no radio, no rap, no r&b, etc so i kno my singers.

Aram Asatrian used to be a good singer, cuz he had good songs and lyrics, and you could dance under them. As far as a professional SINGER, hes not that good. He's good at making music that sells. Lately he sucks cuz hes making new songs exactly like his old ones. And you're not a very good singer when you sing about pizza like aram does. I dont like him anymore.

Aida Sargsyan is the biggest rabiz girl i've ever seen. Personally i can't stand listneing to her. She only has like 1 or 2 good joghovrtakan songs. other than that, i really really cant stand her.

Tatoul's a singer? I though he was a painter. He cant sing at all. The only time i can listen to tatoul is at celebrations, and only a song or 2, no more.

I respect tata, even though i dont like him as much as I used to. His old 1992 album was very very good. he sang traditional songs back then, and it was very good. listen to "makhmur akhchik". the main reason i like tata is cuz his music is good. his keyboard player is the best player i've seen.

Saving the best for last, ARmen Aloyan. One of the best all time rabiz/folk/traditional singers out there. This guy is a real singer. his lyrics are good, his voice his good....
not too many signers can sing rabiz, as well as traditional songs like sayat nova's songs like he does.

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