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I need help with lesson plans

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Posted 05 November 2000 - 10:08 AM

I am about to begin a unit with my students on Earth formations, rocks, volcanoes etc. in short, a geology unit. I find many times my students get geography and geology mixed up. What would be a good way to explain the difference?

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Posted 05 November 2000 - 11:56 AM

Is it the actual meanings of the words they mix up, and then they don't know which work is geography and which is geology?

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Posted 05 November 2000 - 01:28 PM

Geography is what you make with the Legos. Geology is what the Legos themselves are made of.

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Posted 05 November 2000 - 03:18 PM

WE know THAT Pilaf head! (Dunno about the where you put the legos part) but the sixth graders dont! It's a case of getting it across to them!

BTW, don't you think sixth grade is a bit OLD for lego

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Posted 05 November 2000 - 03:25 PM

As english, american, is their second language try using visual representation as you are explaining it? Holding up rocks and maps, also draw them pictures that they can take away with them.

Also, what ways might the KIDS understand? Try empathising with them. After all we already speak english, how might you understand, for example, the Armenian alphabet better if someone was teaching it to you? What ways have they successfully learned in the past?

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Posted 06 November 2000 - 05:47 AM

Steve jan,

In Holland we call Geology physical Geography and the rest we call social geography, I'm happy that I've already passed the physical one 3 years ago, and honestly I don't know how!

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Posted 07 November 2000 - 09:53 PM


I'd plan a project; either an in class presentation you'd do yourself, or you'd assign a part of it to each group, whichever way you prefer.

For example, pick a volcano. Your geography lesson would be its location on the map, the surface. Your geology lesson: either you do this by way of presentation or have them take the volcano apart, or build it , label all the layers, parts, etc. You could explore rock formation this way too, partly at least...

I think I'm trying to get across that it'd need to be something they can get their hands on, something not only visual, but manipulative as well. I find kids learn best if they engage in the material.

hope this helps

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 04:07 PM

Wow, I think you all are really teachers. Great ideas! We went over the three kinds of rock today, tommorrow I am going to bring in different types of rock and we will try to classify them.

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Posted 09 November 2000 - 04:10 PM

Gayanne, that's true.

I have some teacher funnies.


I was at primary school and the class bitch's big brother told the dinner lady to eff off. The Head master told the mum to come in and she goes, don't you effing tell my son to eff off! Then she told that he has this medical condition that makes him swear a lot.
yes luv! Look who he's taken after!

My Colleague at the government work used to be a teacher. He was teaching and there was this boy who also told him to eff off. Then he brought the father in. He said, "Oh NO. My son would NEVER tell you to eff off. He didn't say F*** off. He said fluck off.

The first two are true.
A new teacher started off the class by asking the any of the to children to stand up if they thought they were stupid. Little Jonny stood. The teacher said, "do you think you are stupid, little Johnny? " then he said, "no miss, but I feel sorry for you standing there all alone"

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