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Failed “activitism” of the last dictator, or how Eynulla Fatullayev st

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Posted 30 September 2014 - 09:35 AM

16:05 30/09/2014 » REGION

Failed “activitism” of the last dictator, or how Eynulla Fatullayev stole money from Ilham Aliyev

Only some ten days have passed since Panorama.am published information about yet another failure of Azerbaijani President Administration in Europe, covering futile attempts of facilitating Strasbourg-based human rights organization “European Information Human Rights Center” through efforts of their “clandestine” agents Eynulla Fatullayev and Rovshan Bagirov. As a reminder, German human rights activist Garri Mourei  and few other agents of influence of Turkey were involved in that adventure from the outset.
According to the documents, currently in possession of Panorama.am, well before the official registration in Strasbourg, with the filing of their masters from Baku and personally through Fatullayev a grant from Azerbaijani President Administration of about 100.000 euros was allocated and transferred for the needs of the organization in early April 2013. The money was appropriated through the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Under the supervision of the Head of Department of Social Political Issues of the President Administration Ali Hasanov, the members of the organization received orders to find and replicate real or imaginary evidences of human rights abuses in European countries, as well as collect and transfer to Baku dossiers (compromising materials) about leading European politicians who dare to criticize the policies of Azerbaijan. The coordinator of some of cash flow for the EIHRC had been the director of programs of OSI-Baku office Rovshan Bagirov – well-known person in some narrow circles (who, as it turned out eventually, Fatullayev did not manage to share some money). 
At the moment, with the contribution of our colleagues, Panorama.am possesses a fragment ofrecording of a recent conversation between German human rights activist Garri  Mourei and “courtier” (i.e. government affiliated) human rights activist from Baku Eynulla Fatullayev. 
The subject of the conversation is some forgone money in return of a completed assignment against Germany, as well as other related issues. The full-length recording of the conversation reveals that the money allocated by Azerbaijani President IlhamAliyev, Eynulla Fatullayev just stole in the process (for only the template-based website of the organization around 11000 euros were allegedly withdrawn from the budget), whereas the “partners” from Strasbourg refused to work in credit after belatedly realizing they are involved in an adventure.
Thus, based on a set documents currently possessed by Panorama.am, yet another failure of a “special operation” of Baku in Europe can be witnessed. Same way, we can document yet another fact that the Administrationof Ilham Aliyev institutionally provides financial assistance for not only gathering compromising materials about European bureaucrats and secures their publication in Azerbaijani media, but also have been sponsoring anti-Russian and anti-Semite rallies in Strasbourg, as well as financing the well-known Azerbaijani “oppositional” website registered under the name of Fatullayev, which throws mud not only on Europe, but also Russia on a regular basis.
In order to dot i’s in this quite piquant story showing how the authorities of Azerbaijan are involved in human rights defending activism “business”in Europe, as well as how Eynulla Fatullayev stole money from Ilham Aliyev, Panorama.am will dispatch reporters to Strasbourg in the coming few days to try meeting the leadership of European Information Human Rights Center, as well as get comments personally from Garri Mourei, who had been drawn by some insidious Azerbaijanis into anti-European and anti-Semite adventure, and finally cross all t’s.
A more detailed overview of Fatullayev’s email correspondence may be found here
Of more than 15000 emails only those interesting and meaningful will be published. Among them – emails from common people, as well as articles published long ago in “Realniy Azerbaijan” newspaper, when Fatullayev had not been cooperating with the President of Azerbaijan so closely.
As a reminder, together with well-known and odious leader of left-wing anarchist movement “Occupy Frankfurt” Thomas Pilz, established “European Information Human Rights Center” human rights organisation in Strasbourg, in May 2013, consisting of 7-10 members, and functioning under the guidance and umbrella of the President Administration of Azerbaijan between August 2013 – June 2014, until some sort of conflict of interests (judging from the email correspondence) began among the coordinators of the project, originated in the alleged appropriationof financial resourcesby Fatullayev, allocated for the needs of the organization.

Source: Panorama.am

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