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Posted 27 November 2014 - 10:57 AM


November 26, 2014 - 12:39 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Armenian-Canadian Conservative Association
(ACCA) was launched last weekend with attendees including
Minister Jason Kenney, Costas Menegakis the federal Parliamentary
Secretary, five Members of Parliament, two candidates for the
next parliamentary elections, civil society organizations, ethnic
community representatives, and various representatives of local
Armenian community organizations.

After welcoming the guests and ACCA members, master of the ceremonies
and member of the board Diran Tutunjian made a brief introduction of
the Association's purpose and philosophy.

He said: "The Armenian-Canadian Conservative Association is a
pan-Armenian association established to work with all Canadians to
build a stronger Canada, and to make sure our values and our goals,
such as equality, justice, freedom of speech, thought, and religion
are reflected in our relationships with one another."

Hon. Kenney, in turn, talked about the current concerns of Canadians,
next year's federal elections, economic prosperity, the steadfast stand
of the government about the challenges Canadians and the civilized
world face vis-a-vis religious extremism, the fate of Middle East
minorities, and his admiration of the Canadian-Armenian community.

He emphasized that the Canadian-Armenian community and the Conservative
Party many priorities such as strong family values, a firm belief in
the rule of law, in democracy, free enterprise, free speech, tolerance,
and humanism. Thus cooperation between both sides to uphold and promote
these cherished values and the traditions is a natural development,
said Hon. Kenney. He also praised the Canadian-Armenian community's
strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. He touched upon the
long history of the Armenian people and its resilience to survive
under harsh conditions.

Hon. Kenney also talked about his recent trip to Armenia, his
impressions of the country and its people, and his visit to Khor Virab
where the founder of the Armenian Church, St. Gregory the Illuminator,
was imprisoned in the 4th century because of his Christian faith.

Finally, Minister Kenney talked about his co-sponsorship of the
Armenian Genocide recognition resolution in the House of Commons
in 2004 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's principled stand and
moral fortitude in making Armenian Genocide recognition Canadian
government policy.


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Posted 30 December 2014 - 11:53 AM

Armenian Canadian Conservative Association
Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Sevan Hajinian
Email: sevan@armenianconservative.ca

The Armenian Nation is an idea that transcends borders

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to bring to your attention the below YouTube link of the Hon.
Jason Kenney's speech at the launch of the Armenian Canadian Conservative
Association in Toronto on Nov. 22, 2014.

The Canadian-Armenian community is privileged and fortunate to call a
principled and brave leader such as the Hon. Jason Kenney a friend of our

To listen and watch the entire speech, please visit the link below


The Launch of the Armenian Canadian Conservative Association in Toronto on
Nov. 22, 2014

Published on Dec 20, 2014

`The Armenian Nation is not just the four-million people living within the
borders of the Republic of Armenia. The Armenian Nation is an idea that
transcends borders. The Armenian Nation is a spirit of tenacity, of
survival, of overcoming adversity, of fidelity-- fidelity to your faith and
to your ancestors.

`To be Armenian throughout history has meant to make a choice. To make a
choice to overcome very often waves of persecution and violence and
dislocation, but to maintain that fidelity at an incredibly high price.

`To be Armenian means never to forget. Not just 1915 but never to forget
that yours was the first Christian Nation. Never to forget what that meant
during all of those years in Anatolia, in the Middle East, and in the
world-wide Diaspora."

Hon. Jason Kenney, Canada's Minister of Employment and Social Development
and Minister for Multiculturalism, during his keynote speech at the launch
of the Armenian Canadian Conservative Association in Toronto on Nov. 22,


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Posted 13 March 2015 - 10:45 AM


March 4, 2015

Scarborough, ON

Today, members of the Armenian Canadian Conservative Association
(ACCA) met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shortly after
he announced upcoming changes to legislation affecting Canada's
justice system.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Honorable Peter MacKay,
Minister of Justice, and Ms. Roxanne James, the Parliamentary Secretary
to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Approximately twenty ACCA members were present, led by their Chair
Vatche Demirdjian and Vice-Chair Sevan Hajinian, who reiterated to the
Prime Minister the organization's support for Canada's Conservative
Government and its governing principles.

After Prime Minister Harper congratulated ACCA members for the founding
of their organization, Ms. Hajinian provided the Prime Minister with
a copy of her book, The Armenian Genocide Denied.

For further information, media representatives may contact:

Armenian Canadian Conservative Association



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Posted 08 August 2015 - 04:09 PM

Armenian Canadian Conservative Association
Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Sevan Hajinian
Email: sevan@armenianconservative.ca

Canadian-Armenians Exercise Their Democratic Rights

Toronto - August 5, 2015 - Yesterday, the Honorable Jason Kenney joined
over 50 members and supporters of the Armenian Canadian Conservative
Association of Toronto (ACCA) for a successful fundraising reception at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Van and Silva Lapoyan.

The special reception raised funds in support of the Conservative Party of
Canada's re-election effort and featured a keynote speech by Mr. Kenney, a
proven friend of the Armenian community who has been voted the `best
overall' and `hardest working' MP by Maclean's Magazine annual survey of
parliamentarians. He spoke about the important choice facing Canadians in
this election, highlighted the proven leadership of the Right Honourable
Stephen Harper, and recognized the important contributions made by Canada's
Armenian community.

Federal Conservative candidates John Carmichael (Don Valley West), Joe
Daniel (Don Valley North), Costas Menegakis (Aurora - Oak Ridges - Richmond
Hill), Brad Butt (Mississauga - Streetsville), Peter Kent (Thornhill),
Corneliu Chisu (Pickering - Uxbridge) were also there to meet prominent
Armenian community members and respond to their questions.

Mr. Aris Babikian introduced the Honourable Jason Kenney and thanked the
Conservative Party of Canada for its strong, principled and
consistent support of the people of Armenia and of the Armenian community
in Canada. He expressed particular gratitude for Canada's Conservative
government's recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and for reaffirming that
recognition this year by way of Motion M-587, which was introduced by
Conservative MP Brad Butt and supported by the Government. He informed the
attends that the evening successfully raised $25,000.

Mr. Kenney thanked Mr. and Mrs. Lapoyan for hosting the event and welcomed
the support of the attendees. In thanking the members of Armenian community
for their support he said: `Our Conservative Party will continue to stand,
firmly, on the right side of the history concerning the historical reality
of the Armenian Genocide despite all political pressures.'

He also reinforced the importance of values: `We want a country where
freedom of conscience is deeply respected, but where we also share basic
values, such as a belief in human dignity, equality of opportunity, and the
rule of law. We want a Canada where we can celebrate our different cultural
traditions, but not at the expense of sharing common Canadian traditions.
We want a Canada where we are loyal to Canada's historically grounded
values. Integration that ensures that new Canadians know, own, and identify
with our country's history, symbols, and institutions.'

Mr. Kenney emphasised specifically Canada's record of solidarity with, and
support for persecuted ethnic and religious minorities of the Middle East -
noting that the Conservative Party is the only Party willing to stand up to
the genocidal Daesh (ISIL).

Saro Khatchadourian then relayed a message from the Honourable Gary
Goodyear, who passed on his greetings and well wishes for a successful

During the evening Mr. Roubik Galstanian, representative of the Defence
Minister of the Republic of Armenia in Europe, who flew from Paris, France,
expressed his gratitude to Canada's Conservative government for its
steadfast support of Armenia and Armenian issues.

Mr. Vatche Demirdjian, President of the ACCA expressed his appreciation to
Mr. Kenney and his many colleagues for their presence, which helped make
the evening a great success. He emphasised that their participation
tonight was a testament to the Conservative Party of Canada's special
relationship with the Armenian community, and called on all Canadian
Armenians to help re-elect a Conservative government on October 19. He
further expressed his gratitude to the host of the evening Mr. and Mrs.
Lapoyan and the benefactors of the evening.

Sevan Hajinian, Mrs.
416 317 8972

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Posted 18 August 2015 - 09:31 AM


Editorial, 16 August 2015

Late last year a group of Toronto Armenians--led mostly by Armenian
Revolutionary Federation (ARF) members--announced that they planned to
establish a group called the Armenian Canadian Conservative Association
(ACCA). The leaders of the putative organization said their aim was
to create an Armenian association to enhance the Canadian Armenian
community's bilateral relations with the Conservative Party.

They explained that both share common social and economic values. The
aim of the ACCA was also to work with other Canadians to build a
stronger country, to encourage the participation of the Canadian
Armenian community in the political process, to propel Canadian
Armenians to run for public office, and finally to encourage Armenian
youth become active and productive members of society. The ACCA
invited all Armenians to join the association.

According to the ACCA, initially ARF representatives had a positive
reaction to the initiative and expressed no serious concerns. However,
a week or so after the incipient association's spokesman had met
ARF representatives to explain their intentions, the latter said the
ARF had to study the issue because the idea hadn't matured yet...the
ARF hadn't given the green light and that it needed more information
about the process, structure, and control of the association.

The ACCA alleged that the Toronto branch of the ARF had rejected the
project because a "handful of people, who control the Toronto ARF,
don't want others to get involved in Canadian political activities
and are afraid of losing their long-time monopolistic control of the
Toronto Armenian Centre and the ARF." The ACCA also accused the ARF
of nepotism. It said that a "family compact" of 50 or so interrelated
families ran everything. Certain ARF members then insinuated that
the ringleaders of the ACCA had a private agenda and hoped to benefit
from a cozy relationship with the ruling Conservative Party.

Two days before the November inaugural meeting of the ACCA, the
Toronto ARF issued a circular to its members warning them not to
attend the meeting. Members attending would be subject to disciplinary
action said the email which was sent to 240 people. However, some
ARF members did attend the meeting which the ACCA described as a
"great success." The ACCA says that it now has 100 members.

Following the launch of the ACCA, seven ARF members, who had joined
the new group, were disciplined with two- to four-month "sentences"
which banned them from attending/voting at ARF meetings.

Since its establishment, the ACCA has had a successful fundraiser
($25,000 raised at an August gathering) which was attended by a senior
federal minister and six members of parliament. The association took
young people on a day trip to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to meet MPs.

Association leaders have also met Prime Minister Stephen Harper at
least thrice. The ACCA says it could have done more and enrolled more
members had it not been for the opposition from the ARF.

The Canadian ARF's rules, which are based on the traditional ARF
rules, say: "A member of the ARF can't belong to a different political
organization or secret fraternity (Õ¸O~BÕ­Õ¿) without the approval
of the regional supreme body" (rule 107).

The ACCA says that the rule is rarely, if ever, observed, and adds
that members can be active in other political parties without negative
repercussions. They allege that personal animosity and fear of losing
"monopoly control of the ARF" is the impetus for the hostility towards
the ACCA. The ACCA says the rule applies only to ARF members elected
to political positions in an outside party. In such an instance,
the politician becomes a non-active member for the duration of his
or her tenure. The ACCA also points to the existence of an Armenian
Democratic Party and Armenian Republican Party in the U.S. and denies
that these two organizations are controlled by the ARF.

Throughout the conflict, the ARF of Toronto has played it close to the
vest. Its print and electronic media have not commented on the issue.

The silence has helped infest the controversy with rumor and innuendo.

A Keghart.com request to the ARF for its side of the story has gone
unanswered. A group which is the strongest and most effective Diaspora
political group owes Armenian Canadians an explanation regarding its
decisions in this divisive affair. It should also grab the opportunity
to demonstrate that it's a democratic and transparent organization
which in not secretly controlled by cabal, as ACCA alleges.

In recent years the ARF has been embroiled in damaging internal
conflicts in Lebanon, France, Argentina, and Australia, to name a few.

The Toronto quarrel is the latest addition to the list.

Armenians--whether ARF or non-ARF members--have the right to ask
whether there's something rotten in the party which has worked for
so long and so diligently to preserve Armenian interests and identity.


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Posted 20 August 2015 - 09:30 AM


August 20, 2015 10:57

Yerevan/Mediamax/. During a campaign stop on August 10 at St. Mark's
Coptic Church in Markham, near Toronto, Prime Minister Harper privately
met a newly-arrived Syrian-Armenian refugee family.

Armenian Canadian Conservative Association told Mediamax that the PM
has talked to Syrian Armenian Leon (Levon) Danayan, his wife Mayda
Moumjian and children Benjamin and Rachel who moved to Canada in
June 2015.

During his meeting with Canada's Prime Minister, Danayan presented
a giant thank-you card to the PM on behalf of some 100 Syrian- and
Iraqi-Armenian refugees who expressed their "heartfelt gratitude" to
the Prime Minister and "the Canadian government's private sponsorship

Following the meeting, the PM stated that a re-elected Conservative
government will provide a new three-year, USD9-million program to
support persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East. Harper's
plan includes continued assistance to Iraqi and Syrian refugee who
continue to face religious persecution and genocide.

The plan includes a commitment to accept an additional 10,000 refugees
from the region over the next four years.

"Strong democratic societies, such as Canada, respect religious
diversity. Re-elected government will continue backing freedom of
religion and defending religious minorities considering it one of
the cornerstones of Canada's foreign policy", said the PM.

- See more at:

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Posted 09 September 2015 - 01:08 PM


09:39, 09 Sep 2015
Siranush Ghazanchyan

A re-elected Conservative government would strengthen ties with
Armenia by opening trade and consular office in Yerevan, announced
Minister of National Defense and Multiculturalism Hon. Jason Kenney
at the Armenian Community Centre. Some 150 Armenians in attendance
welcomed the minister's announcement with rousing applause.

"The pledge to open a trade and consular office demonstrates
the Conservative government's ongoing commitment to strengthen
commercial and social ties with Armenia," said Mr. Kenney and added:
"Canada-Armenia trade is increasing rapidly and this new office will
help spur even more growth. That's good news for the economies of
both of our countries."

The minister pointed: "This past year, under the Harper Conservative
Government, trade between Canada and Armenia totaled nearly $120
million, a 1,700 percent increase compared to 2005. Canadian imports
from Armenia have tripled and Canadian exports to Armenia have
increased 6,000 percent since 2005. A new trade office would further
Canada's growing trade ties with Armenia by supporting Canadian
companies doing business in Armenia, supporting export development,
providing and enhancing economic relations between both countries."

Mr. Kenney also touched upon the plight of Syrian Armenian and
other religious minorities who are being persecuted and face ethnic
cleansing at the hands of ISIS terrorists. He mentioned that in the
last five years the Canadian Government, under the leadership of Prime
Minister Harper, resettled over 25,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees. He
said that Canada is not trying to empty Christians from the Middle
East and Mesopotamia but would try to help people who have fled the
region by providing a safe haven for them in Canada.

At the end of the gathering Mr. Kenney met 50 newly-arrived Syrian-
and Iraqi- Armenian refugees. The refugees were settled in Canada
through the Government's generous private refugee sponsorship program.

Vatche Demirdjian, president of Armenian Canadian Conservative
Association, said he highly valued and appreciated the Conservative
Party initiative in establishing a trade and consular office in
Yerevan. "This is a dream come true for the Canadian-Armenian
community. We have waited for a long time for this positive decision.

The Conservative Party, Prime Minister Harper, Minister Kenney and the
Canadian Armenian community should be proud of this announcement," he
said. He congratulated the Canadian-Armenian community for "this great
success." Demirdjian added: "So many of our community organizations,
including the ACCA, have worked diligently to make this day become a
reality." He then appealed to Canadian-Armenians to return the favor
to the Conservative Party and its candidates by voting and helping
party candidates.


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Posted 15 October 2015 - 07:11 AM

While Harper goes national, Kenney goes local

London Community News, Ontario, Canada
Oct 14 2015

TORONTO -- Largely away from the spotlight of Stephen Harper's national
campaign, Jason Kenney is running another one.

While Harper is focused on turning Canadians off the Liberals'
economic policies, Kenney is going after something else -- the power
of the Justin Trudeau brand.

And he's doing it not in the warehouses or plants where Harper holds
his events, but in banquet halls, along buffet lines and on stage
with Bollywood stars as part of the ongoing Conservative effort to
capture and retain the so-called ethnic vote.

Some of Kenney's appearances are directly tied to the election, like
roundtables with the ethnic press or work alongside local candidates
from coast to coast. Others are more in line with his long-standing
approach to increasing support for the Tories among new Canadian
communities -- half the battle is just showing up.

A look at his social media feeds provides a snapshot -- a Taiwanese
Opera festival in Surrey, B.C., an India Canada Association of
Saskatchewan supper night in Regina, a Filipino dance group performance
in Hamilton, Ont.

Twice in the last week, Kenney has appeared alongside Indian pop
star Mika Singh at the artist's appearances in Toronto and Vancouver,
and taken the stage to raucous applause and singing a few verses of
a hit pop song.

His connections to the South Asian community have even inspired a
Bollywood-style Conservative campaign song, likely to be blasted
over the loudspeakers at Harper's campaign event in Brampton, Ont.,
later Wednesday.

In an interview after an appearance with Harper at Chinese Mid-Autumn
Festival celebrations in Richmond Hill, Ont., in September -- where
a massive poster of Kenney's face greeted event goers at the door --
his voice was hoarse, bags under his eyes.

He's been going non-stop since the campaign began, he said, because
despite all the inroads the Conservatives have made, demographics and
shifting immigration patterns provide new opportunities for outreach.

"We're not going to retain every vote we have in the last election
but I think we're doing very well," he said.

He's doing more, however, than just showing up.

Kenney has made several campaign promises in recent weeks that appear
nowhere in the official Conservative campaign platform.

To the Sri Lankans, Kenney promised a promise to expand Canada's
high commission to the city of Jaffna, a provincial capital in that
country whose population is mostly Tamil. The Tamil diaspora in Canada
is among the largest in the world.

To Iranians, Kenney promised to make it easier for them to access
consular services from Ottawa, as opposed to having to travel to
Washington, D.C. Canada expelled Iranian diplomats from Ottawa in
2012, leaving the Iranian diaspora without access to services like
passports or other government documents.

To the Armenian community, a pledge to opening trade and consular
office in Yerevan, the country's capital.

Armenian Canadians should "return the favour to the Conservative
party and its candidates by voting and helping party candidates,"
the head of the Armenian Canadian Conservative Association reportedly
said, according to a post about the announcement on the HyeForum,
an Armenian community website.

While not speaking specifically about those promises, Kenney said
the Conservatives have their eye on getting diaspora communities more
involved in foreign policy.

"Think tanks, foreign policy commentators say that Canada's diversity
is in principle a great strength for foreign and economic ties around
the world and we have never really done that in a systematic way,"
he said.

"So we've been trying to develop ways to more formally engage the
large diaspora communities who are new Canadians to deepen ties with
countries of origin."

The Conservatives have come under considerable fire, however, for
how closely they appear to link foreign policy to diaspora politics.

Since 2006, under the Conservatives, 1.6 million people became Canadian
citizens, Kenney pointed out.

"There are new communities that have developed in large part since
our government came to office and so that's an advantage we did not
have in the past."

Those Canadians are looking for change just like everyone else, said
Liberal John McCallum, and they are not responding well to what he
calls the Conservatives' divisive -- and often entirely misleading
-- approach.

A recent set of ads appearing in the Chinese and Punjabi press asked
readers whether Trudeau's values -- described as being about putting
brothels in communities, allowing marijuana to be sold in corner
stores and allowing drug injection sites in local neighbourhoods --
none of those things are in the Liberal platform, McCallum said.

"It's wrong, on principle, and it's a sign of desperation."

By Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press


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Posted 15 October 2015 - 02:25 PM


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Posted 19 March 2016 - 11:52 AM


Staff, March 2016

With a successful year under its belt, the Armenian Canadian
Conservative Association (ACCA) held its first general annual meeting
in Toronto on March 10 to celebrate its maiden year, elect a new
board and plan its next 12 months.

"I am pleased to say that within the brief time of its existence
the ACCA has made many inroads and achieved great success," said
the Chairman Vatche Demirdjian. "Our politician friends and various
community organizations have highly praised the association's unique
and creative plans. We are confident that with your support we will
be able to break new ground to further advance the cause of our
association with the Conservative Party of Canada and the Armenian
community," he added.

Demirdjian said that a paramount goal of the association is to attract
young people so that they may become active in politics and productive
members of Canadian civil society.

In its mission statement the ACCA has deplored the local political
situation before its founding when the Armenian political arena had
been "monopolized by a handful of individuals."

The core mission of the ACCA is to support family values and promote
fiscal responsibility in addition to advancing Armenian interests.

According to an ACCA new release, since its inception in Nov. 2014,
it has increased its membership by nearly 35%.

In the past year the Toronto-based political association has attended
at least three gatherings where the prime minister of Canada made
major policy statements. During last October's federal elections
the ACCA assisted 17 Conservative Party candidates, including such
political heavyweights as MPs Peter Kent, Harold Albrecht, and Brad
Butt. And in the weeks leading to the federal elections, the ACCA
organized two fundraisers which netted $35,000. Minister of National
Defense Jason Kenny was a keynote speaker at one of the fundraisers.

In the past six months ACCA members have also helped Syrian-Armenian
refugees settle in Toronto. Members have located accommodation for the
newcomers and provided them with access to free furniture, employment
advice and information about various federal and provincial services.

Looking forward, the association sees a busy 18 months as the
Conservative Party of Canada prepares to elect a new leader. The
association will also participate in the campaign to elect Official
Opposition leader Patrick Brown as premier of Ontario.

The general annual meeting was attended by Cozette Giannini, adviser to
the office of the opposition leader. She extended Mr. Brown's greetings
and well-wishes to the association. The meeting was also attended by
former MP Joe Daniel, Majed el Shafie, founder and president of One
Free World International, and other political dignitaries.

The speakers praised the association's contributions and the value they
have brought to enrich Toronto, the Armenian community's political
activities and the humanitarian contribution to the resettlement of
Syrian-Armenian refugees.

Elected--by acclamation--to the board were Salpy Azadian, Razmig
Hairabedian, Meghri Hajinian, Sevan Hajinian, Arbi Haroutunian, Patil
Imasdounian, Vartan Kasbarian, Saro Khachadourian, and Mike Shahinian.

Outgoing vice-chair Sevan Hajinian acted as master of ceremonies of
the meeting.

Following the meeting, a reception was held to celebrate a successful
year and to welcome Armenians from Syria to Toronto.


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