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as i see it - Pt. I

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#261 ara baliozian

ara baliozian


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Posted 14 February 2002 - 01:03 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2002
On several occasions I have been accused of corrupting the young.
What nonsense!
The young are ahead of us today.
It was different with my generation.
I remember, a Catholic priest once told me:
"The only reason Martin Luther broke away from Rome is that
he wanted to marry a slut." And I believed him.
I should like to see the young who could be taken in by such a line
As a child I was also brainwashed to believe
Armenians were special and it was a privilege being one.
I swallowed that one too.
I was told many other lies but after that one
the others are bound to be an anti-climax.
To be read by friendly readers: nothing unusual in that.
To be read by hostiles: That’s where the money is,
because it means being allowed the opportunity
to introduce thoughts where none exist.
We have enough gold in our communities
(think of Gulbenkian, Krikorian, Manoogian, & Co.)
for two Golden Ages. Instead,
we wallow in the recycled crap of Jack S. Avanakians.
Even after you prove to him that his position is untenable,
an Armenian will go on defending it to the bitter end,
like a captain going down with the ship.
That’s his way of asserting his manhood.
I don't write for readers whose central concern is their own manhood.
That would be like writing about hallucinations.

#262 ara baliozian

ara baliozian


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Posted 14 February 2002 - 01:04 PM

LATER [14 February, 2002]
Why does anyone assert his fictitious moral or intellectual superiority?
-- unless it is to covered up his real inferiority.
About ten years ago I met an Armenian writer
who thought by publishing a single article
he was going to change everything.
When I informed him that I had published hundreds of article
without changing anything, he replied:
"You have been going about it the wrong way."
I have no idea what he thinks today
because we are no longer on speaking terms.
In a dictionary of philosophy:
"Generally speaking megalomania is a reaction to failure.
The megalomaniac represents himself as he would like to be but as he is
not. Megalomania may also be a symptom of the decline of one’s critical
On dogmatism:
"It stands in direct contradiction to criticism, skepticism, empiricism,
and realism.
It fosters intolerance and fanaticism."
I have readers who hate me but love reading me,
but only in the sense that Jack the Ripper loved the company of women.

#263 ara baliozian

ara baliozian


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Posted 15 February 2002 - 10:11 AM

Originally posted by sen_vahan:
You are asking personally or that is a question to all armenians? I mean your question about how good Christian are we.
If it is for all of us then I will answer that this way:'Show me any real Christian nation and I will proove that armenians are "good" christians.'
If it is a personal question then my answer is that there is NO real christian (except maybe those living in monasteries), but there are probably some GOOD ones. What it means to be GOOD? I am not a good christian and you?

dear Vahan:
we emphasize the first nation to be Christian bit too much, i think.
also the first nation to suffer a genocide in the 20th century.
i don't think that's something we should brag about.
as for monks: i was educated by them;
most of them were not good Christians either..../ara

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Posted 03 May 2005 - 08:17 AM

QUOTE (raffiaharonian @ Oct 11 2001, 10:43 PM)
I guess that all you're doing is shouting louder the forum signature of Movses
" Zartnir Lao, mernim kezi"........


Խեղճ մշեցին մեռավ լալով,
Օտար երկրներ ման գալով.
Մեռավ՝ թուրքին պարտքեր տալով,
Զարթի՛ր, լաո, մըռնիմ քըզի:

Ինչ անիծեմ շուն ասքյարին,
Ըսպաներ է ջոչ ափոյին,
Իլլաջ մացեր Արաբոյինշ
Զարթի՛ր, լաո, մըռնիմ քըզի:

Չուր ե՞փ մընամ էլու դռներ,
Էրթամ գտնեմ զիմ խեղճ գառներ.
Սուքեմ զիմ բաղչայի ծառներ,
Զարթի՛ր, լաո, մըռնիմ քըզի:

Սեֆիլ, շիվար մացած հայեր,
Եղած անտուն, բնավ հավքեր.
Սուլթան կուզե ջնջե մըզի,
Զարթի՛ր, լաո, մըռնիմ քըզի:

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