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Mind Control

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Posted 16 July 2004 - 08:50 AM

QUOTE (Domino @ Jul 16 2004, 10:18 AM)
You are lying Sasun, I have not called you "piece of st."

Did I say that you called me? You called Sri Chinmoy. I warned you before, didn't I?

And beside that the word "st" is not a banned word just like "a." etc... ask to any other moderators. I can say piece of st. to non-members of the forum, if my attack is justified. For instance I can call Bush  because because of some of his policies "piece of st." And there will be no moderators that will ever edit or warn me... because it is waiting the rules... and you know it very well, because including YOU won't even touch such posts.

I told you you are manipulating forum rules. Criticizing a politician is different because you are criticizing his policies. You don't criticize his personal life, his character, etc..

And yes! You have deleted my opinions, I was arguing and you know damn well... if you have kept the paragraph like you should have you are free to show it to Edward or any other moderators and ask them where was there anything abusive in my post.

Well, too bad I didn't keep. But you have said the same opinion many times already (criminal, abuser, etc.), so I didn't hide any new opinion.

I am free, entirly free to call a criminal by his name... it is my opinion to consider that man a criminal, and you restricting me to say such things that are not forbidden by forum rules is to abuse your powers.

Forum rules forbid defamation. If I call you a criminal without proofs it will be a defamation.

Will you have any problem if I was to call Bush a criminal because of charges against him? You won't go gaga about it would you? You won't call everyone of those accusers liars will you? You won't consider it a conspiration will you?

As I said, this is about politics, not the personal life of the politician. If you called Bush a rapist that you definitely be wrong (unless it was proven).

Now, I trow the ball in your direction and ask you, why should it be not equaly against the forum rules to have a thread about a man that is accused of rape, looting, or any kind of abuses? You won't have the same high standards of "inocent untill proven guilty." If it was anyone else. And that, you know with damn well as well. I find it an equal crime to support someone that those claiming to be victims multiply each year and that are accusing him of any type of crimes. And you are here questioning every accusations like that, doing exactly what the Turks do with the Armenian genocide.

If I didn't have anything against accusations I would not know what to say. It never happened that you start an online trial of anyone else who has been accused on the internet. If that was the case, and if I knew that your accusations are only accusations then I would say the same thing. If it was a casual one post accusation, I would probably disregard. But here it is like you have an anti-cultist agenda.
You laid down your argument (which I thought were unsubstantiated), and I laid down my arguments. Then you single handedly declared that he is a criminal. It is one thing to hear about accusations and talk about them, it is another thing to make an accusation yourself, based on mere accusations.

I have nothing else to add, as it is clear that you have abused your powers and I don't want as a veteran to see that repeated, if you can't moderate the theology forums impartially, just leave other moderators moderating that section. Lets say Edward, he agree with neither of us both, leave the theology boards to him.

Domino, you have yet to prove that I have abused my powers. I have done three things as a moderator. 1) Split the thread and make 2 separate threads with diametrically opposite content, 2) Warned you first that you cannot use foul langage and defamation, 3) After you disregarded the warning I edited out some of your defaming words (and there are a lot more of them still remaining) and abuse. I didn't give you an official warning or suspension. I do not think I have done anything wrong as per code of conduct, nor that I should not moderate in the theology section.

Edited by Sasun, 16 July 2004 - 08:51 AM.

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