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Turkish artist. "I wish all documents be opened"

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 08:39 AM

Mr. artist looks like a subtle denier!

Turkish artist. "I wish all documents be opened"
September 2 2014

"I could not come to Armenia, the border there was a true border,"
tells a Turkish artist, Serdar Yilmaz, in the conversation with us,
referring to his many years ago wish. He was in a number of cities in
Western Armenia: Van, Kars, and so on, was amazed at the Armenian
culture, wanted to come to Armenia, too, but the border was closed. He
tells that now he has many friends in Istanbul, and wishes the
communication between the two nations be constant. I talked to him
prior to the event announcing the launching of "Exchange of Painters"
project. Recall that the project is implemented under the "Support to
Armenia - Turkey normalization process" by "Public Journalism Club"
(Armenia) and "Anadolu Kültür" (Turkey). Serdar Yilmaz, a painter,
also an associate professor, also professor of Marmara University in
Istanbul, said that he was informed about the project by "Anadolu
Kültür" organization, and he kindly agreed to participate. He has
selected 4 young university students to participate in the project. It
was important for him that they be of different universities, has
already got acquainted with them. With regard to the youth, he says,
"They do not have a good understanding of the Armenian-Turkish
relations. This project is very interesting to them, they are the new
generation, and would create something together. They have already
started working together, and they have gone to the museum together. I
think it is an excellent opportunity to communicate with each other on
cultures." I reminded the Turkish famous painter that next year is the
100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. "I am trying to explore
the history, and communicate with many others to understand the truth,
he said, while noting at the same time that he is an artist, and not a
specialist to full have the information about history. "I wish all
documents be opened, and everything be open, so that we see
everything. There are so many cultural values and buildings that are
Armenian, he says. He mentions that the issues coming from history
should be detected, he mentions that it is evident that hundred years
ago Armenians left their historical lands. "We know that this period
coincided with the World War I, it was a war and so on,"
he says and
thinks that the historical matters should be clarified. Turkish artist
believes that we need to communicate with each other in diversity of
events, sharing our thoughts. "We need communication, thus much would
be more transparent," says he.

Read more at: http://en.aravot.am/2014/09/02/166743/




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Posted 03 September 2014 - 10:55 AM

This brings up feelings, brings them to the surface. Grandfather, Mother's Father, never lived to see America. Mama's family came to America in the late 1800's, They came after a massacre in Adana, the few that survived. Coming forward in time to a massacre in Dicranagertz, Medtzhyer, Father's Father, who owned a Silk Factory, took in the surviving children, over 300, eventually moving them and the family to Karpert, that another story. 

The Orcs have been murdering us from the day the poured like cokroaches into our mountains. There was a great killing during what is called the Genocide, 1915, also. It has always been Genocide! That's why we today are few. 


Now and then one, or some, of us may sit with a Orc and have tea, little finger turned up or not. That's very nice. They/we can talk about "Normalization" with their fingers crossed behind their backs or serious. This, the dealings the Armenian Nation has with the Orcs is Normal.


If there were no one else on earth but we Armenians and the Orks, with the Orcs on both sides, as they are today, over 40 million Orcs and the few million Armenian that they had not been able to kill. Is there anyone who does not know what would happen?

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