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ԲԱԶԱ - Baza?

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 09:08 AM

ՌԱԶՄԱԲԱԶԱ Razmabaza?
Anyone speak Armenian anymore?
As always, I am little too slow. It took me a while to see what they meant. At first I thought it was a typo, that they meant ԲԱԶԷ/falcon/hawk.

AH!!! Didn’t I say I am a little slow?
Baza/բազա/base ???
Where are our friends who speak Arabic to tell us the meaning of “makhlouta” and the Spanish “mestizo”. How about the Armenian word “Խառնածին/kharnatsin”, to tell us what “half and half“ means like half Armenian “razm” and half latino- russian “baza“?

They mean “razm-a-baza/war/military base”**!!!
Headline from AZG

OK! Enough blowing up my warpath/razmakan.
Let’s get to the gist of this issue. The latest buzz is about the Russian Military Base in Armenia.
There are so many opinins, both pro and con. What is yours??
Here is one of idiot’s most assinine.

Russian Base Must be Removed from Armenia, Says Political Commentator
[ 2010/08/19 | 15:46 ] politics
Ararat Davtyan
Political commentator Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan today called the extension of the contract for the Russian military base in Armenia a national disgrace that signaled the formal end of Armenia’s independence.
The Armenian government has approved a measure calling for the base to remain in Gyumri for 49 years instead of the currently agreed upon 25 years. “When another nation becomes the security guarantor of another, it means that the country in question enjoys no security. It is up to the guarantor to decide the other’s security,” Mr. Ter-Abrahamyan noted.
Mr. Ter-Abrahamyan was scheduled to debate the issue with Menua Harutyunyan but he never showed up.
The political commentator argued that it wasn’t mere coincidence that Russia was selling S-300 antimissile defense systems to Azerbaijan.
“I am truly amazed at the reaction of many in Armenia to this. Analysts and politicians, very smart people, are really trying to argue that there is nothing out of the ordinary in this. But the selling of military arms is outright blackmail towards Armenia, in light of the contract extension,” Mr. Ter-Abrahamyan noted, adding that one doesn’t sell arms to the enemy of an ally.
He went on to say that Russia’s move upset the balance of forces in the region and that this might lead to a rapid settlement of the Karabakh issue.

** One the most common synonyms of “base” is “խարիսխ/khariskh” which more often is used to mean “anchor”.
Another common use is to mean “պատուանդան”, which often is used to mean the “base” of a statue, aka pedestal (based on “ped” to mean foot “ոտ/vot”.
PS. I will let Johannes tell us about “հիմք”, “խրաիսխ” and “պատուանդան”. Some of us may surmise that the latter word is based on “պատիւ/honor”???

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