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Posted 25 April 2010 - 08:50 AM


It is time we stop being led by nose by those “professors of proCtocology”, by those “armenologists” at the U of ankara.
Here we saw the true meaning of the word “ԵՂԵՌՆ/YEGHERN”
How that word is so much more powerful, when the G word has been so cheapened and genericized that even killing a laboratory rat, killing of a fly by Kaj Nazar :P :D and when the slaughter of that bird in November is labeled so.
We are losing the battle, the “game” having been stuck on WORDS and NUMBERS. Every April those dogs are scoring yet another “goal” when the G word is not recited. Let us reread the definition of the word “YEGHERN”. Even if Mr. Obama may have learned it at the U of ankara, no president before him had used and Armenian word to describe the SLAUGHTER/CRIME/MURDER . Let us learn our own language, and stop playing silly games of “was it a G or not?”. How many lives does it take to qualify?
About time that we also learn a lesson from Pres. Sargisian, who after so many years of futile attempts stopped, took a deep breath and “suspended?” the so called proCtocols.
Is it not time we also “stop, take a deep breath”, stop playing silly numerological and semantical games? Is it not time we stop wasting so much precious time, energy and finance on one silly and useless word?
OK! So! It was not a G, it was a YEGHERN. So be it. If only those idiots knew how much more powerful the Armenian word is vis-a-vis that so hackneyed and cheapened other word.
DID ANYONE HEAR OR SEE PRES. OBAMA’S DECLARATION ON ANY OF THE WORLD MEDIA?? Menq mezi hars enq linum, vortegh e pesan? Ask your neighbor, any neighbor. Do they know what APRIL 24 means? If only we would spend some of that wasted capital on the World Media???
Did Pres. Obama stop, took the day off on April 24 to honor the memory of the victims, or did he continue his golf game?
Are we getting tired too? Even today April 25, when that big rally, the EVENT** at the NY Times Square is scheduled I have not seen one reference to it, except when it was announced that Harut Sassounian would be one of the keynote speakers.
**See how those dogs use the word “event s of 1915“. What language do we speak? In the Armenian the word “event” is “patahar/ՊԱՏԱՀԱՐ“**, just as in the English it means “ (chance)happening”.
**See the meaning of “patahar/event” in another post.
As to the “war of words” I am not the only one saying it… Can we, for a change lead them by the nose????
A picture of a cow led by the nose;

GENOCIDE HOLOCAUST OR METS YEGHERN? Lena Badeyan "Radiolur" 24.04.2010 13:14 A year ago Armenians criticized US President Barack Obama for using the word "Mets Yeghern" instead of "Genocide" in his annual April 24th address. If we try to draw parallels between the words "Mets Yeghern" and "Holocaust," it will become obvious that the world conceives the pretext of the Holocaust, while what Mets Yeghern means is clear only to Armenians. Political scientist Sergey Shakartants is assured that the world does not perceive the words "Genocide," "Mets Yeghern" and "Holocaust" as the same. Therefore, Obama's use of the word "genocide" a year ago could not be viewed as recognition of the Armenian Genocide. "Jewish communities have been working for decades to knock into the head of "the last Bushman" that the Holocaust refers to the tragedy of Jews. Therefore, even the Australian aborigines understand what it is about. Perhaps there are similar words in let's say Albanian or the language of some tribe. However, any tragic event in Africa, Balkans or elsewhere is referred to as genocide. Why are the events in Rwanda described as genocide, while the crimes against Armenians are called "Mets Yeghern?" Specialists explain that the events in Rwanda or the Balkans constitute genocide since they happened after 1943, i.e. after Polish lawyer of Jewish descent Rafael Lemkin brought the word "genocide" into use, meaning the Genocide of Armenians. Since the atrocities that befell Armenian and Jews happened much earlier than the word "genocide" was brought into use, every nation gave its own characteristics to the events. It's interesting that although the word "Holocaust," which means "burning" and "sacrifice," was presented to the world as the tragedy of the Jews, Jews themselves prefer to us the word "Shoah," which they consider to be more correct and exact. The Jewish word "Shoah" can be considered the equivalent of the Armenian "Mets Yeghrn," which means great calamity. Despite all this, Director of the Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation considers that Obama's use of the word "Mets Yeghern" could be viewed as recognition of the Armenian Genocide. "We can say that if Obama uses the word "Mets Yeghern" once again this year, refraining from uttering the word "Genocide," it will mean an affirmation that what happened at the turn of the 20th century was genocide. I have no doubt that in a while the term "Mets Yeghern" will come to describe genocide and will become an equivalent of the "Holocaust." It's not ruled out that Obama might utter the word "Genocide." The probability is rather high taking into consideration the recent policy of Turkey, especially the harsh statements of the Turkish Prime Minister," Stepan Grigoryan said. It doesn't matter which word is used to characterize the events of 1915, says Richard Giragosian, Director of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies. He does not attach much importance to what Obama will say this time. The most important for him is that Turkey acknowledges the Armenian Genocide. Whatever, Armenians of the world will be waiting for the use of the word "genocide" instead of "Mets Yeghern."

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Posted 29 April 2010 - 06:40 PM

:thumbsup: Classic!

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Posted 17 May 2010 - 04:20 PM

Armenian political leadership should bury those wretched protocols once and for all. Armenia scored a point when we put them on hold, - now is the time to terminate them for good, eventhough it will allow Turkey to score. At the end it will be 1-1. The sooner we get rid of them the better.

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