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hit and run

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Posted 28 December 2013 - 10:29 AM

Հարիր Եւ Անցիր

Hit and Run?
Please forgive if this my item seems like a Hit and Run?
Hoping that no one has seen it.

Some of us do.
No, it does not mean Հարեվանցի neighbor/դռացի/դրացի, next door.

It literally means Hit and pass Հարիր եւ անցիր, Run**. Barev Harut!***
Based on the root word հար, հարել to hit, to strike. It would be more descriptive if we rewrite it as Հարիր եւ Անցիր:**
By now you know me that I Hit and Stay, I don’t Hit and Run.****
One dictionary defines it as superficial, furtive and futile.
Հայկական է, Պատուական Է?
Recently I have been reading, let me rephrase it, I have been scanning a large tome of 1200 pages. The more I read the more frustrated I get. Nowhere, be it in the front or the end I can see when and where the book was written and printed, or who paid for it.

One has to read all 1200 pages to find specific references. No word, name or place indices. Why are we so furtive, superficial and careless? With no respect to international rules of publishing.
Հայկական է, Պատուական Է?
It means. If it is Armenian it is Honorable. Don’t question.!
**To see what “harel” to hit, to strike means consider, among many Զանգահարե/zangaharel, to hit, to strike the bell.
***Harut is spelled Յարութ not Հարութ There is a method to that madness. It is from to Յառնելto rise, to resurrect. As to why the Ռ turned to Ր or visa versa I have no idea. Yes I do. The R preceding the N turns to RA. In this case the word was originally based on Արի/Արել /to come (forward).
**** In our neck of the woods Hit and Run is a punishable crime. Tantamount to murder.

Even if one hit’s a human or animal.
To see what furtive means

Where someone has translated “furtive” as secret. It in fact literally means stolen.

PS. Hit and Run seems to be and Armenian affliction, except in the case of Tehlirian when he Hit and Stayed.

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