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Posted 24 August 2013 - 08:44 AM

Never mind all those stories of pedophilia in the Catholic Church. Some of us insist that our Christian Ethics is based on the ethics from that trashy book, the OT. If we read the OT carefully we will see that most of their so called ethics evolves around sex, fornication and pedophilia. (fornication is a variant of pornikation)
Yeah! Look at these practitioners of that religion and tell us more about the ethics of the OT. As a rule the brain is located above the neck between the ears, but in this case, it seems seem to be located below the belt, between the legs. Remember the 14thth commandment,

[14] Thou shalt not commit adultery.
14Մի՛ շնացիր։
In my hard copy it is; Շնութիւն մի ըներ:

where it says, thou shall not commit adultery? What is the definition of adultery? Remember when Pres. Clinton said that he and Monica had not had actual intercourse, ergo, not adultery? **
I am sure you have seen the news about these

Bob Filner sexual predator-San Diego, CA Jewish Mayor Filner Resigned Last Night
Anthony Weiner, sexter, exhibitionist-Religion Judaism
Eliot Spitzer prostitution-His paternal grandparents were Galician Jews, born in Tluste, Poland (now Ukraine). His maternal grandparents, born in the 1890s, were Jewish immigrants from Palestine.

Closer to home.

** also note the religio-ethnicity of ms. Monica http://en.wikipedia....Monica_Lewinsky

Note; Why is the Armenian word for adultery շնութիւն/ doggery?

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