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Ashot Ghazaryan 2000 +

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Posted 24 December 2000 - 11:25 AM

Ok for all the Ashot Ghazaryan Fans
or for anyone that would like to have a good laugh , this new Video is a must to your Video Colection , this is one of the best collection of new and some old Jokes,

2 UP

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%20%5burl=http://www.armenians.com/members/video-rev/Ashot-2000/index.html" target="_blank">http://www.armenians...2000/index.html

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Posted 24 December 2000 - 11:44 AM

Zokanch @ galsi e Pesayin Hyurutyan
Pesa - Vay Barov es yekel MAmana
Zokanch - barevtrajan
pesa- mamjan es inchkan jamanakov es yekel
Zokanch - de enkan k@mnam minchev z@zvatsnem eli
pesa- iy knik vrazt incha - gone mi bajak coffe xmi nor gna

Kin@ mahanuma yev xndrum amusnun
kin- mard jan mernum em bayst te 2 xndrank unem .
amusin- asa tsvat tanem asa - yes kanem amen inch kez hamar sirelis
kin- #1 xostatsy vor yerexekis lav k@nayes, #2 vor en vardaguyn shor@ vro tsnundis berel eyir , achks vren mnats chhaga, xostatsy vro yerbek voch meki ches ta et shor@,
Amusin- iy knik dard mi ara - yerexekin lav k@nayem shor@ xostanum em dzerk chem ta - ham el ira hagov et shor@ chi lini vor.

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