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Armenian Genocide Commemorations List

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Posted 05 September 2017 - 10:17 AM

New Documentary Links 1915 Genocide
        To Recent Azeri Massacres of Armenians
        By Harut Sassounian
        Publisher, The California Courier
A new Armenian Genocide documentary will be screened in many theaters across the United States and also available “on demand” as of October 7, 2017. Unlike other documentaries on the topic, this one is different and more relevant to today’s non-Armenian viewers. The documentary titled, “Architects of Denial,” and sub-titled “Genocide denied is genocide continued,” links the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in 1915 to contemporary massacres of Armenians by Azeris, ethnic kins of Turks, in various cities of Azerbaijan, and threaten to kill Armenians living in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh).
The documentary is produced by two Hollywood celebrities, Dean Cain and Montel Williams. It interviews world famous personalities and experts on the Armenian Genocide, some of them for the first time, such as Julian Assange (WikiLeaks), FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, prominent international lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, Prof. Taner Akcam, one of the first Turkish scholar to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, Dr. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan, Tom de Wall, an expert on the Caucasus region, Former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans, Cong. Adam Schiff, former Kurdish mayor of Sur, Diyarbakir in Turkey, Abdullah Demirbas, His Holiness Catholicos Karekin II, Bako Sahakyan, President of Artsakh, Prof. Ugur Ungor, an expert on the Armenian Genocide, Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the UK House of Lords, eyewitness accounts of survivors of both the 1915 Armenian Genocide and the massacres in Baku and Sumgait, Azerbaijan, since 1988, and earlier in the 20th century, and this writer.
The interviews were conducted in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Armenia, Artsakh, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia by camera crews sent to these places at major expense and great risk. The documentary also weaves the commonality of various genocides from Cambodia to Sudan (Darfur), the Holocaust, the Bosnian and Rwandan genocides.
Here are important excerpts from statements made by some of those interviewed by the documentary-makers:
Julian Assange: “Turkey has gone all around the world aggressively lobbying diplomatically to make sure there are no references to the Armenian Genocide, including even the major powers such as the United States.”
Pres. Serzh Sargsyan: "The leaders of Turkey and Azerbaijan announce from time to time that they are one nation, but live in different countries. And naturally along with that one nation, they are injecting the ideology of denial."
Perhaps the most scandalous revelation in the documentary was made by Sibel Edmonds who was fired from her FBI job for informing her superiors about the involvement of high-ranking U.S. politicians in illegal Turkish schemes: “The justification to the excuse the United States government has been using, we are doing this [denial of the Armenian Genocide] for sensitive diplomatic relations. This is a hypocrisy that I have been witnessing, especially with inside knowledge of what takes place in the United States. It started with trying to do the right thing and we fought criminal activities bought and abused and basic retaliation for that.”
Explaining why Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert killed the genocide recognition bill at the last minute, Sibel Edmunds stated: “It was a move that came with a price. He had bribery with cash to lock this vote. He also took bribery in the form of sexual favors during his junket trips to Turkey in a particular hotel that he would stay. Sexual favors would be delivered to him – under-age males. Also it was delivered in his townhouse; it was bribery, foreign bribery which constituted treason. But that was a very small portion of what the FBI has already gathered. In Chicago, he also was directly involved with the notorious Turkish network that handled very large percentage of heroin-related activities, operations, sales in the United States, including receiving cash in suitcases from these particular people, and he and his Chief of Staff; their evidences were monitored. They were bugged not only for audio, but also for video. The FBI had in its possession, starting from 1997 slam dunk evidence in their hands, criminally implicated Dennis Hastert. The State Dept. knows, many people in Congress whom I testified to, they know. And I said, ‘you watch, there would be no accountability and mockery of the entire system.’”
The documentary also shows an original footage in which Azeri soldiers barbarically cut off the heads and ears of Armenian soldiers and civilians during Azerbaijan’s attack on Artsakh during April 2017!
Finally, the documentary-makers question several members of Congress who refuse to answer whether they believe the Armenian Genocide actually took place, except Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (Dem.-Texas) who is shown giving a speech at an Azeri energy conference, where she boasts:” I am a member of the [congressional] Azerbaijan Caucus, enthusiastic member, and supportive member!”
The documentary-makers then ask Cong. Johnson on camera: “do you deny that the Armenian Genocide happened?” She shamelessly answers: "I do deny that!" This is a major scandal for a serving member of Congress to make such a categorical denial which is rarely denied by Members of Congress. The Armenian-American community nationwide and their friends should support her opponent in the next election and those in her district should vote against her to remove her from Congress. Once one of these denialist scoundrels is kicked out of office, other members of Congress will be very careful not to deny the Armenian Genocide. We need to make an example of her!

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 10:03 AM

PanArmenian, Armenia
Sept 6 2017
Armenian Genocide workshop slated for Sept. 14-17 in Germany

A workshop on the Armenian Genocide will be held at the University of Potsdam in Germany on September 14-17.

Four institutions - the University of Michigan (the United States), Lepsiushaus Potsdam (Potsdam, Germany), the USC Institute of Armenian Studies (Los Angeles, U.S.) and the Sabancı University (Istanbul, Turkey) - will participate in the 4-day event.

Titled "Workshop on Turkish-Armenian Scholarships (WATS) 2017 - European Approaches to the Armenian Genocide", the event seeks to shed light on the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire between 1915-1923.

Some three dozen countries, hundreds of regional government bodies and international organizations have so far recognized the Armenian Genocide. Turkey denies to this day.


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Posted 13 September 2017 - 08:53 AM

Shock Ya!
Sept 12 2017
George Clooney’s Documentary Architects of Denial Premiering in Theaters and On Demand          

By Karen Benardello


The historically reflective documentary, ‘Architects of Denial,’ is set to premiere in select theaters and On Demand across America on October 6. The movie, which features interviews with, and footage of, such notable public figures as Oscar-winning filmmaker, George Clooney, former American President, Barack Obama, and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, traces the turbulent modern history of the Armenian people.

‘Architects of Denial’ focuses on the Armenian people’s decimation by Ottoman Turks at the onset of World War I until the present, a period during which they’re threatened by Turkey, as well as its ally, Azerbaijan. It also chronicles the Armenian Genocide of 1915, and includes interviews with its survivors, who detail the horrors they or their family members had experienced. The movie also features discussions with experts, who graphically illustrate the real connection between the historical denial of the genocide with present-day mass exterminations in conflict zones around the world.


“Since the end of World War II, every civilized nation on earth has adhered to the principle of never again, and that’s why we made this film,” said one the documentary’s executive producers, Montel Williams. “We know if we allow this genocide to be forgotten, we run the risk of repeating the evils of humanity’s collective past.”

“Genocide is a horrible thing to see. It’s a horrible thing to have happen,” added Williams’ fellow executive producer, Dean Cain. “What’s even worse about that, especially for the Armenians who are still survivors of that and descendants of that, is to not call it what it is.”

For more information on ‘Architects of Denial,’ visit the film’s official website, as well as its Facebook page.


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 08:50 AM

Huffington Post
Sept 13 2017
“Architects of Denial”: A Must See Validation of the Armenian Genocide
09/13/2017 07:20 am ET
Marc Berman Editor in Chief, Programming Insider

Painstakingly documenting the Armenian genocide (or what is also known as the Armenian Holocaust), documentary feature “Architects of Denial” goes in search of the sheer acknowledgement of this tragic piece of history. But admitting to these wrongdoings from yesteryear, something the mainstream media and the average American were once oblivious to, does not come without its ongoing – and surprising — present day controversy.

Executive produced by former daytime talk show host Montel Williams and actor Dean Cain, and directed by David Lee George, “Architects of Denial” tackles the organized mass murder of an estimated 1.5 million Christian citizens, most of them Armenian, by the Ottoman Empire during World War I (between 1915 and 1923), and the resistance by the Turkish government, the successor of the Ottoman Empire, and other authoritative bodies (including the United States) to admit this did indeed occur.

For the Turks, the genocide never happened; they will not admit anything, as the film explores. Yet there were executions into mass graves, and death marches of men, women and children across the Syrian desert to concentration camps, all resulting in deaths from exhaustion, exposure and starvation.

“Turkey has gone around the world aggressively lobbying to make sure there is no reference to the Armenian genocide,” noted WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the film. “Major powers, such as the United States, do not recognize the Armenian genocide.”

For the Armenian community, and without the appropriate validation, the genocide has simply never ended. Genocide denied is genocide continued is the underlying message of this film, and the lack of validation in present day by some only magnifies what could have been the entire destruction of these innocent people.

“Once the world eventually recognized there would be trials as a result of the Holocaust in World War II, and people would be accountable for their actions, anyone involved in the Armenian genocide probably have kept their mouths shut for fear of being held responsible,” said Montel Williams. “But what I just did not expect, I don’t think any of us did, was the reactions by some, and the ongoing denial among our politicians, over a film where the truth finally prevails.”

Two such politicians seen in denial in the film are Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas and Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

Initial Controversy Over Film Release Quickly Reversed

This past August, Caruso Affiliated Holdings, which runs the Americana at Brand mall in Glendale, California, an area heavily populated by the Armenian community, initially denied an outdoor billboard promoting “Architects of Denial,” referring to it as being “too political.” But it quickly backed down following responses from State Senator Anthony Portantino, who represents Glendale, and the Glendale chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America, headed by Artin Manoukian.

“I thought to myself that Hollywood has long-celebrated thought provoking and hard-edged filmmaking that stimulates conversations about historical event,” said Portantino in a statement posted to his web site. “It seems like labeling art as ‘too political’ was an odd reason to deny the appropriate free _expression_ of a historical documentary. As a former filmmaker and current State Senator, it was important for me to share my concerns and urge reconsideration.”

“I wish for the life of me I could see in the eyes of those politicians in this world who get angry when you even bring this subject up,” noted Williams. “These people have been able to lie for so long maybe no one along the way caught in this lie wants to admit their wrongdoings.”

According to History

On the eve of World War I, there were a reported 2.13 million Armenians in the declining Ottoman Empire. By 1922, and following the aftermath of the genocide, that number was down to under 500,000, a result, according to the Turkish government, of a devastating war. Repeatedly, and to this day, Turkey officials cite there was no premeditation in the deaths of the Armenian population at the time, maintaining that the loss of Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians was from the violence around the bloody battlefields of World War I.

Turkey also disputes Armenia’s count of the death tally, claiming in the vicinity of 300,000. But most historians refer to this mass loss as the world’s first true genocide, and many worry that future genocides will go unrecognized as a result.

“I have always been a stalwart champion and voice for those who have no voice, especially right now at a time when this country has turned its back on everyone,” said Montel Williams. “When we start denying atrocities like genocide, and when we start denying the fact and truth for any segment of society or this world, someone has to take a stance.”

“Like so many people, I had no idea the extent of the Armenian genocide,” he added. “There needs to be a voice – a platform – to educate, to inform and to acknowledge. Too many countries – too many people — are still not admitting this happened, and with this film we are acknowledging history. We are validating these people and we are proclaiming that denial is no longer an option.”

The Armenian Viewpoint

Armenians mark the date April 24, 1915, when several hundred Armenians were rounded up, arrested and later executed as the start of the Armenian genocide. Known as Red Sunday, the Ottoman government imprisoned an estimated 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders of the Ottoman capital, Constantinople, and later those in other centers, who were moved to two holding centers near Ankara.

After that, ordinary Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water. Frequently, the marchers were stripped and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead. Anyone who stopped to rest was shot and killed.

Ultimately, the Armenian population was blamed for siding with the Russians during the war and the Young Turks began a campaign to portray the Armenians as a threat to the state.

This was not the first massacre of the Armenian population; earlier attacks were reported in 1894, 1895, 1896, and in 1909. And it was not the last, with the unfounded brutality continuing between the years 1920 to 1923. Turkish military officials, soldiers and ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens, murdering hundreds of thousands of Armenians.

“People wanted this to just sort of disappear; they did not want to accept this,” said Dean Cain. “There are still three states, and the federal government of the United States, that have not recognized the Armenian genocide and I think that is because of politics. Maybe Turkey does not want to pay reparations; maybe the United States does not want to damage its relationship with Turkey. It is tough for society to take ownership for the bad things that have happened.”

“Whatever the underlying reason is, it is time for resolution,” he added. “Our only agenda is to speak the truth. There are no political repercussions.”

“Architects of Denial”

Told through the eyes of the survivors with insights from Julian Assange; Sibel Edmonds, founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition; Genocide Watch founder Dr. Gregory Stanton, and Academy Award winning actor and director George Clooney, “Architects of Denial” tackles the persecution of these innocent individuals and the countries – and the politicians – who refuse, even today, to acknowledge the enormity of these mass crimes.

Not for the faint of heart, “Architects of Denial” nonetheless is a critical piece of documentary cinema that cannot be marred by any resistance.

“The end result with our film, I hope, is the acceptance and the recognition that the Armenian genocide existed,” noted Montel Williams. “Once you educate people, you cannot deny the truth.”

“There is a strong resigned determination that this story will be told,” added Dean Cain. “I think there will be a lot of happy tears in the Armenian community and I am truly proud to be a small part of helping them gain recognition.”

For a look at “Architects of Denial,” click here

Initial participating markets (and theaters) slated to debut “Architects of Denial” on Oct. 6 are New York / Village East Cinema, Beverly Hills / Laemmle’s Music Hall 3, Pasadena / Pasadena Playhouse, Boston / Embassy Waltham Cinema, Detroit / AMC Forum 30, New Jersey / Cherry Hill, Washington, D.C. / AMC Hoffman Center 22, Denver / Westminster Promenade, and Minneapolis / Eden Prairie Mall 18.


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Posted 15 September 2017 - 09:18 AM

And yet your Israeli government plays politics with the Armenian Genocide and helps the deniers!

ARMINFO News Agency, Armenia

September 13, 2017 Wednesday
Knesset Vice Speaker: If the world did not forgive the Armenian Genocide, there would probably not be a Jewish Holocaust

September 12


Tatevik Shahunyan. On September 12, Gagik Minasyan, the leader of the Armenian-Israeli parliamentary friendship group, met with an Israeli delegation headed by the Vice- Speaker of the Knesset, leader of the parliamentary friendship group Israel-Armenia Tali Ploskov.

Welcoming the visit of the guests to Armenia, Minasyan highly appreciated the cooperation of the friendship groups. He expressed hope for even greater consolidation and development of relations, which is important both in terms of economics and humanitarian contacts. Minasyan, in particular, noted that economic relations, despite the availability of potential, are unsatisfactory. In this context, the interlocutors emphasized the importance of the "Armenia-Israel Public Forum" initiative, considering it the best platform for the development of Armenian-Israeli relations.

The head of the Armenian-Israeli parliamentary friendship group said that the Armenians are particularly sympathetic to the Jews, which is due to the historical communions of the two peoples.

Addressing the Artsakh problem, Minasyan noted that Armenia is firm in resolving the conflict by peaceful means, while Azerbaijan is trying to resolve the issue by military means, which is also evidenced by the April four-day war that was unleashed last year.

The meeting also touched upon the process of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. In the assessment of the leader of the friendship group, historical justice has not yet been achieved. "The unrecognized and unpardonable crime opens new doors for a new crime," Minasyan emphasized. He expressed the hope that the process started on this issue in the Knesset of Israel will bring the process to its logical conclusion.

The leader of the parliamentary friendship group Israel-Armenia, Tali Ploskov, thanked for the warm welcome, also stressed the need to deepen diverse relations. According to Ploskov, over the past two years, quite a bit of work has been done - bilateral contacts have been intensified, direct flights between the two countries are being implemented, which promotes new cooperation.

Turning to the process of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Tali Ploskov noted that the members of the Knesset of Israel understood the pain of the Armenian people - the question was heard, but, unfortunately, he received a political color. In this context, Ms. Ploskov reiterated her thoughts in Tsitsernakaberd during last year's visit to Armenia: "If the world did not forgive the Armenian Genocide, there would probably not be a Jewish Holocaust."

Ploskov emphasized that Israel supports the efforts of the OSCE MG in resolving the Karabakh conflict, and believes that the problem should be solved exclusively by peaceful means.

Other issues of bilateral interest were also discussed. Members of the friendship groups emphasized the need to deepen ties in the field of economics, high technology, agriculture, tourism, culture, and the expansion of contacts between the two peoples.



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Posted 19 September 2017 - 10:04 AM

PanArmenian, Armenia
Sept 18 2017
Turkey tried to bar scholars from Armenian Genocide conference

Turkish authorities have attempted to prevent scholars based in Turkey from participating in a conference in Berlin titled “Past in the Present: European Approaches to the Armenian Genocide.”

The Workshop on Armenian-Turkish Scholarship (WATS) is a series of international academic workshops, founded at the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan in 2000 as the “first forum where Turkish, Armenian, and other scholars could create a community of Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, and other scholars to conduct an informed debate” relating issues surrounding the fate of Ottoman Armenians, an event generally accepted as the Armenian Genocide.

Despite the efforts of Turkish nationalists who deny the established facts of history, the latest workshop, the tenth in the series, took place on 15-18 September at the European Academy Berlin, co-organized by the University of Michigan, USC Dornsife Institute of Armenian Studies, and Lepsiushaus Potsdam, under the auspices of Dr. Martina Münch, Minister for Science, Research, and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.

The conference has come under sustained attack by Turkish ultra-nationalist political circles in Turkey and Germany. Long-time deniers of the Armenian Genocide in the international arena declared that the conference will “serve imperialism and the interests of Kurdistan” and framed the Kurdish issue as forming “the second Israel,” clearly an anti-Semitic slur.

"We consider that a democratic society requires a free exchange of ideas, and such pressure on academics in Turkey has already had a chilling effect on university scholars, who have in the last decades help to build up a high level of academic professionalism and achievement," said the Workshop for Armenian-Turkish Scholarship and the Lepsiushaus Potsdam in a statement.

"We demand as well that the Turkish state desist from interfering in intellectual exchange and _expression_ outside of Turkey. There is no substitution for independent research and the presentation of research findings in academic settings and in scholarly meetings. These exchanges are fundamental to academic freedom. Such interference infringes on the democratic order in Turkey and in hosting countries."

Some three dozen countries, hundreds of local government bodies and international organizations have so far recognized the killings of 1.5 million Armenian in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. Turkey denies to this day.


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Posted Yesterday, 09:19 AM

PanArmenian, Armenia
Sept 19 2017
Armenian Genocide documents from Vatican archives arrive at AGMI

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan has received documents from the secret archives of the Vatican about the events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire.

Part of the valuable documents acquired with the help of Italian entrepreneur of Armenian origin Artur Asatryan, were transferred to the museum, AGMI said in a statement.

Manana Hakobyan from the TV show "Of Armenian origin" transferred the documents to the Institute and said that at the moment only a part of the documents have been digitized.

Also, Armenia's ambassador to the Vatican Mikayel Minasyan has also facilitated the transfer of the documents.

Some three dozen countries, hundreds of local government bodies and international organizations have so far recognized the killings of 1.5 million Armenian in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. Turkey denies to this day.


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Posted Yesterday, 09:22 AM

PanArmenian, Armenia
Sept 19 2017
Only a democratic Turkey can recognize Armenian Genocide: MP

Without facing the Armenian Genocide, Turkey can neither settle the Kurdish issue nor can it establish democracy, Turkish-Armenian lawmaker Garo Paylan said at the 6th Armenia-Diaspora conference in Yerevan on Tuesday, September 19.

According to him, the Turkish state was, unfortunately, founded without acknowledging the Genocide, Aysor.am reports.

Paylan said the use of the term Genocide in the Turkish parliament is considered a crime.

"The West is turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Turkey the same way it did when the Genocide was being perpetrated," the lawmaker said.

The fight for democracy is a rather difficult process, Paylan said, as Turkey has been turning into a nationalist country in the past two years.

"Only a democratic Turkey can recognize the Genocide and open the borders with Armenia," Paylan said, adding that "we don't have the right to leave the issue of Genocide to the next generation."


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