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Ali G???

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 11:48 PM

Kazza, I'll probably continue your English Comedians topics.

Any Armenian dig Ali G????

Man is amaizing, even though he is jew. Another Enlgish great comic...

Strictly suggest everyone to watch it

For exmple click on this link!!!:

He is amaizing!!!!!!!
His video is a non-stop laphing...

Couple of his websites: http://www.boyakashaa.com/

Ali G top Sites rating: http://members.hoste...hypo&click=janp


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Posted 08 January 2001 - 09:35 AM

Artur jan I have been racking my brains over this for weeks. But you know Borat in it? I couldnt work out where he was from! I said greek, My cousin says romanian, Co-worker says turk, ??? He says khasastan , I thought that was just a fictional place and a send-up for Armenians! I was starting to think he was armenian and then getting ready to tell the forum, but no, it's in turkmenstan.(Excuse the spelling if it's wrong. Ha ha! Fancy that!) close enough though.
Is that in the caucasus? I will look it up whn I get home tonight.
Interesting though.

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Posted 10 January 2001 - 01:16 AM

He supposed to be from Kazakhstan :) Its in Asia, as well as turkmenistan, dajikistan, uzbekistan etc.
This guy cracks me up... But the words he uses are not kazakh i don't know where Ali G got them from. Myself, i know only about 10 words in Kazakh...

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Posted 10 January 2001 - 06:26 AM

Swearwords? That's usally the ones people learn first!

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Posted 10 January 2001 - 06:59 AM

I am going to watch his new one over the weekend .
I wonder what they both get up to!
Why dont we write to them to but an armenian character in it, if they can put a Turkmenstan one in it!!

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Posted 14 January 2001 - 09:38 PM

No thanks ::))) No armenian character! If he is going to joke like he did about Kazakhs, he won't be able to continue acting any more, i'll make sure of it ::)))
Kazza, what about new series?

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