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The Invisible World

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Posted 12 January 2005 - 12:24 PM

QUOTE (THOTH @ Jan 12 2005, 01:16 PM)
irrelevant? no.....lol

I think I made my point quite well - science cannot give us all of the answers because it is limted by our level of understanding and the development of the science itself - even apart form any concern weather science can explain everything even if all the tools were at its disposal - if scientific method - reporting the results of empircle obsevation and testing under controled conditons etc etc - is sufficinet to answer all questions of the universe - etc etc

And you are wrong regarding the question of "why" - science exists to explain why - that is its purpose. "Why do things fall to earth?" - well son - its becaus eof this thing called gravity...and gravity is created because of....etc etc.....yes these things are answers to "why".....

The same argument can be used to support religious beliefs, like someone claiming that science is limited to explain the existance of a god etc... but what was I thinking, you have as well a religious belief.

As for the why, again, you are twisting things. How calling the attractions between two mass gravity, explain the why of the existance of this attraction? Science is about studying nature and prediction, you measure how much time it takes for an apple to fall down and then you draw a mathematical model, and then the next time before the apple fall you try predicting how much time it will take for it to fall down, and you try, if for a given distance you were able to predict it, your model "predict it, but in no way the existance of this model explain why this model is like this and not else, why gravity exist in the first place. The Qualia and the world of the "essence" of things was created by some philosphers for that purposes.

I repeat my quote, science is the study of things, spirituality is its understanding.

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