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Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:17 AM



Azerbaijan cannot find any reason to explain its objections to the
plans for launching the Stepanakert airport, according to an Armenian

Commenting on the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry's Wednesday statement
threatening to retaliate against Armenia for opening the airport,
the head of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies
said such belligerent rhetoric is not something new.

"Azerbaijan all the time voices threats on this score. They used even
to say that they would shoot down a plane. That's the same things;
only the statements have turned a little restrained," Manvel Sargsyan
told Tert.am.

The expert noted the statements are made in an effort to prevent

"That's a classical threat," he said, considering Armenia's position
on the issue somewhat unclear.

"If you promise to launch [the airport], then that's what you have
to do. But speaking and not doing anything only contributes to more
threats by Azerbaijan," he explained.

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 08:47 AM

Saber rattling and teeth gnashing..
We have been hearing this empty rhetoric from both the east and west of Armenia for quite sometime. Shooting down civilian airplanes is an act of war. They also forget that daily hundreds of planes both furkish and asszeri fly over Yerevan and Stepanakert.

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 09:46 AM

On the other hand, speaking of saber rattling, every other day we have been hearing that the Airport is ready and that the first flight will be today, tomorrow, this week or the next, this or next month, and that Pres. Sargisian has his luggage ready, to be the first passenger….
We don’t know whom to believe.

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 01:31 PM


Mon 12 November 2012 10:23 GMT | 10:23 Local Time

The Khankandi airport cannot and will not operate without permission
of Azerbaijan.

The statement came from the vice speaker of Milli Majlis, Ziyafat
Asgarov, Gun.Az reports.

He noted that if the airport gets started without permission and
consent of Azerbaijan, I say most softly that its dispatcher centre
will not operate, and you know what it means.

As you see, despite the hue and cry, they built the airport but do
not manage to commission it, because they fear Azerbaijan. Today's
Azerbaijan is not the one that was in 90s."

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 01:01 PM

Stepanakert-bound flights to operate, regardless of Baku’s views

Posted Image
November 27, 2012 - 17:42 AMT
PanARMENIAN.Net - OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs’ visit to the region hasn’t affected the issue of Stepanakert airport operation, former Foreign Minister of Artsakh Republic said.
Arman Melikyan stressed the need for the Co-Chairs to have expressed a clear stance on the issue during their visit.
“U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier called for a solution in line with the international legal documents and practice,” Melikyan said, adding international practice dismisses restrictions on operations of flights by civil aircrafts.
“The flexibility of the Armenian side may play a significant role in problem solution, despite the unfavorable situation for us. Stepanakert-Yerevan flight may operate without the Azerbaijani leadership’s consent. However, there would be no such problem if Armenia started Artsakh recognition campaign and concluded relevant agreements,” he said, adding that Turkey operates flights in the direction of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
New Times party leader Aram Karapetyan, in turn, noted that OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs are trying to avoid any issue that may signal a renewal of war.
“They aim to avert the transformation of the Middle East crisis to the South Caucasus,” he said, deeming operation of Stepanakert-bound flights possible from another country.

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 08:52 PM

operate it already....

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 09:32 AM



Eurasianet.org web-site referred to the Azerbaijani threats over the
Stepanakert airport. The article by Joshua Kucera especially says:

"When Azerbaijan threatened in 2011 to shoot down flights to the newly
built airport in Nagorno Karabakh, swift international condemnation
forced them to back down. Now, with the long-delayed airport apparently
close to opening, Baku has reiterated those threats".

The Armenian authorities hope that the establishment of flights in
and out of the self-proclaimed republic will help mitigate their
isolation; it's now only possible to reach the territory by a long
drive through the mountains from Armenia, teh source continues.

"The language from this unnamed official is a bit more guarded than
the last time, when Azerbaijani officials used words like "destroy"
and "annihilate" in reference to flights to Karabakh. And probably
more importantly, it wasn't made publicly, so there hasn't been the
same sort of reaction internationally. But the message is obviously
the same. And the threat still seems just as empty: although the U.S.

ambassador to Baku recently reiterated that the opening of the airport
would be "not helpful," shooting down a civilian flight, it should go
without saying, would be catastrophic for Baku's international position
and whatever intimidation it would accomplish against Armenia would
be vastly outweighed by its becoming an international pariah. So it's
not clear what they're trying to accomplish with even these sorts of
veiled threats", the article concludes.

09.01.13, 16:19

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 10:00 AM


January 9, 2013

Baku should consider its actions before ordering to shoot down
civilian aircraft.

The year 2013 has just started, and Azerbaijan again voices threats
against Stepanakert airport. According to Azerbaijani APA agency,
"a high-ranking Air Force and Air Defence official who wished to
remain unnamed said that the country permanently controls its air
space with radar systems."

PanARMENIAN.Net - It turns out that the Azerbaijani army is on alert
to prevent any attempt of the enemy to enter their airspace. "Even the
drones the Armenians launch over Karabakh are being registered. The
attempts of the Armenians to operate flights prohibited in this
territory will be prevented anyway. We control all processes and are
ready for preventive actions at any moment. It can be done by any
means, and the enemy is aware of it. The international conventions
Azerbaijan has joined allow it to take actions with regard to attempts
to violate the internationally recognized airspace. In fact, there
is legal framework for Azerbaijan to justify its moves," the unnamed
officer declared.

It is no secret that Baku has trouble with the legal framework. A
question arises - can there possibly be any international legislation
that authorizes shoot-down of the civilian aircraft? There has been
a similar incident once: on September 1, 1983 the Soviet interceptor
SU-15 shot down Boeing 747 of Korean AirLines. All 246 passengers
and 23 members of the crew of the Korean civilian airliner were killed.

USSR was finally declared the "Empire of Evil" and collapsed 8 years

A lie repeated a hundred of times ceases to be one; it now serves
another purpose, namely, it misleads both their own army and
the people. It is widely known that Azerbaijan is eager to launch
hostilities against Nagorno Karabakh, and Armenia in general. Russian
political scientist Alexander Skakov openly states that Baku has
already taken a decision to start the war; the date just needs to be
confirmed. If Baku starts the war, the hostilities will most likely
be launched towards the presidential vote scheduled for fall 2013 in
Azerbaijan. Despite the loud and delightful statements, Ilham Aliyev
will again have to forge the results of the elections; then rallies
and arrests will come, following the scenario of 2008. If one takes
into account that the Aliyev clan is facing increasingly deteriorating
attitude by the international community, Aliyev's future appears quite
gloomy. And here is the moment they would need a small triumphant war.

No matter the war turns out to be neither a small nor a triumphant
one; the important thing is to launch hostilities, and flights from
Stepanakert to Yerevan may really trigger this.

Here the beginning of the World War II can be reminded. The parallel
is not a commensurable one, and still... On September 1, 1939 at about
10a.m. Hitler got up on the rostrum and declared that Poland's regular
army had broken into the territory of Germany and started firing.

Since 5:45 a.m., German soldiers have been firing and shelling in
response. Later they claimed that the war was triggered by the attack
of Polish guerillas against Gleiwitz radio station near the Polish
border. Anti-German slogans were allegedly being shouted, and a German
technician was reported to be killed during the incident. Later the
attack appeared to be a staged one.

A graduate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations is
apparently aware of all this, and he should have known the outcome
of the World War II as well. In this case, Germany will be replaced
by Azerbaijan, and Baku's strategists must always bear this in mind.

Turkey may lend a helping hand to Azerbaijan, or the Islamic
solidarity might work here. However, nobody is going to carry the war
for Ilham Aliyev; the dismal experience of the national-liberation
fight in Karabakh in early 90s obviously made various mercenaries
reluctant to do it again. Much can be purchased for money, but the
skill for warfare is not the thing Aliyev can buy. Even though the
Turkish military are far more educated than the Azerbaijanis, NATO
specialists will deal with úòë Patriot. Hence Baku should consider
its actions before ordering to shoot down civilian aircraft.

Karine Ter-Sahakian

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 11:39 AM

Photo dated March 16 , 2011, about 2 years ago.
An architectural masterpiece;
Posted Image
What exactly is the meaning of “technical issues”?
2years ago we were assured that all issues were solved. See #1 above.

17:20, 9 January, 2013
YEREVAN, JANUARY 9, ARMENPRESS. The Civil Aviation Department
of the Government of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic assures that
the Stepanakert Airport will indispensably realize flights. In a
conversation with "Armenpress" the Head of Civil Aviation Department
of the Government of the Nagorno Karabakh** Republic Dmitri Atbashyan
stated this. According to the Head of Civil Aviation Department of
the Government of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Dmitri Atbashyan the
requalification of the airport staff is in process now. Alongside
with this, Dmitri Atbashyan stated that the administration of the
airport is presently engaged in the regulation of a row of technical
questions. Presumably, ticket of Stepanakert-Yerevan flight will cost
AMD 18-19, 000. Dmitri Atbashyan did not want to mention the exact
number of the airplanes of the airport.
Stepanakert Airport is 10 km away from Stepanakert city. It was built
in 1974 and generally used to receive flights from Yerevan and Baku.
During Nagorno Karabakh War the airport served to the military

** Why are some comedians calling that sacred land, sanctified by the blood of thousands of beautiful men and women- still calling ARTSAKH “ kagorno kagabokh” ?

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 11:16 AM

Armenian Army to ensure safe flight of civil aircraft launched from Stepanakert
Posted Image12:40, 18 January, 2013

YEREVAN, JANUARY 18, ARMENPRESS: Armenian Air Force is ready to ensure the safety of Stepanakert airport. Seyran Ohnayan, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia dwelled on Azerbaijani continuous threats regarding Stepanakert Airport in the briefing with the journalist on January 18.
''The Armenian Air Force will provide the operation and the flight of the civil aircraft '' Minister Ohanyan came forth with, Armenpress reports.
Stepanakert airport was built in 1974 and mostly hosted flights from Yerevan and Baku. In 1992 the airport ceased its activities. In 2008 work began on the construction of a new passenger terminal resembling that of an stretched wings eagle. In the course of this period of time the runway was also expanded, besides they smoothed runway adjacent several hills aimed at adoption of modern type aircrafts.

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 01:14 PM

Posted Image

Baku Legalizes Attacks on Aircraft

Posted Image
Stepanakert Airport
BAKU, YEREVAN (Combined Sources)—Azerbaijan’s cabinet on Friday issued document on use of airspace, which allows official Baku to shoot down civilian aircraft deemed to violate Azeri airspace, reported APA news agency.
The document, the use of which is obviously intended to thwart plans to open the airport in Stepanakert, allow the government of Azerbaijan to declare certain areas “banned zones and limited zones,” hence allowing the government to randomly shoot down aircraft it deems in violation of Azeri airspace.
“If the aircraft does not obey orders to land and there is no exact information about innocent passengers onboard, the legislation permits the government to shoot down the aircraft,” reported APA.
Armenia fired back by saying that its Air Force will ensure the safety of Stepanakert Airport.
Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian told reporters Friday ”The Armenian Air Force will run the operation and flights of civil aircraft,” and will be ready to defend and ensure the safety of flights.
Stepanakert airport was built in 1974 and was mostly used to accommodate flights from Yerevan and Baku. In 1992 the airport ceased operations. In 2008 work began on the construction of a new passenger terminal resembling stretched wings of an eagle. In the course of this period the runway was also expanded, by leveling several adjacent hills and completely modernized the facility.
Since official Stepanakert’s announcement of its intention to open the newly rebuilt Stepanakert airport, Baku has threatened to down civilian planes. International mediators have urged a diplomatic solution to the issue.
Baku’s cabinet decision Friday signals that Azerbaijan and its authorities are unwilling to work under international norms and are determined to cause harm to civilians at their random discretion.
On a lighter note, the Artsakh Public Television and the Voice of Artsakh Musical Society have produced a skit, which was entirely shot at the Stepanakert airport.
After airing the segment, the television station was flooded with calls from viewers who wanted to know whether the airport has, in fact, become operational.

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Posted 20 January 2013 - 10:26 AM

Was Airport in Stepanakert Built For Russian Armed Forces?

Naira Hayrumyan
12:09 19/01/2013
Story from Lragir.am News:

The international observers cautiously advise the Armenian side to
refrain from tensions and not to launch flights from Stepanakert. The
prime minister of NKR says flights will be resumed soon. The Armenian
defense minister says the Armenian air force will guarantee security
of flights between Yerevan and Stepanakert. The Azerbaijani mass media
report the Azerbaijani air force flies above the regions of Aghdam and
Tartar located at the front line.

The operation of the airport of Stepanakert is a purely civilian
activity and it is an anti-human step to hinder this activity.
Obviously, however, the powers which would like to deploy troops in
the conflict area are trying to benefit from the possible provocation.

First of all, it is Russia which is likely to involve Karabakh within
the scope of the Armenian-Russian military cooperation. Apparently,
the new agreement of military cooperation between Russia and Armenia
supposes this.

During the meeting with reporters on January 18 the minister of
defense Seiran Ohanyan said a new phase of Armenian-Russian military
and technical cooperation will start. He noted that the issue is the
distribution of the arsenal of the Russian military base all over
Armenia instead of its current concentration Gyumri.

The ruling party in Azerbaijan is hopeful that the Russian-Armenian
cooperation is not aimed against Azerbaijan. The party's executive
secretary Ali Mahmedov said, `With his latest orders Vladimir Putin
wishes to put the Russian-Armenian strategic military cooperation on
the agenda in the geopolitical context.' He noted that the citizens of
Azerbaijan worry that Russia will link the military cooperation with
Armenia with the role of peacemaker in Karabakh, Rosbalt Agency

At the same time, the head of the Russian Center of Strategic and
Technical Analysis Ruslan Pukhov told the Nezavisimaya Gazeta it was
strange that Armenia was our ally but we supplied weapon to Armenia.
We hope this mistake will be corrected by means of this agreement, he
said. Pukhov said Azerbaijan does not always observe friendly
relations with Russia.

Azerbaijan has refused to continue the lease of Gabbala on reasonable
conditions, and Russia has to look for alternatives.

Seiran Ohanyan does not mind location of a Russian military base in
Armenia. `We have followed the whole process and seen that failure to
reach an agreement in negotiations the use of Gabbala was suspended,'
the minister said. `If our approval or refusal is concerned, we are
not against allocation of the radio station here,' Ohanyan said.

Russia needs an opportunity to deploy troops in Karabakh, and the
first flight Stepanakert-Yerevan could be one.

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Posted 20 January 2013 - 10:30 AM

Azerbaijan will incite war by hitting Karabakh planes - spokesman

14:48 - 19.01.13

By shooting down civilian planes heading from the Stepanakert airport,
Azerbaijan will provoke a new war over Karabakh, says David Babayan, a
spokesperson for the Nagorno-Karabakh president.

According to him, the legalization of such a measure by the country's
government is yet another proof that Armenia faces an abnormal
neighbor suffering from morbid fantasies.

Babayan noted that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) is not going to
step back from the decision to operate the airport.

`We are not going to step back from our decision of course, regardless
of Aliyev's behavior. We are capable of ensuring the security of our
air space and the entire Karabakh in general,' he said.

Babayan noted that a decision to shoot down civilian aircrafts is
peculiar only to a country preaching fascism.

`To me, the decision adopted by their government is the most blatant
manifestation of fascism and Armenophobia. A state has to be abnormal
to adopt such a decision on its government level. That's nothing but
terrorism,' he said.

Babayan added that it is important for both Armenia and
Nagorno-Karabakh to raise the question in all international tribunals.

`Because the world community actually swallowed the Safarov deal [the
pardon and hero welcome which the Azerbaijani authorities gave to
Ramil Safarov, the army officer who was sentenced to life in Hungary
for axe-killing an Armenian counterpart], they are now adopting the
second abnormal decision which can evoke tension in the region, adding
more hazards to the existing situation' he noted.

Babayan said it isn't difficult for him to guess the motives behind
the Azerbaijani leader's steps. He thinks the Aliyev clan is losing
its legitimacy in the eyes of the Azerbaijani public.

`You know Azerbaijan is holding elections this year. Introducing
amendments to the Constitution, he [the Azerbaijani president] has
made his lifelong `election' possible. But elections never raise his
legitimacy,' the NKR official said

He further referred to the Arab Spring that saw long-time leaders step
down in just a couple of days. Babayan thinks the Azerbaijani leader
is trying to `legitimize his kingdom' in this way.

`So he finds a war and victory in a [new] Artsakh war the only way to
strengthen the legitimacy of his own person and his clan. But he
doesn't know it will put an end to his [power] and the Azerbaijani
state,' he added.

Babayan stressed the importance of taking a sober approach to the
issue to weigh the possibilities of a PR campaign and consider future
steps with the involvement of the world community.

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:51 AM

Armenia's military expert on Azerbaijan's law on shooting down civil
planes in Stepanakert airport

19:10 - 20.01.13

The law adopted by Azerbaijan on shooting down the civil planes flying
from Stepanakert airport does not present anything of itself, military
expert Arkady Grigoryan said, speaking to Tert.am.

He stressed that there is not a country in the world which
irrespective of all would allow itself consider it has a right to
shoot down a civil plane of any country.

`The conscious of a sensible human will never allow a though of
shooting down a civil plane. Such manifestations were condemned in the
civilized world in all the times. We have such cases during the Cold
War when the USSR few times shot down civil planes but it was
condemned by the whole humanity,' he said.

Asked whether what will happen if Azerbaijan makes such step, Arkady
Grigoryan said no one has given a better answer to it but Defense
Minister of Nagorno Karabakh Movses Hakobyan. `Movses Hakobyan said
that only last year Artsakh's anti-air defense controlled more than
3,500 Azerbaijani flights. I think it should be satisfactory for
them,' he said.

Speaking to reporters recently, Armenia's Defense Minister Seyran
Ohanyan, referring to the issue said that the Armenian Armed Forces
and anti-air defense and air defense forces will ensure the flights
and activity in Stepanakert airport.

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:51 AM

Babayan: If Azerbaijan shoots down civilian planes, war will resume

January 21

`If Azerbaijan shoots down civilian planes, it will mean only one
thing - resumption of hostilities,' David Babayan, Head of the Central
Information Department of the NKR President's Office, told Aysor.am,
when commenting on Baku's statements about shooting down civilian

In his words, if Azerbaijan takes such a step, it will not be unrequited.

When asked whether it is likely that Artsakh may change its mind and
not operate the airport, Babayan replied that the airport's operation
is of importance to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and it will never
renounce its intention.

David Babayan stressed that Artsakh can ensure the security of its airspace.

We would remind you that the Azerbaijani government passed a law,
which allows the country to open fire on objects (airplanes) flying
over the territory of Artsakh.

19.01.2013, 16:26

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:27 PM


11:19, 24 January, 2013

YEREVAN, JANUARY 24, ARMENPRESS: Assuring of Stepanakert airport
security by Russia may have a restrictive role for Azerbaijan. Expert
on Azerbaijan Sargis Asatryan stated in the briefing with Armenpress
he does not see need of interference by the third party. According
to expert Armenian forces can completely control the security of the
Airport. Yet the presence of the Russians may serve as a restraining
factor. In the words of Asatryan as Airport is a strategic object,
political problems may arise in this case and Russians should overcome
obstacles, reportedly to come to Stepanakert and deploy their troops.

According to Turkoloigist Artak Shakarayn Armenian authorities on
behalf of Foreign Affair Minister have repeatedly stated Stepanaket
Airport is ready and is not being operated because of some technical
problems and not due to the threats directed to Stepaankert airport.

"I guess Russian statement to assist Armenia is a response to Gabala
Azerbaijani issue. Russia wants to show Azerbaijan if they will speak
in a position of influence , instead Russian will care no efforts to
further strengthen the alliance with its partner Armenia.

According to Azerbaijani APA agency Azerbaijani Government has
made amendment in "Rule on the use of the airspace of Azerbaijan
Republic". These rules enable chance to Azerbaijan Republic illegally
destroy the planes entered the territory of the country.Some experts
connect that decision with the operation of Stepankert airport.

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:40 PM

It is now legal in Azerbaijan to shoot down civilian aircrafts

15:29 26.01.2013

The Consulate General of Armenia in Los Angeles has issued a statement
regarding Azerbaijan's recent decision to allow its air force to shoot
down civilian aircraft overflying the Republic of Artsakh. The full
text is below:

`The Government of Azerbaijan has recently voted to allow its air
force to shoot down civilian aircraft overflying the Republic of
Artsakh. This decision came in the wake of the announced resumption of
flights from and to Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh (Nagorno
Karabakh in Russian).

The threat to destroy civilian aircraft with passengers aboard is a
complete aberration by standards of any civilized and respected member
of international community. However, given Azerbaijan's track record
of respect for international law and human rights, it is quite
conceivable that the decision of the government of Azerbaijan is not
entirely declarative in its nature.

During the last days of the Soviet empire, Azerbaijani authorities
orchestrated kristallnacht-styled pogroms on its citizens of Armenian
origin - a crime that forever stained the face of Baku, Azerbaijan's
capital and a crime yet to be repented by its perpetrators. The Azeri
government then sent warplanes to drop cluster bombs on apartment
buildings, hospitals and schools of unarmed people in Stepanakert, who
in exercise of their constitutional right, voted for
self-determination and freedom. Repelled in a humiliating defeat,
Azerbaijan imposed a tight blockade on 150,000-strong population of
Artsakh, with the hope to starve them and force to capitulate - all in
vain as we know.

And then comes the act of utmost barbary: intoxicated by hate speech
towards anything Armenian, an Azeri officer beheads his sleeping
fellow Armenian classmate - both attending a NATO seminar in Budapest.
Abominable in its design and execution, this crime was subsequently
glorified by the government of Azerbaijan and the axe murderer was
honored and promoted in rank, thus leavingArtsakh and its people with
no illusions as to the ability of the modern day Azerbaijan to
maintain civilized neighborly relations or relations with anyone of
Armenian descent.

21 years into a successful nation-building existence, the Republic of
Artsakh is taking measures to re-launch air communication with Armenia
only to face more hostility and outright blackmail from Azerbaijan.
Air traffic is not an end initself for Artsakh, although it is very
natural for all people, no matter if their country is recognized or
not, to fulfill their fundamental right for free movement. With the
resumption of civilian air traffic with Armenia, Artsakh intends to
improve the country's accessibility to the outside world with all the
economic and humanitarian ramifications this move entails. Neither
Armenia nor Artsakh consider the re-opening of the Stepanakert airport
as an escalatory move intended to damage the negotiation process that
Azerbaijan has been consistently trying to derail. Similar to this is
the reaction of international mediators who warn Azerbaijan against
the use of force and call for a refrain in politicizing the matter.

Azerbaijan's aggressive reactions repeat a familiar pattern, a deja
vu, by futilely attempting to prevent the people of Artsakh from
strengthening their statehood and democratic traditions. Speaking of
democratic traditions, on the other side of the world, before the
California State Senate, the Consul General of Azerbaijan just
recently referred to his country as a democracy. This came in the wake
of the latest report by Freedom House that rated Azerbaijan as `Not
Free,' while classifying the Republic of Artsakh as `Partly Free,'
i.e. among the nations with nascent democratic traditions such as
genuinely competitive elections and participation. This `glitch' is
not the only one. In yet another astonishing revelation, the Azeri
diplomats claimed that Azerbaijan- a predominantly Shiite Muslim
country - was one of the first Christian nations!

Having declared the worldwide Armenians Azerbaijan's worst enemy,
Azerbaijan has in recent months imported its deceptive propaganda and
bellicose rhetoric to the US West Coast - home to one of the largest
Armenian Diasporas in the world. Thus far, this new effort by the
Azeri propaganda has only resulted in a number of embarrassing
situations and heavy blows to the country's own standing, in addition
to strengthening the already overwhelming support of the global
Armenian community to the Republic of Artsakh.'

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 12:28 PM

Սերժ Սարգսյան. Ստեփանակերտի օդանավակայանը շուտով կշահարկվի Ստեփանակերտի օդանավակայանը կբացվի ոչ հեռու ապագայում: Արմենպրես-ի հաղորդմամբ' այս մասին Տավուշի մարզի Նոյեմբերյան քաղաքում ընտրողների հետ հանդիպման ժամանակ հայտարարեց ՀՀ Նախագահի թեկնածու Սերժ Սարգսյանը' պատասխանելով նոյեմբերյանցիներից մեկի հարցին: Սերժ Սարգսյանը նշեց, որ օդանավակայանին առնչվող բոլոր հարցերն արդեն լուծված են: Մենք գրեթե պատրաստ ենք թռիչքներին: Որպեսզի օդանավը թռչի, անհրաժեշտ է օդանավակայան իր բոլոր սարքավորումներով, եւ դրան մենք գրեթե պատրաստ ենք: Շահագործման հետ կապված մի քանի հարց լուծելուց հետո Ստեփանակերտի օդանավակայանը կսկսի գործել,- ընդգծեց Սերժ Սարգսյանը: Ստեփանակերտի օդանավակայանի շահագործման հարցը ՀՀ արտգործնախարար Էդուարդ Նալբանդյանը քննարկել էր նաև ԵԱՀԿ Մինսկի խմբի համանախագահների հետ փետրվարի 28-ին Փարիզում կայացած հանդիպման ժամանակ: Այս մասին նշված էր նաև ԵԱՀԿ Մինսկի խմիբ համանախագահների հայտարարության մեջ: Նախագահի թեկնածու Սերժ Սարգսյանն անդրադարձել է նաև հայկական պետականությունների սահմանների անվտանգության խնդրին: Սահմանը ամուր և պինդ է առաջին հերթին ձեզնով, մեր բանակով, մեր զինվորով, մեր սպայով, այսինքն' մարդկանցով: Բերդում բնակիչների հետ հանդիպման ժամանակ նշեց ՀՀ նախագահի թեկնածու Սերժ Սարգսյանը: Իհարկե կարևոր են պաշտպանական կառույցները, սպառազինությունները, բայց որևէ սպառազինություն, որևէ պաշտպանական կառույց առանց մարդու ոչինչ է: Մենք շարունակելու ենք ամրապնդել մեր բանակի մարտունակությունը, շարունակելու ենք ամրապնդել մեր սահմանը, որովհետև թիվ մեկ խնդիրը մեր ժողովրդի անվտանգությունն է - մեջբերում է Սերժ Սարգսյանի խոսքը Panorama.am գործակալությունը: Թեկնածուի խոսքով, Հայաստանի սահմանները պահող թիվ մեկ կարևոր գործոնը մեր ժողովրդի ու առաջին հերթին սահմանամերձ շրջանների բնակիչների բարձր, իսկապես մարտական ոգին է, ապրելու և արարելու ձգտումը: Նա հիշեցրեց, որ մարտը միայն պատերազմի դաշտում չէ: Մարտը նաև խաղաղ պայմաններում է, քանի որ մենք ամենակատաղի պայքարը պիտի մղենք սեփական թերությունների դեմ: Ծուլությունը, տգիտությունը, գոռոզամտությունը մեր ամենամեծ թշնամիներն են-ասաց Սերժ Սարգսյանը:

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 11:03 AM

It seems the opening of the airport is nearing!

HRANT MELIK-SHAHNAZARYAN: SHOOTING DOWN CIVILIAN PLANES WOULD MEAN DECLARING WAR Nvard Davtyan "Radiolur" 16:29 30.01.2013 "The meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in Paris was of working nature, political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan told a press conference today. According to him, the meeting was important, as reference was made to the issue of exploitation of the Stepanakert Airport. Last year's events deadlocked the negotiation process on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict, it is obvious that the political solution of the issue is impossible at this point, that is why the mediators laid the main emphasis on humanitarian issues during the meeting in Paris, Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan said. The political scientist attaches particular importance to the discussion of the issue of the Stepanakert Airport. "Judging from the fact that President Serzh Sargsyan declared the day after the meeting that the Stepanakert Airport will be exploited in the near future, one can conclude that progress on the issue has been reached at the meeting. The OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs also referred to the issue in their statement," Melik-Shanhazaryan said. "It's not only Armenia that wants security. The predictability of our region is important to the US and Russia. In this respect the position of Armenia goes in line with that of the international community. Purely technical solutions are needed here to pressure Azerbaijan. I think some mechanisms have been found, otherwise the President would not make the statement, especially in this pre-election period," the expert said. Actually, hitting a civilian aircraft would mean declaring war on the two Armenian states, but the political scientist considers Azerbaijan is not ready for that. "I'm more than confident that official Baku will not take that step. If it was really ready for war, it would not wait for the exploitation of the airport and would use other opportunities. Therefore, these statements should be treated as mere populism aimed at solving domestic problems," Melik-Shahnazaryan said. The political scientist does not expect any progress in the negotiation process in 2013. The talks will be less intensive connected with the elections expected in both countries. According to Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan, the Minks Group Co-Chairs face a serious task of maintaining the negotiation format in the dangerous year of 2013. The Paris meeting was a step in that direction, he said.

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 10:43 AM


Tuesday, February 5, 17:01

Russian political scientist Mark Urnov told Vesti.az news agency that
he does not see anything in horizon for Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict
as it is frozen now.

"Coming from my own views, I can say that each Armenian living in
Nagorno Karabakh will fight till their last drop of blood for their
Independence and it is obvious that Yerevan is not about to abdicate
them", said he.

Talking about opening of Stepanakert airport, he noted that if
Azerbaijan shoots down even the military planes then International
sanctions against Azerbaijan are not ruled out. "The world community
is tired of local conflicts. They are waiting only for peace from
the parties to the conflict. But even if one plane is shot down,
the reaction of the world community will be not simply negative but
extremely harsh. I do not rule out international sanctions against
Azerbaijan. As a result, Azerbaijan risks to get a label of an
aggressor", - Urnov said and added that in that case the positions
of Karabakh will get stronger.

Touching on possible war of the West against Iran and Azerbaijan's
participation in it, Urnov said that this war is hardly possible. "But
if to imagine this war starting and Azerbaijan's supporting the West,
one can hardly hope that the West will support Azerbaijan in the
matter of the Karabakh conflict settlement. Why does the West need
the second war with an obviously negative result?", - he asked.

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