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Posted 18 November 2017 - 08:20 AM

Online “wars,” Azerbaijani MFA’s accusation against American-Armenian figure
  • 11:28 | November 15,2017 | Politics
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Recently, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hikmet Hajiyev on Twitter posted accusation against Aram Hamparian, head of the Washington-based Armenian-American office, calling him a terrorist and mafia leader. Hamparian told “Voice of America” ​​that even though he was surprised by the received from Azerbaijani state official, he considers this logical.

“Ilham Aliyev  publicly stated that the number one enemy is the Armenian lobby, so it is logical that his colleagues attack the Armenian lobby.”

Aram Hamparian belives that this is not soemthign serios, as the serious attacks are going on in the battlefield by taking away human lives.

“Online attacks are not so serious. As a result, nobody is physically injured, they do not take lives. ”
Thus, he is trying to treat the Azeri official’s accusations with humor.


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Posted 18 November 2017 - 12:42 PM

ay ay ay ay

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Posted 13 December 2017 - 02:03 PM

This is funny!!!!!!! asseri Spy sheep!!!!!!!!!! caught spying for Armenia!!!!!!!!!

Armenpress News Agency , Armenia

December 12, 2017 Tuesday

Servicemen, prostitutes and shepherd – 400 arrested in Azerbaijan for
conspiring with Armenian intelligence services

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 12, ARMENPRESS. Hundreds of people are arrested in
Azerbaijan who are suspected of cooperation with the special services
of Armenia, ARMENPRESS reports Azerbaijani meydan.tv informs.

New details have been published by Azerbaijani news outlets over the
scandalous case launched in May regarding the spying for Armenia.
Hundreds of people have been interrogated in the region of Aghdam
being suspected in cooperation with Armenian special services. Dozens
of servicemen have been arrested and interrogated, as well as one
shepherd and civilians who are charged with state treason.

A former officer of the Azerbaijani army told in the sidelines of the
investigation that a shepherd and his sheep are involved in the case.
According to the source, the incident took place in Aghdam region,
near the contact line.

“Early in the morning we suddenly heard someone was captured at the
watch post. But it wasn't a soldier. Instead it was a shepherd who
told us he was grazing his sheep. We reported it to our commander."

According to the soldier, the commander took one sheep, and then told
the soldiers to leave the shepherd and the rest of the sheep alone.

The soldiers argued with the commander. They said the Armenian border
watchers could see where the sheep traveled, and they would know there
were no land mines in those spots. They told the commander he was
endangering all his soldiers.

“The other side (Armenian soldiers) watch us just like we do. It’s
simple: if there is a mine, either the sheep or the shepherd himself
will be blown up. The Armenians are not going to shoot the shepherd.
He and the sheep are giving them good information”.

Accusations of cooperating with the enemy were reported to a commander
in a nearby military unit, and quickly an investigation began. It
expanded from the original incident as hundreds of soldiers and
citizens were held and interrogated. Some have been released; others
are still awaiting trial on treason charges.

A local government official says rumors of treason spread quickly.
“Imagine that you wake up in the morning, and you start hearing that a
lot of your neighbors are working for Armenians," the official said.
"You start to suspect everyone. The local people were horrified by
these stories. People that you used to know for a long time, the
people that you see everyday, accused of working for Armenia.”

The official said that in addition to soldiers, shepherds, taxi
drivers and even prostitutes were arrested. Some of these civilians
remain in jail along with some of the soldiers, awaiting trial on
treason charges.

"A lot of people were arrested," the official said. “One person who
was accused, Mehman Huseynov, was beaten to death by interrogators.
His relatives wanted to bury him next to his father. But villagers
protested, so he was buried outside the cemetery”.


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Posted 25 January 2018 - 11:16 AM

PanArmenian, Armenia
Jan 24 2018
Hysteria over garbage cans ‘painted in Azeri flag colors due to Armenians’
January 24, 2018 - 11:16 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net - A photo of garbage cans allegedly painted in the colors of the Azerbaijani flag and installed at Mega shopping center in Moscow has been spreading through social media. The waste container also has the inscription "The color matters" on it.

The picture raised hysteria not only among ordinary Azerbaijanis, but also in political circles, and reached the point of absurdity with the Azeris accusing Armenians of deliberate insult and provocation. By the way, the garbage cans look quite ordinary and are divided into three colored sections - blue for paper, red for plastic and green for other waste.

“We are worried about garbage cans painted in the colors of the Azerbaijani flag. This is insulting. I think Russia will soon solve this problem,” said Azeri lawmaker Aydin Mirzazade.

“Those who committed the provocation seek to raise discontent with Russia in Azerbaijan. Perhaps the reason for this is the purchase of new weapons from Moscow. Diasporan Armenians are thus trying to spoil the friendly relations between the two countries.”


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