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Posted 14 July 2001 - 05:28 AM

Some of my readers appear to have an excessive, not to say an almost neurotic fear of words and ideas. They think just because I say certain things I am undermining the integrity of the nation, perhaps even changing reality.
To them I say: Relax! Armenians have not only survived their countless critics (among them far better men than myself) but also some of the most brutal and murderous regimes in the history of mankind.
I have no power or influence on anything or anyone. If my views have any power or influence, neither comes from me but from the particles of truth my words contain. As for vulnerable minds who are easily taken in by impure thoughts: I say, long before I reach these so-called vulnerable minds, they have already been shaped and made impervious by the words and ideas of their parents, schoolmasters, and priests. What chance do I have against such a holy trinity?
I have said this before, many times, and it bears repeating: of the many kinds of cowardice, fear of freedom of speech is the worst. Ask yourself the following question: Why is it that censorship is invariably practiced by all authoritarian, totalitarians, and fascist power structures? The answer must be obvious: because they are, all of them, based on lies. It follows that even the shadow of a doubt may undermine their integrity. Where there is fear of words, you will also find big lies.

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Posted 14 July 2001 - 01:13 PM

The so called western democraties are also based on lies.
I would only believe them if they urge Saudi Arabia or other pro western totalitarian regimes to become democratic. They are applying double standards. Tell me that this is a lie.

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