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ara baliozian


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Posted 27 May 2001 - 10:58 AM

Our victims, we are brought up to believe, are an irrefutable proof of the fact that we are morally superior, and every other odar is either a bloodthirsty barbarian or a hypocrite with a forked tongue. In the words of a reader: "We Armenians were never taught to lie, cheat, and kill."
It follows, it must be in our DNA to be compassionate and honest.
It never occurs to us that this line of thought may well be dangerous nonsense because (in addition to being a big lie) it may certify our status as perennial victims, for the simple reason that, if we are like sheep among wolves, then it is our destiny to be devoured by carnivores.
This may well be one reason why the overwhelming majority of Armenians reject their identity and opt for assimilation. Why would any sane person willingly accept to play the sheep in a world of wolves?
"There is only one way to live in this world," Raffi warned us in the 19th century, "to be a wolf among wolves. If you lower your neck someone is sure to step on it." And: "If you want to live, you must struggle. Assuming a passive stance amounts to committing slow suicide."
One could also add: Confusing subservience with moral superiority is bad enough; what is infinitely worse is accepting our subservience as a permanent condition or jagadakir (destiny – literally, a sentence written on our forehead).

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Posted 18 June 2001 - 04:29 PM

posted March 13, 2001 07:36AM
Exploiting the poor comes naturally to the rich. They don’t see themselves as blood****ers but as benefactors and providers of jobs without which the poor would starve.
It is the same with the Turks: they don’t admit the Genocide (or perhaps I should say, they can’t) because they don’t see themselves as bloodthirsty Asiatic barbarians but as guardians of the Sacred Homeland and defenders of the Faith against infidel dogs.
So what if the majority of these "infidel dogs" happened to be innocent women and children without any political involvement or even awareness? Has there ever been a war without innocent victims?
And now closer to home: After a brief face to face encounter with one of our bosses, bishops, benefactors or partisans and panchoonies, don’t be surprised if you emerge with the distinct impression that they view themselves as selfless servants of the community and dedicated patriots motivated only by noble principles whose sole aim is the welfare of the nation.

ara baliozian

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