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Traveling with Aventura

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 09:28 AM

AVENTURA Travel says "If you want to visit Armenia, we will make sure to make it the most enjoyable visit at a reasonable price", moreover their website gives a lot of info so you may be able to organize a visit of your own if you wish:

"We are a young, dynamic and sociable group of people who know well the history, geography and culture of our country and believe that with our efforts we will be able to offer a good alternative to all the travelers who are going to visit Armenia"

AVENTURA Travel Agency

Address: 60 Mamikonyants str.
Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 29 88 89

Why is it worth visiting Armenia?
1. Armenian civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, survived to our days, which history is rooted in the IV millennium BC.
2. Stonehenge is not unique. Karahunj (or Zorats Karer) observatory in Armenia is 3500 years old, it is more ancient than Stonehenge.
3. After the worldwide flood, Noah's Ark stopped on the Armenian land, on Mount Ararat. The majestic view of Mount Ararat (the symbol of the country, currently located in the territory of Turkey) is open from any part of Yerevan and Ararat Valley.
4. Armenia is the first country in the world which officially adopted Christianity in 301, 24 years earlier than Rome. The first Christian church of the world (301-303) is located in Armenia.
5. Being a mighty power already in the V century AD, but losing sovereignty in the V century AD and over the centuries surviving a lot of foreign invasions, even the first genocide of the XX century, Armenian people managed to survive it all and to preserve their identity, language and faith, and in 1991 became an independent state.
6. It is a country of legends and Bible stories, open-air museum with ancient monuments, more than 1500 medieval monasteries and churches with unique architecture, of which 9 are included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.
7. This country has many natural monuments, impressive landscapes with high mountains, rocks, sleeping volcanoes, deep canyons, turbulent rivers, high plateaus, where only on a small piece of land all geographical areas ranging from deserts to eternal snows are shown.
8. Noah planted the first vine on the Armenian land and the first vine was brought to Europe from Armenia. Apricot was also brought from Europe to Armenia, that’s why its scientific name is prunus armeniaca, despite the fact that it is of Chinese origin. Perhaps those who brought the fruit, liked their sweetness, because fruits of Armenia have, indeed, the sweetest solar flavour.
9. Armenia is one of a small number of countries with 98% of people of ethnic Armenian origin. People in Armenia are very gracious and hospitable.

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