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Posted 07 December 2012 - 07:59 AM

January 10, 2012
by Alin Demirdjian

Four days in Karabagh and my heart is no longer the same ... What can I say? How can I express so many feelings?

Since I got on the marshrutka in Yerevan, the road to Artsakh was wrapping me and I was filled with feelings so intense that I can not express ... are things that just sit in the middle of the chest, and make you sigh ...

Four days surrounded by those majestic mountains, and surrounded by so much history, the history of our Armenian people. How interesting and Intese is our story, no? Since I went to Karabagh I can not help thinking ... That is to be a special Armenian diaspora (a spiurkahay) ... because we have dual citizenship, and we feel love for two countries and two cultures ... How exciting to have grown all my life in Argentina, but always surrounded by Armenian culture, and now I'm here, in Hayasdan!

And when I went to Karabakh that feeling was further intensified more, how much history those huge mountains have to tell us! How nice and comforting it is to know that despite many hardships, despite of wars andbeatings, our culture and our love of country is alive and intact! Thanks to the people who were convinced that united they will never be defeated.

What I can say about Shushi? So many things and remberances that remain in my memory and my heart forever ...

Thanks to Saro, who passed to me a little of his great "patriotism", his love for Karabakh and its ideals.

And thanks to Ashod, a lover of the sun and the mountains,he transmitted to me his love for the land and the people living on it. Along with him i walked the beautiful Shushi, a bit of the city of Stepanakert, and also went to Amaras, which in Spanish means "g @ sires" ... how a nice name, no?

Amaras ... the church and the ruins of the first college where they teach the alphabet Mashdots Mesrob Armenian ... How important to preserve our language, our alphabet, our religion and our culture!

Anyway, I'm happy
:heart2:... Karabakh, Shushi, the people I met, the mountains and the intense silence, reminded me once again that I, Alin Demirdjian, I am Armenia ... and now the blood that runs through my veins has become more alive than ever ...

Artsakh will be forever in my mind, in my soul and in my skin ... and I'm sure some day I will return.

Alin Demirdjian

The people I came to knew in Armenia, the people there saw me every day wearing my tricolor scarf or have heard me sing old Armenian songs, and in amazement they told me:

-Alin, you're very patriotic, very "hayrenaser".

And I think, why I will not be hayrenaser?, how else can we diaspora Armenians keep the Armenian people alive and keep the love of our Armenian homeland in a far country from where we live, if not that way: being hayrenaser?

In a far land from Armenia it is necessary for the tie that binds us and of our feelings to be strong enough to keep our culture alive, despite the distance.

So yes, the spiurkahay can become very hayrenaser :heart1:
, big fanatics :boldred: , somehow be exaggerated :dizzy:...But all that is a must!

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