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Physical Appearance

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#101 gurgen


    You talking to me?

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Posted 08 April 2004 - 08:21 AM

What you on about, 50 is hottttt OMG LOL OMG LOL OMG ROFLMAO TBFH rolleyes.gif

#102 angel4hope


    look at me...i can fly!...sploosh!

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Posted 08 April 2004 - 02:22 PM

where are the almighty team of moderators when there need be deletion of off topic and such posts.... i guess some are 2 quick to jump the gun on small little errors and they forget these pointless posts-- im sure this post right here wont even make it to the thread-- please feel fre to deleete it- with the outmost sarcasm intended biggrin.gif oh i hope im not "plagarizing" here or using an "inappropriate title" .... since im so infamous in doing so

ahh its all good in da neighborhood biggrin.gif

#103 hyebruin



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Posted 08 April 2004 - 04:00 PM

QUOTE (gurgen @ Apr 8 2004, 07:21 AM)
What you on about, 50 is hottttt OMG LOL OMG LOL OMG ROFLMAO TBFH  rolleyes.gif

lemme explain that by trying to get into the mind of a teenager or someone really young...ok...well, first off he's black and that is perceived as 'powerful' in music these days (MTV style i mean), he raps so that makes him "supercool" he probably even cusses and sings about 'the hood' and all the money and honeys he has/doesn't have laugh.gif ....you put alll those together BAM!! you've got the sexiest badest man on t.v. and lets not forget he's bald! naughty.gif and probably with tattoos and a gold chain which show his more "artistic side" and his "massive wealth" lol.gif

#104 Kouklitsa


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Posted 20 July 2007 - 09:02 PM

MIXALIS HATZIGIANNIS!!!!!!!!!!!! that's attractive to me wink.gif

ENOUGH SAID! ::sighs:: This boy could sing me the phone book. He is not handsome to me but VERY charismatic and poetic. He writes all his own songs and has eyes that can pierce a woman's heart. The first song is called "Xeria Psila" which means "Hands High". It's so romantic!! Since this is Hye Forum and not Greek forum I'll tell you what he sings briefly so you enjoy more than some guy singing in a foreign language video:

"I don't know, daring, what love means, everyone says one word and it is enough, with you I learned to look for that something that makes 2 bodies last together... hands high and I reach everything, hands high give me to go up to God, in you I now believe, hands high and let's go up higher than love, hands up and come higher that's how i win your life in my life...the whole world goes around by your saying 'I love you', but one kiss is never enough, with you i learned how to break the verbs and look how many 'I love you's' call out from the silence....refrain: hands high....etc."

(another one but has english)

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