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Physicist Wins Spirituality Prize

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#41 Sasun



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Posted 17 March 2005 - 10:47 AM

QUOTE (Solaris @ Mar 17 2005, 11:11 AM)
It certainly is! How could it be otherwise, I'm just a wretched godless creature who can neither see the light or conceive what human nature is about... Especially when it comes to highly spiritual creatures like Racoon… ooups, Sasun!  tongue.gif

My casual and primitive understanding of human nature also prevents me from seeing "gurus” in certain shadowy figures accused of sexual abuse, so perhaps you may want to consider drowning a blasphemous creature like me in a bathtub full of holy water… or even better -- sneezing me to death by burning frankincense…  tongue.gif

That some old poop has turned to god in his advanced age, and some religious societies have seized the chance to exploit it for publicity does not add a scruple of credibility to your theories. That's entirely a non sequitur kind of thing. Poor ole John Nash had delusions of alien conspiracies, had built a whole theory on them – a quite elaborate one BTW, so what?  It doesn't devalue his "Nash equilibrium" a bit, but is no proof of alien conspiracies either. smile.gif

Look, just don't take it all (and yourself) too seriously. You keep opening "spiritual" threads but all you achieve by them is having some vexed agnostic post some nasty comment.  mad.gif  wink.gif  tongue.gif Sip, how come you did not express aggressive intentions also towards his backside…  tongue.gif

Typical behavior, go on with primitive stereotypes, mocking and ridiculing ... but frankly I expected more than that from you. For someone who claims rationality I expect rationality, and this post of your does not show any sign of it. Only because I said your theory is primitive you chose to mock smile.gif Ohh, I am defeated and ashamed of my stupidity. How could I believe in invisible things. After your illumining post let me rush to a doctor and check my head ohmy.gif
It is indeed primitive, you think spiritual people fear death and invent theories to deceive themselves. That is simply untrue, but of course you would like to believe in it (which is your choice) but please don't claim to be a rational thinker and also post such un-intelligent mockery as the one above wink.gif

#42 Armen



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Posted 17 March 2005 - 11:06 AM

There is a "great" woman behind every World War biggrin.gif

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