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Native Prophets

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Posted 19 May 2004 - 01:48 PM

mad.gif Look how many pages this topic covered.
Against whom?

I did not contribute to the thread and neither did I read every one of them, mainly because I was embarassed and would have felt like an hypocrite just as some contributors should also have been.

Ever since this thread and long before, at times I have had this thought dancing in my head.

Like the good Christians that we are let's begin with a passage from the Book.

Luke 4
[24] And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.

Was Jesus speaking about the Armenian people?

The "prophet" Levon TP was virtually stoned to death, tarred and feathered in public as well as in private in favor of the "prophet" Robet K who is now in the same predicament and all this in less than a decade.

Have we ever honored our own native "prophets"?
Some may say Tigran II was the only one with no argument, that he was the king by all the people for all the people. I have seen even this being argued. I am at a loss to find one native leader, king or commander that has, does have absolute loyalty, trust and honor. And this by a people whose entire world population would not even fill a midsized metropolis. Among others, how can 300 million US citizens honor and respect, some grudgingly perhaps, one man for at least four years and sometimes longer, come rain or shine, when a mere less than 3 million people must have a "revolution" every couple of years?
This may not be a uniquely Armenian malady but the effects of the sickness are more devastating for us than others. Of course other people have insulted and even assassinated their own leaders too, but why should that be a model for us and not the other options.

Have Armenians always been so irreverent of their leaders?
It all depends who the leader is/was. Yes we have been more than irrereverent towards our leaders who were from among ourselves. After all, who is Levon, that khllot lakot that we played with in the mud. And Robert, after all he is not even one of us, he is a foreigner from a foreign land known as Artsakh.

Yet looking back we see that Armenians can be very loyal, respectful, obedientand even helpful when the so called "prophet" is of alien origin. How many times have we rebelled and revolted against the Assyrian emperor, the Persian , the Roman, the Byzantine, the Arab, the Russian, and that most benevolent of of benevolents emperors Mehmet Turkoglu?

If we have such courage as to confront our own leaders where was our courage during all those over 2000 years when we had foreign "prophets"?!!

Let's see it. Let's see what material we are made of. Let's go to Ankara and demand that Mehmet Turkoglu step down since his policies are counter to our interests. If Ankara is too far and too big, how about Baku??!!

It is easy and relatively safe to beat up on our own. Let's try it on Julius Caesar, Hazkert, Abdul Hamid, Ivan the Terrible and others and let us see what kind of material we are made of.

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