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Safe Action to Fool

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Posted 16 May 2009 - 01:24 AM

Preface and Introduction Before Realization

During the history of man kind, we always had religious leaders to show people direction toward life. Our kind is extremely aged and old. Religion is very important driver for the person just like a driver programmed to control your computer printer. When a person does not know any religion from childhood to adulthood, then they learn these things from life's experiences.

Make Sure You and Your Offspring Know Best Religion

When we shop for a good car, we want there to be strong brakes, powerful engine, be confortable, accelerate at least below 7 seconds, to be equipped with common features, and most important of all use less energy and output great performance. But of course all cars no matter which one, we have to change the engine oil to freshen it and also wash to renew its appearance. If all people baught the best vehicle of life, we would not dicipher the better one. So just buy the right vehicle of life for your succsess and the journey to fruitition the qualities of our people. Just like the vehicles of life, religions have been cultivated in some way due to the necessities of humanity. Depending how we treat and take care of our chosen vehicle, its performance will reveal throught our journey toward the beginning of something new. So the early childhood of a person will decide their prosperous future which they will live inevitably. The equity of our vehicles have been showing their performances. But of course some have better advantages while other accelerate slow and save benzine, so we can sacrifice vehicle performance to nurture our offspring, by choosing the certain kind of vehicle. Which vehicle of life you choose will depend on what I explained to you. Just know that all vehicles have been manufactured by God for a good reason: to take you somewhere either fast or slow. Our stop lights somehow rationalize our journey toward the complition of something interesting. If we all pass the green lights others will not make to their homes or to their munificent wives and husbands and family members. So therefore by choosing the right Vehicle, you also must know how to use it. If you notice most people use it the same way, but a few use shortcuts which causes something good, but longer traveling. As a productive and intelligent individual know how to use God's creation in a way to agree to change its meaning. Meaning that God can reinvent God's meaning. God means all things who have affect on the sole individual and the people throughout. Depending how you persive the world, even if you choose anyone of then you will get there by the willingness and the autonomous destiny of God that made the religions for us as a vehicle to guide humanity for our safety.

I now finish by welcoming you and your best choices to encounter God's marvelous vehicles to be driven by you and your future children.


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