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Jehovah Sdhmehovah

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Posted 25 July 2008 - 12:55 PM

Yervant, please repost this in its original format. Thank you.
Jehovah, schmehova, jewhova!!
Why is the state and the church persecuting these confused souls, instead of teaching them jewhova, god and Allah are all the same clowns? That there is only one Armenian Astouats and Aramazt!
A few days ago my doorbell rang. There stood two handsome young ladies. They handed me a brochure and invited me to a meeting. I asked them if they were yehovans. They said yes. I told them, in so many ….words to get the h out of my face, to go to yehovaland. Like I need another hole in my head! Have not we had enough of this yehova mehova business? We are up to here with this yehova BS!.
If only our hierarchy would teach our children who our god is. Not yehova, not Buddha, not Allah, if we could only teach them who Astouats and Aramazt are.
When did yehova come to our rescue? Look what te “sons of yehova” are doing against us?
Are those “sons of yehova” arming the Armenian army? Are they selling fighter jets and unmanned drones to us?
But, above all WHERE IS OUR MOTHER CHURCH to teach our children who Astouats is, rather than those jehovans do first?
Only if our hierarchy would spend their “gold” to teach and preach , rather than manufacture more golden slippers for their kissful feet???!!!
An aside. J witnesses don’t celebrate Christmas as they deem it it a pagan rite, neither do they celebrate their children’s’ birthdays, based on whatever. Is it because their children were born before jewhova?
How do I know this? I have spoken to a few who were born into the cult, had been faithful followers for many decades until they had realized how hypocritical the whole thing was. That they are more idiotically confused than I am.
What are these idiots talking about? Who the heel needs one more jewhova among all the “gods” we already have? See the thread “do you believe in god”. Which god???? God of Sip or my own god?
Do the “true sons of jewhova” armed to the teeth (“Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”) resist military service?
They are confused.
Who among us is not!
Who knows if we are the progeny of Aramazt, Haik, Noah or jewhovah? WhoTF cares? We are what we are. And those who question can go to HELL!
Armenia is Armenia, Hayastan not yehovastan. jewhovaland can got to jewhovahell!!
And, to think that Ejmiatsin is still battling with the Armenian Catholics and Armenian Protestants.!!!!
I am not Cathlolic. I don’t know WTH I am. Search and see what miracle my Haleptsi/Marashtsi sister, Catholic nun Sister, Arousiak Sajonian has done in the Gumri Orphanage. I met her twice in Yerevan. The second time I knew who she was, that she had been my neighbor, my childhood playmate all along.
Does Sister Arousiak wish any harm to our orphaned children, or is it her love of children that she, as a sworn virgin nun never had ?
[quote](July 25, 2008)
Behind Bars for Belief: Jehovah’s Witnesses feel persecuted despite alternative service law
By Vahan Ishkhanyan
ArmeniaNow reporter
Published: 25 July, 2008
Sixty-six young men between 18 and 24 serve their sentence in the Erebuni penitentiary institution for refusal to obey military orders.

The men are Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose religious convictions do not condone military service, have been sentenced for avoiding military service based on Article 327 of the Criminal Code of Armenia (12 more people are jailed to the Artik penitentiary). 364 Jehovah’s Witnesses have been sentenced to jail in independent Armenia for refusal to serve in the army.

“We are ready to serve only as alternative civilian service,” Karen Smbatyan, 23, a graduate of the Yerevan Economic University told ArmeniaNow during a visit to the Erebuni penitentiary. Smbatyan serves his sentence along with his brother, also a graduate of the university, Mkrtich, 24. “We are ready to serve in alternative service if only it is civilian.”

In 2001 as Armenia joined the Council of Europe it undertook obligation to release young people refusing from military service for religious reasons and pass a law on alternative service. However, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who are the only group of believers refusing military service, were not released from prisons.

After the law on alternative service entered into force in 2004, 22 Witnesses and a Molokan were sent to hospitals and orphanages as attendants, but refused the service after 5 months because of being supervised by the Ministry of Defense and the necessity to obey military and police orders. 15 were sentenced with charges in desertion and leaving the place of service for 2-3 years of imprisonment.

They stayed in prison for about 7 months but owing to a consequent work (they had appealed also to the European Court of Human Rights) the local prosecutor generals’ offices mediation with the courts to send the cases to preliminary investigation; the prosecutor general’s office suspended the cases based on the lack of the corpus delicti.

Now there is no one going for alternative service because of its military nature. On January 23rd 2007 the Council of Europe passed resolution 1532 calling on Armenian authorities to revise the law on alternative service in accord with the recommendations of the experts of the CE and to pardon the young conscientious objectors currently serving prison sentences.

Ombudsman Armen Harutyunyan informs that taking into account numerous complaints from Jehovah’s witnesses about organizational shortcomings of alternative service, concerns expressed by certain international structures, as well as PACE resolutions 1361 (passed in 2004) and 1532 (passed in 2007), the field is being studied upon his assignment and a possibility of suggesting some changes in the law will be considered.

Now no one wants to serve the alternative service because of its military nature.

The condition of the believers who refuse military service did not improve after Armenia became a CE member; on the contrary it became even worse. There were about 20 prisoners of this kind 2 years ago, with their number having tripled within the past period of time. But it’s the terms of imprisonment rather than the number of believers that have grown. Before 2006 they were serving only one third of the term and were released before the scheduled time (for instance, one sentenced to 1 year of jail would be released after 3 or 5 months upon the court decision as a disciplined prisoner). However, in September 2006 the government introduced a new order of early release. No Witness was released after the decision. The oldest resident of the prison among the Witnesses Samvel Davtyan, 21 has served 2 years and 3 months (of the 2 years and 6 months). He recalls the last case of early release after serving one third of the sentence dates to early September 2006.

According to a governmental decision the administrative commissions of the penitentiaries submit the candidacy of prisoner for early release to the newly formed independent commission and further to the court, if the independent commission gives a positive conclusion. But the administrative commissions ceased to name Witness prisoners as candidacies for early release. The prisoners say only 5 cases on their peer believers have reached the independent commission, but have been denied. The management of the prison grounds the fact of not submitting Witnesses’ candidacies with the lack of regret for their deeds on their side.

“Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for their discipline, do not show criminal tendencies, have no negative set of mind, lead a healthy life. But in any case the basis for submitting a mediation of release is the regret,” says head of detachment Artak Davidyan, who has been working in the Erebuni institution for 2 years.

None of the 66 prisoners plans to express regret: “We regret spending our time here. But we do not regret that we refused to take weapons, we don’t want to obey the military,” says Karen Smbatyan.

3 years ago Jehovah’s Witnesses were sentenced to only 1- 1.5 years, but today the terms have grown to 2 and more years.

Vahe Musayelyan, 22, a graduate of the Engineering University, who has been in prison for a year and 8 months was sentenced to 1.5 years, but the Appeals Court changed the decision to 2 years and 6 months after a protest by the prosecutor. Mkrtich Smbatyan was sentenced to a year and 10 months, but the term was reviewed to 2 years and 6 months after the prosecutor’s appeal, with the Cassation Court leaving the verdict unchanged.

Only one of them received a year of jail owing to his health problems. 5 have been given 3 years, a maximum term (the law stipulates up to 3 years).

Ombusdman Harutyunyan cannot interpret application of more severe punishments to Jehovah’s witnesses, saying that according to the RA legislation Ombudsman is not authorized to intervene in judicial proceedings.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses live in the three barracks of the 3-storied building. The first floor barrack is 25 square meters occupied by 18 prisoners, where the norms provide for 6-8 inhabitants (according to international standards each prisoner must have 4 square meters). Head of the institution Margaryan accepts the norms are not kept. The penitentiary is built to accommodate 370, but holds 565.

The prisoners do not complain of other conditions. Samvel says the quality of food has improved during the 2 years of his stay, but they rarely use the meals of the diner, except for the bread. Still they say every one has tried the food, although they eat what their relatives bring.

Their relations with the criminals are very good, they say, adding that they have effectively changed perceptions.

“They had a wrong opinion about the Witnesses because of the distorted information. Many have changed their views now,” says Karen.
© Copyright ArmeniaNow.com 2002-2008. All rights reserved.
Articles may be reproduced, provided ArmeniaNow.com is cited as the source
ՅԳ, Յոհաննէս, դու ծանօթ ես Հալէպի Սաճոնեան գերդաստանին, նաեւ Խրլաքեաններին որք նմանապէս Կաթոլիկ էին?
Մենք սյդ օրերին ոչ մի խտրում չէինք դնել երբ (կաթոլիկ) Սեդրակ Խրլաքեանը մեր աստոածն էր, ինչպէս (բողոքական) Ատուր Լեւոնեանը , կամ Արամ Քարամանուկեանը Այնթապցիների աստոած:
ՅՅԳ, Նշմարեցիր թէ ինչպէս Քարամանուկ համաձայն է Գերմանիկ Մարաշ ի, որ հետաքային Գերմանիկ Մարաշը դարձաւ Քահրաման?

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 07:04 AM

Յոհաննէս, դու ծանօթ ես Հալէպի Սաճոնեան գերդաստանին, նաեւ Խրլաքեաններին որք նմանապէս Կաթոլիկ էին?

Հօրաքրոջս ամուսինը Սաճոնեան է: Գիտեմ ուրիշ Սաճոնեաններ եւս: Ամերիկա պատմաբան մը ունեցած ենք Արա (?) Սաճոնեան ազգանունով:

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 07:10 AM

QUOTE (Johannes @ Jul 26 2008, 01:04 PM)
Հօրաքրոջս ամուսինը Սաճոնեան է: Գիտեմ ուրիշ Սաճոնեաններ եւս: Ամերիկա պատմաբան մը ունեցած ենք Արա (?) Սաճոնեան ազգանունով:

Միթէ Արա Սանճեան Աւետիս Սանճեանի որդու մասին է խօսքդ ? Մի ժամանակ նա Հայկազեան Համալսարանի Հայագիտական Ամբիոնի ղեկավարն էր:
Սա տեղ կըսէ "turkish born", Աւետիսը Մարաշ էր ծնուել:
Սաճոնեանները ընդհանրապէս Կաթոլիկ Մարաշցի են:
Edit. oops! Արան Աւետիսի եղբորորդին է

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Posted 26 July 2008 - 10:26 AM

Arpa jan tarineri @endhatsqum im tesaket@ / tesankyun@ bavakanin popoxvel e i veraberyal k@roni

iysor iys varkyanin iyspes em m@tatsum - te Hye Hetanos ches - el uremn karevor che te inch es, kuzes cristonya - kuzes catoghik, kuzes yehova, iysor miyak karevorutyun@ da Azgutyunn e, dra hamar el mezanits shater@ vorpes s@urb girq mer AyBuBenn en Pashtum, vorpes S@rbavayr Yerkir@ Hayastan, vorpes surb Mayr MAyrern Hayots.....

linelov cristoyna k@nunqov, yev chunenalov bavarar giteliq mer popular Haykakan k@rornits shatern en @entrum tarber / zanazan k@ronner, yes hmmmm yes k@nunqov Q@ristonya em Azgutyamb Hye ov patrast e urish Hayerin @endunel vorpes Hye Yeghbayr yev Quyr Ankax n@rants k@ronakan patkaneliyutyan - im kartsiqov Arajin@ Azgutyunn e yev voch te k@ron@ kam tekuz Kusaktsutyuun@

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Posted 28 July 2008 - 10:53 AM

Ayo, Sireli Movses. Shat lav khosatsir. Bayts im ket@ ayd che.
On that ArmeniaNow site, under the particular article, in the comments section someone wrote that they know this guy in Gelndale, who came to America, pleaded for and was granted a political asylum based on the “fact” that he was a jehovan. He Married an Armenian girl and had a wedding in an Armenian APOSTOLIC Church. DUHHH and double DUHHH!
Are we to "believe" all those yehovans?
And that they know what in dzhokhq they are talking about?
And now, let us see how many of those so called yehovayakans are using it to dodge the draft, to use it to get the H out of that “hellhole” known as Armenia, emigrate to that promised land, heaven known as Glendale?
Enough sarcasm!
Maybe not all of them.
I am sure many of them are sincere and they are looking to better personally know” yehova and hisous” . One time, one of our friends wrote a letter to the Armenian community declaring that they were resigning of all Armenian societies, including but not limited to the Church, that they had discovered JESUS. They did not say where, but I suspect they were talking about “yehova-schmehova”. A few months later they came back with a letter of apology.
Looking for JESUS? HE is everywhere. In the Apostolic, Catholic, Orthodox church. All one has to do is look.
I have already spoken about some yehovayakans who had been born into the cult and been lifelong adherents, until suddenly they discovered how hypocritical the whole thing was. I also learned contrary to my impression that all those yehovan’s are not former protestants, but former jews, catholics, and YES former Armenian Apostolics.

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Posted 28 July 2008 - 02:56 PM

Yete xosq2 verabervum e Hayastanum yeritasardi Banakum tsarayelu masin - apa da miyayn yev miyayn HAyastanab@nakneri iravunqne im kartsiqov , te ov k@gna yve inch kani banakum !!!

isk inch verabervum e qaghaqakan apastan stanalu hartsin / yes dzernpa em iys hartsum // voochinch chem karrogh asel
iyd mardiq unen nuyn aiyn iravunq@ Artasahmanum aprelu inch yes yev duq, yes el kam im m@terimneri mej el kan mardiq ov asel en vorosh baner stanalu hamar iravunq mnalu / yes kartsiq chunem iys hartsi shurj



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Posted 22 April 2011 - 09:12 AM

DUHHH and double DUHHH!
Are we to "believe" all those yehovans?


why are you so agressive towards Jehovah's witnesses? :)

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 09:02 AM

This is scary!!
If you thought jehovans and mormons were bad enough, look at these MORONS.
The worst part is, just as those so called “evangelical” clowns in America they make a mockery of the denomination.
Watch the attached video and see how the whole show is rehearsed and staged. Wolves in sheepskin you say? Note the $1000 Italian cut suit he is wearing.

Speaking of խաչագող/cross thief, anyone remember this clownish con-artist?

My question. Who attends these kind of farcical three ring circus shows and why?

"Voice of Life": Dangerous Religious Sect?

14:18, August 12, 2011
The civic group "We Will Not be Silent" has now turned its attention to the "Voice of Life" religious ministry in Armenia, labeling it a "dangerous sect".
The [b]evangelical]/b] organization holds weekly meetings in Gyumri and what follows is a short video clip of one such prayer assembly, replete with the "laying of hands" and frenetic singing that usually accompanies such meetings.
"We will not be silent" says such images should prompt law-enforcement to investigate the religious sect.
The civic group argues that, "It is the duty of every conscious Armenian to expose these foreign religious sects that have led many of our compatriots astray and into darkness.
Ինչպես են Գյումրիում աղանդները մարդկանց հասցնում մտախավարման (վիդեո)

14:18, 12 օգոստոսի, 2011
«Չենք լռելու» երիտասարդական նախաձեռնությունը հրապարակում է բացառիկ կադրեր «Կյանքի խոսք» աղանդավորական կազմակերպության Գյումրիում ամեն շաբաթ անցկացվող հավաքներից մեկից:
Տեսանյութում պատկերված է, թե ինչպես է «հոգևոր հովիվ» կոչվող մեկը մտախավարման հասցնում դահլիճում նստածներին՝ ձեռքով դիպչելով մարդկանց ճակատին և, անհասկանալի ձևով գցելով հոգեխանգարմունքի մեջ, նրանց անգիտակից վիճակում հատակին փռում:
«Չենք լռելու»-ի համոզմամբ՝ տեսանյութը պետք է դառնա նաև իրավապահ մարմինների ուսումնասիրման առարկան:
Ներկայացվող կադրերն ապշեցնում են նորմալ մարդկանց գիտակցությունը բթացնելու, նրանց իրականությունից կտրելու՝ աղանդավորների կարողության առումով:
Տեսանյութը տրամադրելու համար «Չենք լռելու»-ն շնորհակալություն է հայտնում Գյումրի քաղաքի իր ակտիվիստներ Աննա Թովմասյանին և Էրիկ Գաբրիելյանին:
Նախաձեռնությունը բոլորին խնդրում է աղանդների ծավալած վտանգավոր գործունեության վերաբերյալ ցանկացած տեղեկատվություն հայտնել chenqlrelu@gmail.com էլեկտրոնային հասցեով:
Օտարածին կրոնական աղանդների մերկացումը պետք է դառնա յուրաքանչյուր գիտակից հայի պարտքը: Մեր բազմաթիվ հայրենակիցներ մոլորության մեջ են ընկել:
«Չենք լռելու» երիտասարդական նախաձեռնություն

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:00 PM

:furious: :mad1: :censored:

Legislation banning any secterian religion advocating pacifist conscientious objection, refusal of critical healthcare or any other religious edict deemed life-threatening to a citizen of the Republic of Armenia.

Nothing less, nothing more.

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:02 PM

These people are nothing but thieves, under the cover of religion. :angry:

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