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Sex in Armenia; Sex in America!

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:09 PM

Hurrahs for Armenia where the opposite sexes still look for a  kind of romantic relationship. where there is still no separation between sex and love, as in the West a west infused with promiscuity; and we see today in the West only 37% of women, ages 18-34, say that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives while for men it's only 29 percent. In Armenia the numbers are 99% and 90% respectively. The levels of cohabitation (living together sexually without getting married) is 75% in the West while in Armenia is 01% only. If a young woman in America today says she is saving her virginity (like Armenian girls do) for her husband, she certainly be considered hopelessly old fashioned and be treated with disdain, while the polite society of Armenia labels such one as whore.

A writer said: "The foundation of the Christian family is the sacrament of matrimony, the spring of all domestic and public morals. When the anti-Christians have succeeded in destroying the hearth, then the morality of society will perish." Who were those anti-Christians of the West? They were satanists and paganists  lurking behind the mask of "secularism". They corrupt a society in order to conquer.


Abraham Lincoln, the president, said: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

"The defining characteristic of civilization is the consecration of sex to marriage, or at the very least, love and courtship. Marriage and family are the red blood cells of a healthy society and the basis for procreation" said another writer.

Sexual degradation is the primary instrument used by Satanists in order to induct people into their religion. "Sexual liberation" was a ruse designed by them to undermine marriage and family. Pagans have reduced all relationships between males & females to the lowest sexual common denominator. Their goal is to destroy marriage-family and make women a public sexual utility (amateur prostitutes). This is how they enslave mankind.

In Armenia, in general, men are required to get married in order to have sex, women are courted and loved. They are honored for their contributions as wife and mother. Far from protecting "women's rights," feminism in America has diminished women and left them twisting in the wind. When a woman has casual sex, as feminists advocate, inevitably she turn out disappointed and feels used and betrayed. She starts to hate men and falls victim to feminism and lesbianism.

The separation of sex from marriage, i.e. "sexual liberation," is one of the principle ways satanism and paganism have killed love. Wanton sex in America has become a facsimile for love. Young women in the West now market themselves as sexual partners, not wives and mothers.  Men in America are also trained to seek sex, not love. Anonymous sex cannot compare to sex in the context of a loving relationship.   

This deluded fascination with sex in the West is a large part of what we call "modernism", and when a Christian church takes the path of this modernization it will be as if taking the path of whorish-mess against God.

Monogamy and family in Armenia are wholesome and life affirming. When sex is consecrated for marriage, it bonds husband and wife. Marriage provides a wholesome secure environment for raising children in Armenia.

For a real woman, by her instinct, sex is an act of surrender and possession and by right definition and understanding, it requires trust and commitment. Most women, deep in their hearts, want one thing: to be loved permanently by one man whom she loves. Sex to them is the symbol of an exclusive long-term bond.  But society and the modern culture they have grown in America tells them otherwise; all from TV programs, movies, mass media, music, books, college and university education program --their minds is programed into a free style partying life to be the norm for them. They are not able to resist social pressures to act according to their instincts in a normal fashion they were meant to be, like it is done in Armenia.

In Armenia men chose women for their worth as helpmates. She must know how to cook, make clothes, and milk cows if living in rural area, and know how to dance traditional Armenian dances.They look for women who are gentle and accommodating, who have skills, character, personality and make good mothers. Like the plague they avoid promiscuous women, feminists and women who are alienated from their fathers; and women who want everything to be "equal" between wife and a husband.

In the West men have been brainwashed to idealize women, having divorce in mind when this period of idealization is over; while in Armenia women are treated lovingly and not idealized except in few cases. In Armenian marriage a couple looks for a life-long companionship, someone who is easy to live with. They know that sexual attraction inevitably will fade.


In America they also know that sexual attraction inevitably will fade, but who cares!! They can dump anytime their companion and get another more attractive sexually. The corruption in America have reached levels unimaginable by men&women of Armenia.

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Posted 27 September 2018 - 01:59 PM

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