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Berj jan, gna me rope Cyberiran forumi mech!

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Posted 31 July 2000 - 09:43 PM

There is an interesting post on the Cyberiran forum by Ashury, an Assyrian. He has a link about the genetics of Assyrians, more interesting is the tree that seems to show what you have suspected: That Armenians are closely related to the Pamirs, Pathans,and Tajiks, even more than the Iranians of present day Iran, who are shown to be closer to Turks! (Whoops!)

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Posted 03 August 2000 - 09:47 AM

Farsi jan,

I was sure that we're closely related to Pamirian Tajiks, but not to the Tajiks from all of Tajikistan. Lots of them are mixed with Uzbeks. The Pamirians are the purest ones, because they live on 3000-4500 m above the sea level and no conqueror ever had an intention of conquering that place.
As for relation between Iranians and turks, as you've mantioned on Cyberiran, #90% of present day turks have Greek, Kurdish, Armenian roots, so their DNA close relation to the Iranians must not be a surprise. I think the link also has some propaganda intentions. Watch out.
Take care

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