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Mythology 407

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Posted 11 July 2002 - 05:49 AM

Apologies for moving this topic to "Other". For lack of a more suitable subject topic, however I feel that this subject has very little to do with religion. Too bad we don't have a forum topic of "myhtology and superstition", or is "religion" a suitable topic since the latter is 99% myth and superstition?!!
(To see how all this debate started please go to subject topic "Religion")

Very good Sip.

So now the part that I consider kinda "theoretical" .. this author was claiming that the Israelites who were the slaves of the Egyptians and suffered for years and years under their rule ... after moving away and becoming independent, decided to do things completely opposite of what the Egyptians had. So, among other things, they picked the number 7 as a GOOD number. They considered it a lucky one. They rested EVERY 7 days and thus, the 7-day week was born.

Yeah right!!!
They also built the Collossus of Rhodes, the Pharos of Alexandria, the Eiffel Tower, the Inca and Aztec Pyramids, the Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. No. Leave that to the other "morons". Oops! I mean the Mormons who claim that the Jews in Genaral and Jesus in particular having been rejected reappeared in America.
There can be no more smellier Yezan Trik (My invention, that means BS) than the assertion that Jews had anything to with the Pyramids. (see below). It all started a couple of decades ago. Having taken credit for everything in the universe a certain people attempted to claim the Pyramids, the only way they could connect to it was that myth which is also known the Book of Exodus. (there is no evidence that Jews were in Egypt in any considerable numbers, not any more that there were Armenians in Assyria and Babylonia. Yet, since us "idiots" learn ourr "history" from that heap of garbage aka Bible, they can say anything they want and we will eat it. After all how many know that the legend of the "Flood" is first recorded in the Epic of Gilgamish? How many care?
As above, I don'r know who that "genius" was that began to perpetuate the myth of the Pyramids and Jewish Slaves", it was quickly quashed for many reasons but mainly because there was no evidence to the effect but more so, it was during a period when there was a contest between the African Americans and the Jews, when some AFs accused them of dealing inthe slave trade they attempted to counter that with stories of how thwy were connected in soul, that they also were enslaved. Some Jews were embarassed of the stigma od having been enslaved and the subject was dropped like hot cakes, specially when some challenged the fable of "Jews in Egypt.

Below, a quote from said site;
"The real story, however, is probably a lot less interesting. Most modern archaeologists think that the real number of workers needed to build the pyramids was only around one third of the number given by Herodotus. Most of the laborers were farmers, who were recruited to work during the annual flooding of the Nile, when their fields were underwater. During that time, it would have been easy to send the large limestone blocks across the Nile from the quarries on the east bank all the way to the construction site on the west by barge. Demonstrations have shown that it takes only one six-man team to move blocks even bigger than those used in the construction of the pyramids using technology that the Egyptians had available to them. And, while the story that it was the Jewish slaves who built the pyramids seems plausible, the fact is that the pyramids were built about a thousand years too early for there to have been any Jews involved in the construction at all."

Days, weeks, months.
As I said in a pervious post the number 7 may have gained it's notoriety from the fact that a lunar month is comprised of four equal parts of seven days each. I have not found an extensive source to corroborate this but the Encycl. Brit. under the monograph of "Calendar" touches on the subject under the subtopic of Days, Hours, Weeeks and Months. the Day is a natural phenomenon based on the cycle of the Earth around the Sun. Hours are a relatively new concept and the 24 hour division is totally modern and artificial. Prior to that the day was diveded into two, light and dark. There is no conclusive explanation to the week except that some think it developed around a cycle of "market days". Of course the month is alo a natural pehnomenon (the English worth "month" is based on "moon" just as in many other languages.

Here is an aside and may be a bonus for you.
Firstly, if I were the Emperor of China I would decree that the year be dived into 13 months rather than 12. See for yourself. The year is exactly divisible into perfect 13 months of 28 days each and the leap year would have an extra day. It may be time to revise the cakendar to fit our modern times.
Second. I bet you did not know that the Armenian term Kaghand Papa to mean Santa Claus, is based on "Kaland/kalendar/calen(dar)".


PS. The hisory of the calendar strongly points to China, Assyria and Babylon. There is no evidence that the Jews had anything to do with it, not even the concept of monotheism(Egyptian) except, maybe plagiarize and sell it to an unsuspecting world of morons. If one were to delve into this subject one would also find out that all those eatern science(Chinese) were spread to the West through the Indians and Arabs. In fact the concept of modern numerology that is known as Arabic Digits is from China but was labeled Arabic since Europeans first saw it via Arabian merchants and travellers.
I have not read the above URLs in detail. You may find many tidbits that may assert or debunk some of the myths. You may also find reference to the "magic number 60".

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