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Armenian Mythological Dieties And Beings

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Posted 19 October 2005 - 06:45 PM

1. Ahriman: Arch-demon derived from the Persian god of the same name.
2. Aramazd: Supreme deity; creator of heaven and earth. The father of all gods and goddesses, the creator of heaven and earth.
AR is the Indo-European root for sun, light, and life.
3. Aretia: Earth; the mother of all living things
4. Artinis: Sun god; formed triad with Khaldi and Theispas
5. Ays: An evil demon; personification of the wind; he enters human bodies and the people either go mad or become demons themselves.
Belongs to Dev, a group of immortal spirits.
6. Azdahak: World serpent
7. Hreshtak: Fate spirits that dwell near houses or tombs of followers; messenger spirits of Aramazd
8. Khaldi: Supreme god; formed triad with Artinis and Dsovean; progenitor of Aramazd
9. Theispas: The Urartian (pre-Armenian) weather-god. He is one of the non-Aryan triad, with Khaldi and Artinis.
10. Tir: God of wisdom and script; records what Aramazd says about the events of each human life; interpreter of dreams; god of literature,
science, and art (matched to Apollo)

11. Anahid: Supreme goddess; goddess of fertility, wisdom, and victory; ‘the immaculate one’; sacred animals are dove and peacock
(equivalent of Artemis…many Greek gods were probably derived from the Armenians)
12. Arma: Luwian moon god depicted with a crescent on his horned cap and a pair of wings on his back.
13. Armenak: Sky-god; son of the progenitor of the Armenian people
14. Astghik: Little star; little bride; Venus; forms triad with Anahid and Nana. The goddess of love and beauty, symbolized by skylight.
She was the wife or lover of Vahagan, the god of fire and metal. Also the goddess of water. The celebration in her honor occurred in mid-June
and was called Vardevar. It is still celebrated in Armenia by pouring water on unsuspecting passersby.
15. Hayk: Sky-god; progenitor of Armenians; giant with curly hair and a strong arm.
16. Japhet: God of the north
17. Lusin: Moon goddess
18. Malkat-shemen: Queen of Heaven. Primordial goddess synonymous with Khuba
19. Nana: Venus; goddess of moon; mistress of heaven
20. Saris: Stellar goddess, equivalent of Babylonian Ishtar

21. Anush: Dragon goddess living in a mountain ravine. Mother of the dragons
22. Aralez: Dog-like creatures with supernatural powers; can lick the wounds of the dead and revive them
23. Hyagnis: Fire god
24. Mihr: Fire god; god of spring
25. Ramman: Storm-god
26. Santaramet: Goddess of the Underworld.
27. Torch: Nature spirit of gigantic size; usually benevolent but can be provoked into becoming malicious
28. Tork Angegh: (Aries)- the god of power, bravery, war, the military.
29. Vahagn: Fire god; thunder, clouds, and fire
30. Vishaps: Serpent-monster; trickster demon

31. Armat: Water goddess; giver and provider
32. Dsovean and Dsovinar: Storm god and goddess; she is born from the sea
33. Hambaris: Guardian spirits; mortal men who are shapeshifters; can appear as women and half-animal; live in deserted houses
34. Haurot and Maurot: Paired gods of ‘Health’ and ‘Immortality’. Patrons of the waters and edible plants.
35. Javerzaharses: Female nymphs; can be found singing and dancing at weddings, or near forests, rivers, etc.
36. Marsyas-Masses: River god and son of the lightning, or fire, god Hyagnis
37. Nar Tsovinar: The goddess of water, sea, rain. She was a fire creature, who forced the rain and hail to fall from the heavens with her fury.
38. Nhangs: Evil river spirits that can appear as women, mermaids, seals, crocodiles and sea monsters.
39. Tigranuhi: Moon and night goddess
40. Zaden: God of fishermen

41. Amanoro: Goddess of spring
42. Ara: The beautiful one; death and rebirth; killed by Queen Semiramis. ‘Ara the beautiful’- the god of spring, flora, agriculture,
sowing, and water. He is associated with Isis, Vishnu, and Dionysus, as the symbol of new life.
43. Dzokh: God of death and the underworld
44. Haik: A king who slew the Babylonian god Bel. The legend of Haik is forerunner to the legend of Hercules.
45. Kaches: Male nature spirits; like satyrs, they are gluttonous and musical, but not evil.
46. Nuneh (Athena): The goddess of wisdom, common sense, motherhood, and protector of the home, keeper of the family.
47. Nvard: A goddess married to Ara, who refused to become the lover of Semiramis because of his love for Nvard.
48. Shahapet: Lord of the land; appears as a man or serpent
49. Shara: God of food
50. Vanatur: the god of hospitality and bountiful hosts.

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Posted 09 July 2006 - 08:36 PM

Was Seta or Seda an Armenian goddess before Christianity, or just an Armenian queen? I am very curious, since I have known many Armenian women named Seda or Seta.

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