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cease-fire violations by azeris

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:37 AM


Azerbaijani attacks on Artsakh should be strongly condemned by whole world – Swedish MP

1029042.jpg 16:23, 27 September, 2020

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS. Swedish Member of Parliament Björn Söder, a friend of the Armenian people, condemns the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh.

The Swedish MP told Armenpress that the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan bears the full responsibility of all these terrible actions.


“I think that Azerbaijan’s constant attacks should be strongly condemned by the whole world. It’s important to record that the military-political leadership bears the full responsibility of these terrible attacks. It’s very important to continue the negotiations directed to peace within the frames of the OSCE Minsk Group”, he said.

The Swedish lawmaker said the international community should first of all prevent the Azerbaijani attacks, condemn them, and the world should require to investigate the actions of Azerbaijan.

On September 27 early morning the Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements. Peaceful settlements are also under bombardment, including the capital city of Stepanakert.

The Azerbaijani side suffered losses in its military equipment.

Dozens of civilians in Artsakh were wounded as a result of the Azerbaijani attack. A woman and a child were killed in the Azerbaijani attack.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan




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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:38 AM


Armenian PM’s wife and spouse of Artsakh president visit wounded citizens in Stepanakert

1029054.jpg 16:54, 27 September, 2020

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS. Spouse of the Armenian prime minister Anna Hakobyan together with wife of the president of Artsakh Kristina Harutyunyan visited today soldiers in the Republican medical center in Stepanakert, who were wounded from the Azerbaijani military operations.

“Wishing good health and speedy recovery to all our wounded citizens”, Anna Hakobyan said on Facebook.


On September 27 early morning the Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements. Peaceful settlements are also under bombardment, including the capital city of Stepanakert.

The Azerbaijani side suffered losses in its military equipment.

Dozens of civilians in Artsakh were wounded as a result of the Azerbaijani attack. A woman and a child were killed in the Azerbaijani attack.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan




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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:39 AM


Azerbaijan must immediately stop its military activities in Nagorno Karabakh - MEP

1029062.jpg 17:33, 27 September, 2020

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS. Member of the European Parliament, EPP Group Spokesman on Foreign Affairs Michael Gahler calls on Azerbaijan to immediately stop its military activities in Artsakh.

“Azerbaijan must immediately stop its military activities in Nagorno Karabakh. It was agreed that a solution to the conflict will be sought peacefully through negotiations. A fully fledged war between Azerbaijan and Armenia must be prevented. It is the people on all sides that will suffer”, the MEP said on Twitter.


On September 27 early morning the Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements. Peaceful settlements are also under bombardment, including the capital city of Stepanakert.

The Azerbaijani side suffered losses in its military equipment.

Dozens of civilians in Artsakh were wounded as a result of the Azerbaijani attack. A woman and a child were killed in the Azerbaijani attack.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan




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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:40 AM


Azerbaijani regime continues massacres of civilian population: Spanish Senator

1029074.jpg 18:14, 27 September, 2020

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS. Member of the Spanish Senate Carles Mulet Garcia commented on the Azerbaijani aggression launched against Artsakh on September 27.

“The Azerbaijani regime continues the massacres of the civilian population. Happening now in Stepanakert. Is the international community going to act or will continue the policy of impunity?”, the Spanish Senator said on Twitter.


On September 27 early morning the Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements. Peaceful settlements are also under bombardment, including the capital city of Stepanakert.

The Azerbaijani side suffered losses in its military equipment.

Dozens of civilians in Artsakh were wounded as a result of the Azerbaijani attack. A woman and a child were killed in the Azerbaijani attack.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan




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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:42 AM


Azerbaijan plans provocation in direction of Nakhijevan – Infoteka24 report

1029087.jpg 18:53, 27 September, 2020

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are planning a provocation in the direction of Nakhijevan, according to the infoteka24 news portal.

According to the report the purpose of the planned provocation is to accuse Armenia in attacking Nakhijevan and involve Turkey in the conflict in order for Turkey to station its troops in Azerbaijani territory. It is planned to make such statement after the Azerbaijani Security Council session ends.


The news portal adds that such actions are the continuation of the provocations in Artsakh where Azerbaijan has launched an attack.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan





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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:44 AM

Arab News

Ankara meddling in South Caucasian conflict sparks wide criticism
Sept. 28, 2020

--Turkey, under the leadership of Recept Tayyip Er4dogan, is also
blamed for meddling in Syria, Iraq and Libya

--Syrian mercenaries reportedly recruited with the help of Turkish
intelligence agency

JEDDAH: Amid the rising escalation of conflict between Azerbaijan and
Armenia, Ankara has offered its full diplomatic support to Baku.
This is along with widespread reports that it has arranged a flow of
Syrian jihadists to the Azeri territories via Turkey to boost its
regional partner’s military resilience during the clashes.

However, after its controversial meddling in Syria, Iraq and Libya,
its active engagement in a conflict in the South Caucasus has sparked
criticism about how far Ankara can go to expand its regional
“We strongly condemn the Armenian attack that caused civilian losses
and that is a clear violation of international law. Turkey fully
supports Azerbaijan. We’ll stand with it anyway it wishes,” read a
Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement on Sept. 27.

Armenian officials have long claimed that some Turkish troops remained
in Azerbaijan recently after they went there for joint drilling
Sources from the Syrian National Army (SNA) reportedly announced that
up to 1,000 jihadists were deployed to Azerbaijan as mercenaries,
while sources from the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia reported that
hundreds of Syrian mercenaries were moved through Turkey’s
southeastern province of Kilis.

Hikmet Durgun, a Turkish journalist, claimed that these SNA militants
would be deployed toward Nagorno Karabakh, a disputed landlocked
region in the South Caucasus.

Sources reached by Arab News also claimed that some of the mercenaries
were drawn from Turkish-backed factions on the Libyan battleground.
Syrian mercenaries are said to be recruited through the intermediary
of the Turkish intelligence agency with a promised monthly wage of
$2,000 each, and have been transported via Turkish military cargo
planes to the Azeri cities of Ganja and Baku using the airspace of

“About a month ago, rumors spread on WhatsApp among SNA fighters that
they can register to go to Azerbaijan. Many registered over WhatsApp,
others apparently through offices in the Turkish-controlled areas. The
fighters registered due to the enticing rumored salaries of
$2K-$2.5K,” Elizabeth Tsurkov, a fellow at the Center for Global
Policy, tweeted.

Armenian officials have long claimed that some Turkish troops remained
in Azerbaijan recently after they went there for joint drilling

Idlib post, a local news site in the Syrian Idlib province, also
confirmed with a photo that a group of 300 fighters of the Syrian
National Army left from the Syrian territories in the countryside of
Aleppo to Azerbaijan via Turkey.

Award-winning journalist Lindsey Snell claimed that they were mainly
selected from the Hamza division, a Syrian rebel group in northwestern
Syria that has cooperated, as a proxy force, with the Turkish Armed
Forces in military operations in northern Syria.

In the meantime, the official visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad
Zarif to Ankara on Sunday was abruptly canceled.

Paul Antonopoulos, a regional expert, expects that Sunday’s clashes
will end in a cease-fire after pressure from the EU, Russia, and
perhaps even the US, to end hostilities.

“Armenia is a member state of the Collective Security Treaty
Organization, a Eurasian military alliance led by Russia. This would
likely deter Turkey from directly intervening militarily and thus the
conflict will be contained between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” he told
Arab News.

Meanwhile, Nikol Pashinyan, the prime minister of Armenia, urged the
international community to “use all of its influence to halt any
possible interference by Turkey, which will ultimately destabilize the
situation in the region.” He also said that Turkey’s behavior could
have destructive consequences for the South Caucasus and neighboring

Antonopoulos thinks that there is strong evidence that Turkey has
transferred militants from northern Syria to Azerbaijan, and will
likely use this proxy force in the same way that they were used in

“Turkey will unequivocally support Azerbaijan in every possible way
they can bar a direct military intervention. Turkey’s strong
diplomatic support for Azerbaijan will continue, as well as material
and intelligence aid,” he said. “I would estimate that when there is
enough international pressure to end the hostilities, Russia and
Turkey will mediate together to bring a temporary end to the

Joseh Borrell Fontelles, high representative of the EU for foreign
affairs and security policy, spoke to ministers in Armenia and
Azerbaijan on Sunday evening to urge an immediate cease-fire and
called them to return to the negotiation table.

However, some pro-government journalists in Turkey called for the use
of military force against Armenia to protect Azeri interests.

Ibrahim Karagul, the chief editor of one of the key pro-government
newspapers, Yenisafak, advised the dropping of a “missile in the
middle of Yerevan” to show Turkish solidarity for Azerbaijan, adding:
“In this way, we can build a Caucasus Islam Army within 100 years.”


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Posted 28 September 2020 - 12:33 PM

Unbelievable, Greece what's the matter with you!

Greek Reporter

Sept 28 2020
Greece Offers Timid Support for Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
Sep 28, 2020

Greece on Sunday condemned the loss of life and said it was ready to assist efforts to ease tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), but it fell short of expressing its full support for the Armenian cause.

The Greek Foreign Ministry posted the  following announcement on its Twitter page after the telephone conversation between the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Armenia Nikos Dendias and Zohrab Mnatsakanyan on Sunday evening.

In call w/ #Armenia FM @ZMnatsakanyan,FM @NikosDendias reaffirmed strong bonds of friendship b/w &.Condemned loss of lives& expressed 's readiness to assist efforts for immediate de-escalation in #NagornoKarabakh/Τηλ.συνομιλία ΥΠΕΞ Ν.Δένδια με ΥΠΕΞ Αρμενίας@MFAofArmenia

— Υπουργείο Εξωτερικών (@GreeceMFA) September 27, 2020


In a telephone call with Armenian FM Mnatsakanyan, FM Dendias reaffirmed the strong bonds of friendship between Greece and Armenia, condemned loss of lives, and expressed Greece’s readiness to assist efforts for immediate de-escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh, the statement said.

“We have been monitoring with great concern the escalating tension in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which has resulted in civilian casualties.

“We call on all sides to exercise restraint, cease hostilities immediately and return to the negotiation table in the context of the Minsk Group,” the Foreign Ministry said.

It added that the “peaceful resolution of disputes within the context of international law is the only path to regional security and stability. We expect every action and every statement by the sides involved and by third parties to adhere to this rationale, so as not to exacerbate tensions.”

Many Greek social media users condemned what they describe as the “sitting on the fence” approach by Athens.

They point that the press release by the Foreign Ministry has failed to express explicit support for the Armenian people, with whom Greeks have had very close, historical ties over many centuries.

Some also point out that Greece should have sided with Armenia as its “eternal enemy” –  Turkey – has stated it is assisting Azerbaijan, claiming that Armenia is the actual aggressor.

“Thinking that it would benefit from the deadlock, Armenia again crossed the line, (but) this time got its response in the field. We are with our brother Azerbaijan on the field and in diplomacy,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Twitter.


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Posted 28 September 2020 - 12:35 PM

Sputnik News
Sept 28 2020
Video of Azerbaijani Military Using TOS-1 System in Nagorno-Karabakh Released by Armenia
© Photo : Azerbaijani Defence Ministry
Military & Intelligence
09:21 GMT 28.09.2020

The Nagorno-Karabakh region has been disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the late 1980s when the two nations were Soviet republics. Since the end of the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 1994, the two sides have held peace talks mediated by the OSCE Minsk group.

The Armenian Defence Ministry has published a video of the Azerbaijani military using the heavy flamethrower system TOS-1.

"The enemy, frightened by significant losses in manpower and military equipment, used a 'TOS' heavy flamethrower system at 7:30 this morning in the southeastern direction. No losses from the Armenian side have been registered following the attack", Defence Ministry spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan, said.

Earlier in the day, Armenian Ambassador to Russia Vardan Toganyan said that around 30 Armenian servicemen had been killed and 100 others injured in clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh. At the same time, the Azerbaijani side has declared partial mobilisation of reserve servicemen.

Violent clashes broke out in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in the early hours of Sunday morning. Both the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides have accused one another of shelling civilian settlements.

On Sunday evening, the Armenian Defence Ministry said that 16 of its servicemen had died in the clashes, and the government in Yerevan has declared martial law and a full-scale mobilisation.

The international community, including Russia, has urged all parties in the region to cease firing and negotiate to stop the violence.


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Posted 28 September 2020 - 12:37 PM

Financial Times, UK
Sept 28 2020
Dozens killed in second day of fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh
Clashes between Azeri and Armenian troops over disputed enclave are most serious for four years

Max Seddon in Moscow and Laura Pitel in Ankara
Dozens of people have been killed in a second day of fighting between Azeri and Armenian troops in Nagorno-Karabakh, the most serious clashes over the disputed enclave for four years.
Authorities in Nagorno-Karabakh, which is within Azerbaijan’s borders but populated by ethnic Armenians, said that 28 service personnel had died in fighting on Monday, taking the total dead since the latest fighting erupted to 59. Azerbaijan did not disclose military casualties but said six civilians had been killed by Armenian artillery fire.
The clashes in the Caucasus Mountains, which began on Sunday with an Azerbaijani aerial and missile attack on Nagorno-Karabakh — which it described as a “counteroffensive” against Armenia — are the worst since 2016, when hundreds died in a five-day war. Azerbaijan said on Monday that it had seized strategic heights around the key village of Talish and would use territorial gains to press its neighbour for concessions at future peace negotiations.
A Turkish security source said Azerbaijan had hit 400 targets and destroyed more than 10 Armenian military air defence systems and close to 20 armoured vehicles, including tanks.
The escalation threatens to spill over into an all-out war involving Turkey, which backs mostly Turkic Azerbaijan, and Russia, which has a defence agreement with overwhelmingly Christian Armenia.
The US, EU, and Russia have all called for an immediate ceasefire. It also threatens the stability of a European energy supply corridor via a pipeline that runs through Turkey.
A man carries an ammunition part following what locals said was recent shelling by Azeri forces in the town of Martuni in the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region on Monday © Hayk Baghdasaryan/Reuters
Moscow and Ankara already back opposing sides in the Libyan and Syrian civil wars. Armen Sarkissian, Armenia’s president, claimed that Turkey had provided drones, mercenaries and F-16 fighter jets to support Azerbaijan in the conflict.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, called for Armenia to immediately withdraw from what he said were occupied Azerbaijani lands. “It is time to put an end to this crisis, which began with the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh,” he said in a speech on Monday.
“The region will once again be able to embrace peace and tranquility if Armenia immediately withdraws from the Azeri lands that it is occupying.”
Armenia’s ambassador to Moscow accused Turkey of sending 4,000 mercenaries from Syria to fight alongside Azerbaijan’s armed forces.
Azerbaijan denied the claims while saying it had killed “a large number of ethnic Armenian mercenaries from Syria and various other countries”.
Youssef Hammoud, spokesperson for the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army rebels in north-west Syria, denied the group had sent mercenaries. Omer Celik, a spokesman for Turkey’s ruling party, described the claims that Turkey had dispatched Syrian mercenaries to the region as “lies” and a “provocation” against Turkey.
A view of houses that locals said were damaged during recent shelling by Azeri forces in the town of Martuni in the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region on Monday © Hayk Baghdasaryan/Reuters
Russia, which leads mediation efforts alongside the US and France, said it would use “its influence and historically good relations” with the former Soviet nations to seek a ceasefire.
“It’s important now to stop the fighting rather than try to find out who’s right and who’s wrong,” Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, told reporters.
Nagorno-Karabakh, an enclave of fewer than 150,000 people, broke away from Azerbaijan in the dying days of the Soviet Union and runs its affairs with political and military support from Armenia. A war began in the early 1990s and claimed thousands of lives before a ceasefire was signed in 1994.
Armenia and Azerbaijan have yet to strike a full peace deal and regularly clash along the line of contact, most recently in July, when at least 20 people died in fighting about 300km north of the enclave.
Tensions rose last week when Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan’s president, claimed that Armenian forces were massing in preparation for war.
Armenia accused Mr Aliyev of fabricating the claim as a pretext to start its military operations.
Additional reporting by Asmaa al-Omar in Istanbul

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 12:37 PM

Greek City Times
Sept 28 2020

Conflict sparked up again yesterday in Artsakh, or more commonly known as Nagorno-Karabakh, when Azerbaijan launched an offensive against Armenian forces. Although the Republic of Artsakh is not recognized by any state, including Armenia, and it is still internationally recognized as occupied Azerbaijani territory, it achieved a de facto independence in 1994.

As acting Commissar of Nationalities for the Soviet Union in the early 1920’s, future Soviet leader Joseph Stalin granted the Armenian-majority region of Artsakh to the Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic. The Azeris, the dominant ethnic group of Azerbaijan, are cultural and linguistic kin with the Turks. It is said that the Turks and Azeris constitute “one nation in two states.” The defining difference is that Azeris are Shia Muslims unlike Turks who are mostly Sunni. The Soviets had hoped that by granting Artsakh to Azerbaijan instead of Armenia, they could court the newly founded Republic of Turkey to closely align with Moscow, or perhaps even become a Soviet Republic, by appeasing their ethnic Azeri kin.

In 1921, it was estimated that Artsakh was 94% Armenian. However, according to the 1989 census, Artsakh’s population was approximately 75% Armenian and 25% Azeri. Former Soviet Azerbaijani leader Heydar Aliyev, father of current President Ilham Aliyev, said in 2002: “I tried to change demographics there […] I tried to increase the number of Azerbaijanis in Nagorno-Karabakh and the number of Armenians decreased.” The collapse of the Soviet Union unsurprisingly led to the Artsakh War, which only ended after a ceasefire in 1994 when Armenian forces achieved a decisive victory.

Despite Azerbaijan’s defense budget ($2.267 billion) being about five times larger than Armenia’s, they have failed to capture Artsakh on numerous attempts, particularly during the 2016 April War and another major attempt in July of this year. Azerbaijan’s resumption of hostilities yesterday could be passed off as just another skirmish that will subside in a few days. However, the current conditions are far different and much more dangerous than in previous situations.

Although it is well established that the Turkish economy is struggling, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is maintaining a policy of constant crises in the vain attempt to distract the public from the Turkish lira as it continues breaking new record lows to the US dollar and Euro, even as recently as this morning. As the military provocations and rhetoric of war against Greece and Cyprus in the East Mediterranean begins to subside in Ankara, it only took a few days for a new crisis to emerge.

Reports began emerging last week that Turkey was transferring terrorists from northern Syria to Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani leadership in Baku flatly denied the allegations last week and today. However, despite the denials from Baku, it must be remembered that Ankara openly announced its transfer of Syrian fighters to Libya earlier this year and the Azerbaijani’s have undoubtedly used international terrorists from Afghanistan, Chechnya and Turkey during the first Artsakh war in the 1990’s. Photos, videos and voice recordings have emerged that show Syrian terrorists on their way to or already in Azerbaijan. Vardan Toghanya, the Armenian Ambassador to Moscow, said in a statement today that 4,000 militants from Syria already arrived in Azerbaijan, while according to the Armenian intelligence agency, 80 fighters from Syria have already been killed or wounded.

Turkey’s transfer of militants in support of Azerbaijan, which was also done in the 1990’s, is not what makes the current conflict more dangerous compared to previous battles and skirmishes. Starting from last week, Turkey and Azerbaijan have increased their campaign in claiming that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), considered a terrorist organization by both Ankara and Baku, was operating in Artsakh. Neither Ankara and Baku provided any evidence for their claims. This sets a dangerous narrative as it could be used as a way for Turkey to “legitimize” a direct intervention against Armenia and in support of Azerbaijan.

Erdoğan justified his invasion and occupation of large areas of northern Syria and northern Iraq in 2018, 2019 and this year on the pretense that they were fighting against the PKK. Although Armenia denies PKK are operating in Artsakh, this will be ignored by Ankara and Baku.

However, unlike Syria and Iraq, Armenia is a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), alongside Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. A direct Turkish attack on Armenia could activate the CSTO. This would be a dangerous scenario as in turn this could activate NATO in defense of Turkey. It is highly unlikely that the situation in Artsakh will dissolve into a CSTO-NATO faceoff. But the risk still remains, especially if Erdoğan decides to directly intervene under the guise of expelling the PKK from Artsakh.

Just as Erdoğan unleashed a migrant crisis in February and March of this year against Greece, sent Syrian terrorists to Libya in May, conducted a military operation in northern Iraq against the PKK in June, and created a new crisis with Greece by sending warships into its territorial waters in August and for most of September, it appears the new crisis to dominate headlines for the next few weeks will revolve around Artsakh.

Although it is unlikely that Turkey will directly militarily intervene, a dangerous precedent has already been established by pushing the narrative, without publicly available evidence, that the PKK are operating in Artsakh alongside Armenian forces. With the Turkish economy and lira collapsing, Erdoğan in the future may very well use the narrative that the PKK are in Artsakh to ferment public furor and distract them from the declining economic situation.

Source: InfoBRICS


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Posted 28 September 2020 - 03:03 PM

The National, UAE
Sept 28 2020
Armenia says Turkey is sending drones and warplanes to Azerbaijan

Fighting that erupted in the early hours of Sunday killed at least 24 people


Turkey sent military experts, drones and warplanes to reinforced the Azerbaijan in fighting with neighbouring Armenia over disputed territory, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The Armenian parliament accused Turkey of interfering in the conflict, which Azerbaijan denied.

Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh has killed dozens and raged into Monday morning with heavy artillery used by both sides.

The Armenian defence ministry reported fighting throughout the night, while its counterpart in Azerbaijan said Armenian forces were shelling the town of Terter.

Karabakh President Arayik Harutyunyan said Turkey was providing mercenaries and warplanes.

“The war has already ... [gone] beyond the limits of a Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict,” he said.

The skirmishes have raised the spectre of a new war between the ex-Soviet rivals, locked since the early 1990s in a stalemate over the Armenia-backed breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Seventeen Armenian separatist fighters were killed and more than 100 wounded in the fighting, Mr Harutyunyan said, conceding that his forces had lost positions.

Both sides also reported civilian casualties.

“We are tired of Azerbaijan’s threats, we will fight to the death to resolve the problem once and for all,” Artak Bagdasaryan, 36, told AFP in Yerevan.

He was waiting to be conscripted into the army, he said.

Karabakh separatists said one Armenian woman and a child were killed, while Baku said an Azerbaijani family of five died in shelling by Armenian separatists.

Azerbaijan claimed it captured a strategic mountain in Karabakh that helps control transport links between Yerevan and the enclave.

Armenian defence ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan, in turn, said Karabakh rebel forces killed about 200 Azerbaijani troops and destroyed 30 enemy artillery units and 20 drones.

Fighting between Muslim Azerbaijan and Christian-majority Armenia threatened to embroil regional players Russia and Turkey, with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan calling on global powers to prevent Ankara’s involvement.

“We are on the brink of a full-scale war in the South Caucasus,” Mr Pashinyan said.

France, Germany, Italy and the EU swiftly urged an immediate ceasefire, while Pope Francis prayed for peace.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his deep concern on Sunday and “strongly called for an immediate end to hostilities”.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he was also extremely concerned and urged the sides to stop fighting and return to talks.

The US State Department said it had contacted the two countries and called on them to “use the existing direct communication links between them to avoid further escalation”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the military flare with Mr Pashinyan and called for an end to hostilities.

But Azerbaijan’s ally Turkey blamed Yerevan for the fighting and promised Baku its full support.

“The Turkish people will support our Azerbaijani brothers with all our means as always,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tweeted.

Azerbaijan accused Armenian forces of breaching a ceasefire, saying it had launched a counteroffensive to “ensure the safety of the population”, using tanks, artillery missiles and drones.

In a televised address to the nation earlier on Sunday, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev vowed victory over Armenian forces.

“Our cause is just and we will win,” he said, echoing Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s address at the outbreak of the Second World War.

“Karabakh is Azerbaijan.”

Armenia and Karabakh declared martial law and military mobilisation. Azerbaijan imposed military rule and a curfew in cities.

Armenia said that Azerbaijan attacked civilian settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh including the main city, Stepanakert.

Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry said there were reports of dead and wounded. “Extensive damage has been inflicted on many homes and civilian infrastructure,” it said.

Ethnic Armenian separatists seized the Nagorno-Karabakh region from Baku in the 1990s, a war in which 30,000 were killed.

Talks to resolve one of the worst conflicts to emerge from the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union have been largely stalled since a 1994 ceasefire agreement.

France, Russia and the US have mediated peace efforts as the Minsk Group, but the last big push for a peace deal collapsed in 2010.

“We are a step away from a large-scale war,” Olesya Vartanyan of the International Crisis Group told AFP.

“One of the main reasons for the current escalation is a lack of any proactive international mediation ... for weeks.”

On Sunday morning, Azerbaijan started bombing Karabakh’s front line, including civilian targets, and Stepanakert, Karabakh’s presidency said.

The rebel defence ministry said its troops shot down four Azerbaijani helicopters and 15 drones, which Baku denied.

In July, heavy clashes along the countries’ shared border – hundreds of kilometres from Karabakh – killed an Azerbaijani civilian and at least 16 soldiers in total, with losses on both sides.

During clashes in April 2016, about 110 people were killed.






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Posted 28 September 2020 - 03:06 PM

The Times, UK
Sept 28 2020
Nagorno-Karabakh clashes: Turkey sends Syrian mercenaries into combat against Armenians
Hannah Lucinda Smith, Istanbul | Richard Spencer, Beirut
Monday September 28 2020, 5.00pm BST, The Times
An Armenian foreign ministry photo shows medics helping a man who is said to have been injured in clashes in Azerbaijan's breakaway region of Nagorno Karabakh

Turkey is sending mercenaries to Azerbaijan to help it in its border conflict with Armenia that has brought both countries to the brink of war.

Clashes broke out yesterday in Nagorno-Karabakh, the border region of Azerbaijan that has been occupied by Armenia since 1991.

The fighting continued overnight, killing at least 39 people. Both countries have declared martial law, and President Aliyev of Azerbaijan today ordered the partial mobilisation of his armed forces.

Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of violating a ceasefire in the area, which Armenia denies.

The present fighting represents the most serious flare-up for four years and it is feared that Russia and Turkey could be drawn into a proxy war.


Nagorno-Karabakh is an ethnic Armenian region that broke away from Azerbaijan in the late 1980s, when both countries were part of the Soviet Union. Nagorno-Karabakh is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan.

Armenia, however, claims that Azerbaijan has been bought in heavy weaponry from Turkey and shipped in fighters from Syria in preparation for an attack.

Turkey is a staunch ally of Azerbaijan: both are majority-Muslim countries and Azeris speak a dialect of Turkish.

The two countries held joint military drills last month, and Turkey has transferred rocket-launchers into Nakhchivan, an Azerbaijani exclave between Turkey and Armenia.

President Erdogan was quick to throw his support behind Baku yesterday, calling Armenia “the biggest threat to regional peace.” Nikol Pashinyan, the prime minister of Armenia, retaliated with a call to the international community to block Turkey from becoming involved in the conflict.

A former rebel who fought in the Syrian civil war told The Times that 150-200 of his colleagues had been recruited by Turkey to fight on the Azerbaijani side.


Mohammad Mahmoud al-Sourani, now a member of the Turkish-backed “Syrian National Army” in Idlib province, said he had registered to go.

“The Turkish army didn’t force anyone to register,” he said. “But it’s the side in control of this area [the Syrian province of Idlib], which is pretty much starving, and recruitment was linked to the desperate need for money of young men and fathers.

“Are they mercenaries? Yes, but I can’t blame the men who went to Azerbaijan because I know they had to do that due to the bad economic situation.”

He said there had been no extra training, as the men were regarded as battle-hardened from years of conflict against pro-Assad forces, including Russians. The contracts were for either three or six months. The fighters were told they would be used as guards, police officers and fighters on the front lines. He said they would be paid up to 10,000 Turkish lira (about £1,000) compared with a salary of 200 lira in the SNA.


In the end Mr Sourani had pulled out of going.

“One of the reasons why I changed my mind is that we have fought the Shia militias for ten years here in Syria, so why would we go fight for the mostly Shia Azerbaijan now?” he said.

“I want Turkey to stop taking advantage of our poverty and I ask our Syrian leaders to be aware of what is happening. Syrian men are being exploited. Syrians are seekers after peace not war.”

He said that there was no contact with the fighters who went in Azerbaijan because they were not allowed to keep their phones.

It is the second time that Turkey, which has expanded its influence over the remains of the Free Syrian Army, has sent Syrians under its command to other regional conflicts.

Ankara is also believed to have sent about 10,000 Syrian rebel fighters to Libya, where they are fighting on behalf of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord.

Syrians who have been fighting for President Assad have been seconded to the other side of Libya’s war, to support the Libyan National Army under Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s.



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Middle East Monitor
Sept 28 2020
Armenia uses image of gun-wielding priest as Azerbaijan declares state of war
September 28, 2020

Azerbaijan yesterday declared a state of war in some of its cities and regions following attacks by Armenian forces on military and civilian sites over the weekend.

The decision was made in a meeting of Azerbaijan’s National Assembly yesterday, in which it enforced partial measures in its border regions which could temporarily restrict some rights and freedoms of Azeri citizens and foreigners due to the conflict.

It came after Armenian forces reportedly targeted Azerbaijan’s military positions and civilian areas around the Armenia-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region, igniting border clashes that have left dozens dead on both sides.

Azeri forces have reportedly captured seven villages in the region since the clashes, but Armenia has denied that claim.

The conflict between the two sides also prompted clashes on social media, in which Armenia’s official Twitter account – handled by its Foreign Ministry – posted a picture of an Armenian priest wielding an assault rifle and holding a crucifix, with the caption “Faith & Power!”

Faith & Power! #StopAzerbaijaniAgression #StopAliyev #KarabakhNow #NKpeace #NKstrong #ArtsakhStrong #ՀԱՂԹԵԼՈՒԵՆՔ pic.twitter.com/ql9cZkpYdu

— Armenia (@armenia) September 27, 2020


Many have viewed that tweet as an effort to provoke and add a religious element to Christian-majority Armenia’s historic enmity against Muslim-majority Azerbaijan.

Israel’s concern with Turkey: Libya in the west, Azerbaijan in the east

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry also weighed in on the renewed border clashes, pledging and assuring its support for Azerbaijan while condemning Armenia’s alleged aggression. In a statement, the ministry’s spokesman Hami Aksoy said yesterday that Armenia’s attack “is a clear violation of international law and causing civilian casualties. With these attacks, Armenia has once again shown that it’s the biggest obstacle before regional peace and stability.”

He added that “Azerbaijan will definitely use its right to self-defense in order to protect its people and territorial integrity.”

It is not only Turkey’s government that has declared its support, but also the owner of its renowned Bayraktar drone manufacturer, Selcuk Bayraktar. In a tweet today, he shared a video of Azeri forces’ drone strikes against Armenian forces, expressing his support for Azerbaijan only months after his company sold its Bayraktar TB2 drones to the South Caucasian nation.

 #Azerbaycan https://t.co/LmpViTgkoG

— Selçuk Bayraktar (@Selcuk) September 27, 2020


Various actors in the international community have urged for an end to the conflict between the two countries, with the European Union calling for an “immediate ceasefire”, French President Emmanuel Macron expressing his “deep concern” and calling for “an immediate end to hostilities”, and­ UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres saying he is “extremely concerned”.

Relations between the two former Soviet nations have been particularly strained since 1991, when Armenia occupied the Upper Karabakh region, known as Nagorno Karabakh, despite it being an internationally-recognised territory belonging to Azerbaijan.

The region has remained occupied by Armenia ever since, even though the occupation has been constantly urged to withdraw following four UN Security Council and two UN General Assembly resolutions.


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#Հայկական #զինուժի կողմից հակառակորդի խոցված սպառազինությունը սեպտեմբերի 28-ի, ժամը 21:00-ի դրությամբ


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Արցախում հակառակորդի կրակից վիրավորված հղի կինն արու զավակ է ծնել, անունը՝ Մոնթե։ Այս մասին տեղեկացնում է Սուրբ Աստվածամայր ԲԿ-ի խոսնակ Գևորգ Դերձյանը։

Հիշեցնենք, որ սեպտեմբերի 27-ին Ադրբեջանի զինուժը լայնածավալ հարձակում է սկսել Արցախում՝ թիրախավորելով նաև խաղաղ բնակչությանը։ Արցախի զինուժը խոցել է հակառակորդի 5 ուղղաթիռ, 36 անօդաչու թռչող սարք, 47 զրահատեխնիկա, հիմնականում տանկեր:

Հայաստանում և Արցախում սեպտեմբերի 27-ին հայտարարվել է ռազմական դրություն։

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Zoryan Institute Armenia Releases Statement on Artsakh and Azerbaijan Conflict
September 28, 2020: In the early morning of September 27, 2020, the Republic of Azerbaijan launched large-scale military offensive along the entire Line of Contact between the Republic of Artsakh and Azerbaijan, targeting civilian settlements, including the capital of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

In response to recent events, Prof. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, Zoryan Institute Board Member, shares an article published in the Institute for the Study of Genocide (IGS) newsletter by Christoph H. Benedikter about the longstanding conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, titled Genocide as Conflict Resolution? In his article, Benedikter refers to the 2016 “Four Day War” and highlights how pressure from major powers like Russia and the United States helped to quickly bring the violence to an end.  He then states:

however, the roots of the conflict remain unchanged. A new escalation, more comprehensive than a previous one, is therefore likely to happen. If the well- equipped armed forces of Azerbaijan succeed in winning a decisive victory, this could mean the end of Armenian life and Armenian culture in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan’s foreign and security policy and the increasingly clear statements of its president and other dignitaries suggest that genocide is at least accepted, if not already planned.”

Since 2016, there continues to be a number of border clashes, threats and instances of violence between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Artsakh. As recently as July of this year, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev threatened to bomb the Armenian nuclear power plant, which could have catastrophic consequences for the civilian population of the entire region, especially on either side of the Turkey and Armenia border, possibly leading to an event comparable to Chernobyl.

The most recent hostilities carried out by the Azerbaijani side, on September 27, 2020, contradict all international human rights norms.The reports along with videos and photos taken on site demonstrate that Azerbaijan has bombed settlements tens of kilometres far from the Line of Contact, targeting schools, kindergartens, hospitals, apartments and other civilian buildings, causing casualties among the civilian population.  

Turkey's military involvement in the conflict between the Republic of Artsakh and Azerbaijan exacerbatesthe situation, and could be dangerous for the security of the entire region. It is no secret that Baku, with the undisguised support of Turkey, aims to assume control of the Republic of Artsakh. In the process, as Christoph H. Benedikter predicted, this could possibly lead to ethnic cleansing and/or genocide. 

Armenians experienced genocide under Ottoman rule in 1915, and Turkish involvement in this conflict has the possibility of reigniting a trauma that has been passed down through generations. The consequences of this war extend beyond the conflict itself, as ethnic cleansing and genocide are a real threat to Armenians of this region. 

The Zoryan Institute Armenia calls on human rights organizations and the leadership of the world’s major powers to recognize the enshrined rights of self-determination codified in the 1975 Helsinki Final Act, to exert their influence in the South Caucasus to stop this war before it escalates any further, and to prevent the potential genocide in the making. 
The Zoryan Institute is a non-profit organization that serves the cause of scholarship and public awareness relating to issues of universal human rights, genocide, and diaspora-homeland relations. This is done through the systematic continued efforts of scholars and specialists using a comparative and multidisciplinary approach and in accordance with the highest academic standards.

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Armenians Should Unite Against Turkey’s
            And Azerbaijan’s Joint Attack on Artsakh
            By Harut Sassounian
            Publisher, The California Courier

A massive attack was launched against Artsakh by Azerbaijan with the
direct participation of Turkey and Islamic Jihadist mercenaries in the
early hours of Sept. 27, 2020.

The Azeri/Turkish side not only attacked Armenian military forces, but
also peaceful civilians in various villages and Stepanakert, the
capital of the Republic of Artsakh. Ominously, Turkish F-16 Air Force
jets operated in the war zone after several threatening remarks
against Armenia by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As we write this article on Monday (Sept. 27), the battles continue.
We hope that France, Russia, and the United States will intervene and
stop the bloodshed. So far 370 Azeri soldiers, including
Lieutenant-Colonel Mehman Miraziz, have been killed. Mais Barkhudarov,
an Azeri Major General was wounded and captured by the Armenian
forces. In addition, 81 foreign Islamist Jihadist mercenaries have
been killed. Eighty four Armenian soldiers were killed and more than
100, mostly civilians, wounded. Turkey, which transported a large
number of these Islamist terrorists to Azerbaijan, has promised to pay
them thousands of dollars a month. It is embarrassing that Azerbaijan
and Turkey with their own huge militaries are too cowardly to use
their own soldiers and are importing mercenaries from Northern Syria.
Hopefully, these hired terrorists will suffer the same fate as the
Afghan Mujahideen and Chechen mercenaries who were brought to
Azerbaijan in the 1990’s to fight against the Armenian forces. Many of
them were killed in battle and the rest left Azerbaijan seeing the
cowardly behavior of Azeri soldiers. In addition, Armenian forces have
destroyed Azerbaijan’s four helicopters, 36 tanks and armored vehicles
and 27 drones, including those purchased from Israel and Turkey.

Russia and the United States issued statements calling for a ceasefire
and return to the negotiating table. Significantly, the U.S. State
Department announced that “participation in the escalating violence by
external parties would be deeply unhelpful and only exacerbate
regional tensions.” This was an indirect call to Turkey not to meddle
in the Artsakh conflict. However, the United States government should
go beyond mere words and sanction both Turkey and Azerbaijan by not
providing any weapons or foreign aid to either of them. In addition,
we are seeing the same meaningless statement urging both sides to
cease fire without condemning the party that started the attacks,
which is always Azerbaijan. I am certain that the United States and
Russia know full well who started the attacks.

I am sure most Armenians realize that at this critical time when the
lives of the populations of Armenia and Artsakh are at risk, they
should refrain from continuing their personal or partisan disputes.
This is no time to engage in internal disagreements. The priority is
to deter the common enemy. We should all rally around the government
of Armenia. Similarly, Diaspora Armenians should set aside their petty
disputes and join ranks. I know many Armenian-Americans have been
engaged in supporting the different candidates in the upcoming U.S.
presidential elections and Facebook is full of their heated comments.
I urge everyone to take a break from these political disputes and
rally around Armenia and Artsakh. We are facing much larger and more
powerful enemies, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Only our united effort and
smart tactics can protect us to avoid the reoccurrence of the

Even though I am not a military expert, I have some common sense
suggestions to Armenia’s leaders. This is not a partisan issue. I had
made the same suggestion to Armenia’s previous and current
governments, regrettably to no avail. I would like to remind our
political leaders in Armenia that they should immediately declare that
they will postpone all negotiations until such time that Azerbaijan
and Turkey stop firing on Armenia and Artsakh. How can one carry out
peaceful negotiations when the other side is holding a gun to your
head? Armenia should declare to the world that we are for peaceful
negotiations; however, it is not acceptable that Azerbaijan keeps
firing while supposedly negotiating. What kind of negotiation is that?
One can either fight or talk, but not do both at the same time. If the
negotiations are interrupted, Azerbaijan is the one that will be the
loser because that is the only way that it hopes to arrive at mutual
concessions. It is in Azerbaijan’s interest to stop firing and start
negotiating. The international community will only blame Azerbaijan
for the interruption of the peaceful negotiations. By not placing such
a reasonable condition on negotiations, Armenia is in fact is
encouraging Azerbaijan to continue firing on Armenia and Artsakh,
costing the lives of many young Armenian. No more negotiations unless
Azerbaijan stops these continuous attacks.

The other suggestion I have is that we should never tell the enemy
where we would or would not attack. After the spokesman of the Azeri
Defense Forces threatened in July that Azerbaijan could attack the
Armenian Nuclear power plant, I was dismayed to hear an Armenian
official state publicly that Armenia would never attack civilian
targets in Azerbaijan. There was no need to make such an announcement.
Let the enemy guess what you would or would not do in case of war. If
Armenia thought that by making such an announcement it will gain
praise from the international community, it is sadly mistaken. War is
not the time to play Mr. Nice Guy. The world respects only strength.
Rights and good behavior do not count. Let Azeris worry that Armenia
could attack their dams, pipelines, oil fields and civilian
populations. We do not need to announce whether we could attack such
targets or not. Azerbaijan had no hesitation attacking Stepanakert
this week, why should we announce that we have no interest in
retaliating on similar Azeri targets?

Finally, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan just announced that the
possibility of Armenia recognizing Artsakh’s independence is “on the
table and needs to be reviewed.” This is a welcome announcement.
Pashinyan already had announced in Stepanakert last year that “Artsakh
is Armenia, period.” The previous Armenian government had also
declared that if Azerbaijan attacks Artsakh, Armenia would then
recognize Artsakh’s independence. It is high time that Armenia take
such a decision which would be an appropriate response to the
Azeri/Turkish attack on Artsakh.

I urge all Armenians around the world to united and defend the
homeland in whatever way they can against its enemies, Azerbaijan and

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For Immediate Release

Senator Anthony J. Portantino’s Statement

on Azerbaijan’s Attacks on Artsakh


September 28, 2020


Having spent significant time in Artsakh over the past 5 years I have seen a peaceful people who have bravely lived under the threat of violence for three decades.  The children and families I broke bread with deserve to fulfill the promise of their lives without bombs and border aggression threatening their futures.


I am extremely disheartened by the unprovoked attack on Artsakh by Turkish backed Azerbaijan forces.  The recent actions of Aliyev and Erdogan to increase combative tactics and undermine the tenuous 30 years of peace needs to be condemned by the international community.  The United States and the international community must hold Azerbaijan and Turkey accountable and call for immediate de-escalation and an end to all military actions.  The Trump administration should halt all economic assistance to Azerbaijan and work through the OSCE Minsk group to establish a lasting peace in the region.


A failure to act swiftly now will encourage aggression and lead to more loss of innocent life.


Hon. Anthony J. Portantino

State Senator

25th State Senate District




Attachment: 2020.9.28 Senator Anthony Portantino Statement on Azerbaijan's Attacks on Artsakh.pdf
Description: 2020.9.28 Senator Anthony Portantino Statement on Azerbaijan's Attacks on Artsakh.pdf

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Posted 29 September 2020 - 07:18 AM


Armenian Parliament adopts statement condemning Azerbaijani military aggression against Artsakh

1029241.jpg 15:24, 28 September, 2020

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 28, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian Parliament unanimously adopted the draft statement on condemning the military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Artsakh on September 27.

118 MPs voted in favor of the draft statement.


The statement has been drafted by MPs of the three parliamentary factions.

In the statement the Armenian MPs note that conducting military operations against the civilian population, elderly, children and woman is banned not only by the international law, but also in all civilizations, all global religions. They highlighted that the international community should take practical steps to restrain not only Azerbaijan’s aggression, but also the aspirations of its ally Turkey to intervene in the Artsakh conflict which will lead to the extreme destabilization of the region, creating a direct threat to the international peace and security. They reaffirmed that the “Armenian side has always remained committed to the peaceful settlement of the conflict within the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship, at the same time, being the guarantor of the security of Artsakh, will  not hesitate to take all necessary measures to protect the security and _expression_ of will to self-determination of the Artsakh-Armenians”.    


Reporting by Anna Grigoryan; Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan




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