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Armenia to follow Calif. on HEMP???

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 03:58 PM

Governor Brown Signs California Industrial Hemp Farming Act Legalizing Hemp Farming Under State Law SB 566 Would Allow California Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp Upon Federal Approval
Published: Saturday, Sep. 28, 2013 - 7:04 pm

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept 28, 2013 -- /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), the nation's leading hemp grassroots advocacy organization and industry trade group, respectively, each working to revitalize industrial hemp production and processing in the U.S., are excited to report that Governor Jerry Brown has signed SB 566, the


California Industrial Hemp Farming Act. After moving smoothly through the California legislature with strong bi-partisan support, this landmark legislation has now become California law.


Introduced by Senator Mark Leno earlier this year, SB 566 ensures that California is prepared to begin registering hemp farmers once the federal government has given states the green light. The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act will establish a framework for farming the oilseed and fiber varieties of the plant, which are used in a myriad of everyday consumer products, including food, body care, clothing, paper, auto parts, composites, building materials, and bio-fuels. Enforcement and oversight of hemp production would be conducted in concert with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and county agricultural commissioners, as is done with other crops.


"SB 566 demonstrates the real momentum behind the national movement to legalize industrial hemp," said Eric Steenstra, Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association. "With Congressional bills to legalize hemp currently in both the House and Senate, California is on the cutting edge, pushing forward with an industrial hemp law that would not only stimulate much needed growth in local business and farming sectors, but ultimately lead the nation toward a federal policy change that would open hemp cultivation to hemp farmers around the country. This will lower our dependence on Canada and China for hemp imports, and empower our agrarian and manufacturing economies to finally tap into one of the fastest growing natural products in the market."

"With the signing of this bill, California is poised to grow industrial hemp when the federal government gives states the green light," said Senator Leno, D-San Francisco. "In the past year, the conversation to legalize the cultivation of hemp has gained momentum at the federal level, and it is only a matter of time before a farmer's right to grow hemp is restored. Hemp, which is already found in hundreds of consumer products manufactured in our state, is a perfect crop for California. It has great potential to revitalize family farms, create new jobs and stimulate the economy."


Strong support for the bill has come from The California Sheriffs Association, individual county sheriffs, family and organic farmers, environmental organizations, labor unions, and businesses statewide. 2 Vote Hemp and HIA believe that hemp farming registrations could be accepted as soon as 2014 based on the recent memo from Deputy Attorney General James Cole of the Department of Justice. "Before farmers can begin planting hemp under SB 566, the state will need to seek clarification from federal officials that state regulations for hemp farming meet the requirements outlined in the recent memo issued by Deputy Attorney General James Cole," notes Vote Hemp Director Patrick Goggin.


Today, more than 30 industrialized nations grow industrial hemp and export it to the United States. Hemp is the only crop that is illegal to grow at the federal level, yet is legal for Americans to import. Among the numerous California-based companies who have supported the bill are Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, makers of North America's top-selling natural soap, and Nutiva, a rising star among innovative health food companies. Both of these businesses currently must import hemp from other countries. The passage of SB 566 sends a strong message to Washington that the time has come to change federal policy regarding industrial hemp.


"Hemp grown right here in California would stimulate massive growth in the food, body care, textiles, building and other crucial sectors that suffer from having to import less efficient materials in lieu of this lucrative industrial crop," says David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. "The nationwide movement to legalize industrial hemp and farm it right here in the US to benefit American business is growing, and SB 566 opens a door to incredible opportunity for farmers who seek sustainable agriculture, ecologically responsible businesses and products. Ultimately, this bill will help end the prohibition on what is one of the most versatile and environmentally revolutionary industrial crops on the planet."


"Nutiva looks forward to buying hemp from American farmers," says John Roulac, President of Nutiva. "This will add American jobs and reduce our fuel consumption."


California businesses currently spend millions of dollars each year importing hemp primarily from Canada, China, and Europe. Demand for hemp products has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it is estimated that the U.S. hemp market now exceeds $500 million in annual retail sales. From natural soaps to healthy foods, there are a large variety of "Made in California" hemp products whose manufacturers and buyers will greatly benefit from an in-state source of hemp seed, fiber, and oil.


The environmental and agricultural benefits are not limited to the versatility of uses. Industrial hemp is an excellent rotation crop because its dense growth smothers weeds without herbicides and helps to break the disease cycle. Hemp requires less water and agricultural inputs than other crops, has deep tap roots that leave the soil in excellent condition for the next crop, and is proven to increase yields. These benefits save farmers money and reduce the amount of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers that run into our waterways.


Vote Hemp is a national, singleissue, nonprofit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and a free market for low THC industrial hemp and to changes in current law to allow U.S. farmers to once again grow this agricultural crop. More information about hemp legislation and the crop's many uses may be found at www.VoteHemp.com or www.TheHIA.org. Video footage of hemp farming in other countries is available upon request by contacting Ryan Fletcher at 202-641-0277 or ryan@votehemp.com.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.co...l#storylink=cpy

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 10:32 AM

Hemp is a very valuable plant, serving a number of mankind’s needs. Industrially speaking it make superior rope, superior cloth as in canvas. Drinking or using hemp oil has the quality of making one relaxed. This quality that allow hemp to make one relaxed and forgetful have a positive effect on numerous diseases. Foe example eating hemp seeds, which is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils, has cured someone's swollen ankles and feet.

How does hemp oil, which unlike hemp seed does contain THC, cure cancer and ease MS and glaucoma? Because many diseases are caused by the body itself, a reaction to stress or depression. Ease that, and the body’s normal functions return.

Cancer is a result of a failing immune system, most often due to a sense of helplessness, an inability to escape. This accounts for spontaneous remissions, where the cancer, even at the point of death, just turns around and shrinks out of sight. The person has decided to live. A
slightly stoned cancer patient forgets why he was depressed. He instead notices the birds singing, the smile and wink from a stranger passing by, the relaxation in this fashion allows someone to see that life is worth living.

MS is an auto-immune disease, where the body attacks and destroys its own cells. It is caused by a hyper-vigilant immune system, a reaction to stress. When relaxed and resulted short term memory makes one unable to even recall what the worries were, the MS patient finds their immune system reverting to normal. It is not just relaxation from muscle spams, it is in fact moving in the direction of a cure. This is the case for disease after disease, where the body has created the problem. The  cannabis when used as medicine would help the sufferers from sickness. Even watching funny films and laughting would cause someone to relax and recover from illness rapidly without the use of cannabis.

This plant is as prevalent as weeds and unlike alcohol, which consumes sugar or corn for its production cannabis is not a food crop. It asks nothing more than to be allowed to grow, and does not require special treatment in order to do so. Like many of the plants that mankind has found particular useful as medicine. The problem is when the healthy people start using this weed by smoking since it takes the alterness from them and cause them to work and drive sluggesshly ending being fired from them jobs, thus affecting himself and his family economically; and often banned from driving and black marked by insurers.

Hemp and Marijuana although are from the same family of plants, but differ in their effects, the former has industial uses and does not have hallucination and addictive effect of the later; the later is used currently for medicinal health purposes, and used by healthy persons (illegal in many states) for fun/recreation and for chilling out with numbing effects on the users hence its illigelity while hemp products is not illegal to eat or use.

Medical Marijuana

Advocates of medicinal marijuana cite evidence that hemp products can lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in people with glaucoma. However, these products are less effective than medicines prescribed by an eye doctor.

The high dose of marijuana necessary to produce a clinically relevant effect on IOP in the short term requires constant inhalation, as much as every three hours.

The number of significant side effects generated by long-term oral use of marijuana or long-term inhalation of marijuana smoke make marijuana a poor choice in the treatment of glaucoma, a chronic disease requiring proven and effective treatment.

Currently, marijuana is designated as a Schedule I drug (drugs which have a high potential for abuse and no medical application or proven therapeutic value).

The only marijuana currently approved at the Federal level for medical use is Marinol, a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most active component of marijuana. It was developed as an antiemetic (an agent that reduces nausea used in chemotherapy treatments), which can be taken orally in capsule form. The effects of Marinol on glaucoma are not impressive.
Medical Research Studies

To date, no studies have shown that marijuana— or any of its approximately 400 chemical components—can safely and effectively lower intraocular pressure better than the variety of drugs currently on the market.

Currently, there are no National Eye Institute studies in the United States concerning the use of marijuana to treat glaucoma.

The Glaucoma Research Foundation will continue to monitor the research community for any new and well-designed studies regarding the use of marijuana to effectively treat glaucoma.


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