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Current Armenian Songwriters?

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Posted 07 November 2000 - 09:43 AM

In my humble opinion, all the current producers and arrangers have listened to way too many Gypsy Kings CDs. This goes for Armenian, Iranian and Arabic.

And we've discussed and discussed and discussed singers.

What about Armenian songwriters? Will anything written in the last 5 or 10 years be around 20 years from now? Is Rouben the main (and only) decent songwriter around? It's an effort to find anything memorable in the current crop of music.

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 04:57 PM

Ok, here we go!!
As I have said before, I don't approve of Roupen's talent much. But looking to the fact that will his songs last or not for the next 20 years, I would have to say not all of them. Probably will be remembered "garmir gagachner" and "yerevani gisherneroum". Those songs were popularized by Harout Pamboukjian though.
There is Sona Avagyan, who wrote many songs, which are arranged by Ara Gevorgian. She has won Armenia's 1987 and 1994 best songwriter/singer awards. She also won an award at "Sayat Nova" festival. I prefer Sona over Roupen. Roupen is depressing. We already have problems, we don't need to hear of other peoples'.

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 05:12 PM

What's that one "Pari Luys, Mrs. (something)"? That one sticks in my head. I'm not saying it's great, it just sticks there. So Rouben is not generally considered a good songwriter? I thought he was generally highly regarded. Maybe he'll be like Dylan, Springsteen or Pearl Jam--much better songwriters than performers.

So you're saying don't buy the more recent Shirak Songbooks, because they'll be useless one day?

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 05:32 PM

Mike jan it's BArilus Tikin Arus dzer lvatsk@ choratsel e >>

i'l get you the list of Armenian songwriters soon geve me some time

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 06:31 PM

Well, let me put it this way.
That was my personal opinion. And as Qtromeo often says, listen to the music that makes your day better. And secondly, I like his songs, but I don't like his singing style.
Try Sona Avagyan and tell me what you think.

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Posted 08 November 2000 - 08:00 PM

That's the fun about discussing music--it's all personal opinions.

I'm also not a big fan of him, except that at least it's he's something different that broke into the mainstream. Are there 50 million Rouben imitators yet? The main thing I don't like is that musically he doesn't sound Armenian at all. If I want French, I'll buy French.

I will check out Sona. Thanks!

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