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Posted 16 July 2015 - 09:27 AM

15:43 15/07/2015 » REGION

Response of Karabakh president’s spokesman to J. Warlick: Return of territories to Azerbaijan is out of the question

The position of official Stepanakert on a settlement of the Karabakh conflict remains unchanged: eliminating the reasons, rather than the consequences, should be the main key direction, David Babayan - the spokesman for President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic – told Panorama.am when commenting on the July 14 interview of U.S. C-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group James Warlick to the Russian daily ‘Vedomosti’. 

Babayan said that no good will come of attempts to address the consequences without considering the reasons. “The fact that we have different borders and a different military and political situation today is a consequence of military reasons. If these reasons are not resolved, how can one address the consequences?” the spokesman expressed his perplexity.

He said that it is impossible to speak about the return of territories or other issues as long as there is no political decision on status of the NKR. 
“We have repeatedly stated that we are not opposed to discussing any issues. We stated about our readiness to discuss the refugee problem, but it should be done on the basis of equal principles. Azerbaijani refugees may not return if Armenian refugees do not return to Baku, Sumgait and other cities where they lived and created,” D. Babayan said, noting that any changes to the borders are out of the question simply for the reason that this cannot guarantee the security of the people of Artsakh.

“We repeatedly said that the return of territories is impossible - being an enclave, Artsakh, with its former borders, cannot exist and defend itself. Besides, the adversary is tempted to solve the problem by military means and commit a new genocide. It is a fact, it is history, we are not speaking about theoretical things. They have maintained a blockade since 1988, they organized pogroms throughout the former Azerbaijani Soviet Republic, committed Sumgait pogroms, deported Armenian population of northern Artsakh. And now we need to forget it and return to the territories existing in 1988 so that all of we will be massacred? Imagine that the enemy again establishes control over Karvachar where our rivers head – rivers such as Arpa and Vorotan that flow into Lake Sevan making up 80% of Armenia’s water resources. The enemy will just poison this water to commit yet another genocide. There was a precedent in 1990 when they poisoned the springs that supply water to Stepanakert. All cattle died at that time, numerous people were hospitalized,” Babayan said. 

In response to the remark that after making a statement about the need to return territories, James Warlick spoke about the necessity to deploy peacekeepers to ensure the security of the NKR, David Babayan said: “What can peacekeepers do if the USSR with its huge army failed to solve that problem? For many years, we have protected our borders without peacekeepers, and everything is all right, there are no problems. Everything is more stable than in many other conflict zones”. 

Speaking about the statement of NKR Defense Ministry saying that unlike the situation in the last few days, Azerbaijani troops have begun to violate the ceasefire more frequently on the line of contact between the armed forces of Karabakh and Azerbaijan and on July 14 Azerbaijan used 60 mm mortars – in addition to small arms – in the southern direction, D. Babayan did not consider it a strange thing. 

“Baku has always behaved like that. It just restrained itself for ten days in connection with the European Games, in its own interests. It does not mean that Azerbaijan’s policy has changed. Azerbaijan was and remains a terrorist and fascist state. We cannot expect anything else from that country,” the NKR president’s spokesman said.

Source: Panorama.am

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Posted 19 July 2015 - 07:37 AM

Nagorno-Karabakh is an indigenous Armenian land, Sterligov says in his
address to Azerbaijanis

by Tatevik Shahunyan
Saturday, July 18, 12:06

"I deeply respect the industrious millions of Azerbaijanis, honest and
ordinary people," Russian multimillionaire German Sterligov says on
his Facebook page. To note, Sterligov has recently moved to Nagorno
"It is my deep respect for you that makes me state the historical
truth once again: Karabakh is an ancient Armenian land. Each and all
ancient annals, maps, ancient cemeteries and graves testify to the
fact that Karabakh is a part of the indigenous Armenian lands. Taking
advantage of the lack of history awareness of the overwhelming
majority of the Russian and Azerbaijani people, the mean politicians,
including Leiba Bronstein-Trotsky, Kemal, Kosygin and Eldar Aliyev,
were deceiving both you and us. They tore the historical territory of
Armenia and installed delay-action mines for the future interethnic
wars. It is no secret that the main provocateurs are thousand
kilometers away from Azerbaijan and Armenia - they are in Israel and
the United States," says Sterligov. Sterligov suggests opening the
ancient annals to study the issue and to understand that Artsakh is
the territory of historical Armenia. "I suggest opening the sources at
out disposal. Have you got any ancient documents proving that
Azerbaijan is right in the dispute over Karabakh? I do not know such
documents. If you have any, I ask you to present them to the
international community. I reiterate that the matter concerns the
ancient annals, not the bribed thesis works of modern professors of
"history". Dear Azerbaijani people, I urge you to conduct a peaceful
and constructive dialogue. Only such an approach can save thousands of
Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian lives," he says. Sterligov suggests
holding "the first peaceful roundtable to study the historical
documents on Karabakh at my house in the vicinities of Moscow or at my
house in Shushi. It is for you to decide where to meet. I guarantee
the security of Azerbaijani guests in both places." To note,
Sterligov has recently moved to Nagorno-Karabakh with his family,
because "there are awesome people and awesome living principles" in
Artsakh. He refutes the information that he has fled the Russian
justice and that he has any relations with nationalist circles. He
says he has been persecuted since his book "From Adam to Putin" was
published. To prove that he has no problems with justice, Sterligov
has left his family in Karabakh and has gone to Russia for a few days.
However, a criminal case had been instituted against him there. A
citizen of Israel accuses him of injuriousness.


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Posted 15 August 2015 - 09:29 AM

13:13 15/08/2015 » ANALYSIS

Albuquerque Journal: Since its existence, Azerbaijan desires to wipe ancient Christian Armenia off map

New Mexico state Legislature recently passed a memorial praising Azerbaijan for “tolerance and interfaith harmony.” The facts show Azerbaijan has a history of anything but “interfaith harmony and tolerance” especially when it comes to its neighbor Armenia, a small Christian country facing constant threats of war and harassment from the Azerbaijan government and military, an Albuquerque resident writes for the American newspaper Albuquerque Journal. 

Armenia recently commemorated the 100th anniversary of the genocide of 1.5 million of its people by Ottoman Turks, and Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian rhetoric encourages another genocide against the native Armenian people of the Caucasus. Despite lobbyists’ claims of Azerbaijan being a secular Muslim country, reality is since its independence from the USSR in 1991 it is no longer secular, the author stresses.

“Azerbaijan’s Armenian hate was on full display when Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev freed and promoted in rank an Azerbaijani soldier who beheaded his sleeping Armenian roommate, Army Lt. Gurgen Markaryan, in Hungary during a NATO Partnership for Peace program. This barbaric solider was sentenced to life in prison in Budapest, but in 2012 Azerbaijan spent a fortune to extradite this cold-blooded murderer. Azerbaijan promised Hungary he would serve the rest of his sentence in their country, instead he was pardoned and elevated to national hero status even receiving a parade for killing an Armenian,” the article reads. It further notes that in 2005, Aliyev deployed 100 of his soldiers to Julfa, Nakhijevan, conducting an operation to destroy 2,000 Armenian medieval hand-carved Christian cross-stones. Afterwards, Azerbaijan claimed these monuments never existed.

The author points that since Azerbaijan’s existence, its desire to wipe the ancient Christian country of Armenia off the map is apparent. It is the official policy of the president who inaccurately proclaimed Armenia exists on Azerbaijan land when, in fact, Azerbaijan did not even exist until 1918.

In May 2013, the state oil company of Azerbaijan, SOCAR, secretly funded an all-expenses-paid trip to a conference in Baku (“U.S.-Azerbaijan Convention: Vision for the Future”) for 10 members of Congress and 32 staff members. Three former top aides to President Obama appeared as speakers at the event. The lawmakers and their staff members received hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of travel expenses, silk scarves, crystal tea sets and Azerbaijani rugs valued at $2,500 to $10,000. 

Albuquerque Journal: Pro-Azerbaijan lobbyists in US do not register officially and introduce ‘absurd’ resolutions 

Source: Panorama.am

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Posted 13 September 2015 - 09:01 AM

Belgian lawmakers surprised by lack of anti-Azerbaijani propaganda in
14:14, 12.09.2015

YEREVAN. ` The Belgian lawmakers who traveled to Armenia and Karabakh
were surprised by lack of anti-Azerbaijani propaganda, MP Simone
Susskind said.

`We were surprised to see that there is no propaganda of hatred
against the opponent, especially knowing about Azerbaijani
leadership's attitude toward civil society. Of course, it will be
difficult to compare situation with Azerbaijan [official Baku
blacklisted MPs after their trip to Karabakh ` ed.]. Nevertheless, we
know that a part of Azerbaijani civil society does not share position
of the authorities,' she added.

This does not meet that superiority of one of the parties has to be
underlined. On the contrary, it is necessary to maintain contacts
between the society of Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

`We have to understand how to promote dialogue,'she added.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:03 AM


15:59, 25 September, 2015

BRUSSELS, SEPTEMBER 25, ARMENPRESS. Vice Chair of Group of the
Greens/European Free Alliance, MEP Michèle Rivasi is concerned with
the latest ceasefire regime violations on Azerbaijani part due to
which 3 civilians were killed in Armenia border settlements.

Michèle Rivasi told "Armenpress" correspondent in Brussels that she
was scandalized by this violence

"I am scandalized by this violence. We know of the historical enmity
which exists between Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, but this time
it directly concerns Armenia.

I will ask the European Commission to denounce this act of violence,
this act of war. It is unacceptable. This is a provocation which
resulted in the death of three women which is completely unacceptable.

The European Commission has to react to the actions of Azerbaijan.

This is done to provoke Armenia and to get reaction from Armenia. That
would be the beginning of the end. The European Commission has to
denounce the acts of Azerbaijan and also to sanction them. I find
this unacceptable and very grave what has happened.

This is a way to prevent any negotiations. An encounter (between
the foreign ministers) was planned and this is a sterile provocation
which can be very dangerous for the future.

I want everybody to calm down and I want the commission to react
in regards to this. This is not only a matter between Armenia and
Azerbaijan. European and international institutions have to denounce
these acts.

Two civilians were killed and 2 were injured due to rival shooting in
Berdavan community of Tavush region on September 24. Sona Revazyan,
1974, and Shushan Asatryan, 1921, are the victims. Earlier it became
known that in another bordering community of Tavush, Paravakar,
Paytsar Aghajanyan aged 83, was killed by rival fire," Rivasi said.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:05 AM


21:07, 24 September, 2015

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 24, ARMENPRESS. Azerbaijan once again displays its
terroristic nature and that it is against the OSCE Minsk Group format.

RPA spokesperson, NA Vice President Eduard Sharmazanov mentioned about
this in an interview with journalists after the September 24 Session
of RPA Executive Body, referring to the shooting at Tavush Province
bordering communities which resulted in deaths and injuries. "Firing
at civilians has always been unacceptable. Firing at civilians
is forbidden even during war time. It is nothing but component of
terrorism", "Armenpress" reports, Sharmazanov emphasized.

He also added that the international society must see all these,
give a precise assessment and censure Azerbaijan's terrorist acts.

According to the NA Vice-President, Azerbaijan incites border tension
prior to the meeting of Foreign Ministers in New York, trying to
disrupt the peace process. "Azerbaijan once again displays that it
is against the OSCE Minsk Group format. It is against the proposals
made by the Minsk Group co-chairs", emphasized Sharmazanov.

NA Vice-President expressed conviction that the Armenian Armed Forces
will be able to appropriately retaliate to the rival activities
in case of necessity, stressing that statements will be issued by
relevant state structures of Armenia.

Two civilians were killed by rival shooting in Berdavan community
of Tavush Province. Two more are injured. Head of the Department of
Public Relations and Information of the Police of the Republic of
Armenia, Ashot Aharonyan, informed "Armenpress" about this.

Sona Revazyan, 1974, and Shushan Asatryan, 1921, are the victims.

Earlier it became known that in another bordering community of Tavush,
Paravakar, Paytsar Aghajanyan , 83, was killed by rival fire.

The Department of Information and Public Affairs of the Ministry of
Defense of the Republic of Armenia informed that the enemy continues
to violate the ceasefire regime in the direction of Tavush Province
bordering communities. There are no casualties and injured among
the soldiery.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:07 AM


18:10, 25 Sep 2015
Siranush Ghazanchyan

Armenian Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan has called attention
to the issue of Armenian civilians killed and wounded in Azerbaijani

The Ombudsman has applied to a number of international structures,
including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the OSCE
Chairman-in-Office, the International Ombudsman Institute, the EU
Commissioner of Human Rights, the European Ombudsman Institute, the
International Committee of the Red Cross, the Human Rights Watch and
other international partners

"Yesterday Azerbaijan severely violated the 3rd Article of the
Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons,
which prohibits any assault on the life and health of persons taking
no active part in military actions."

"Besides, the Convention prohibits any attack on the settlement
populated by civilians. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan has attacked the houses
in Armenia's border villages and cultivated lands," the Ombudsman said.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:09 AM


18:56 â~@¢ 25.09.15

The Armenian side must not remain silent on the situation on the
Armenian-Azerbaijani border, which is the result of Azerbaijan's
provocations, Ivan Konovalov, Director of the Center of Strategic
Conjuncture, told Tert.am.

Commenting on the latest incidents in Armenia's Tavush regin, Mr
Konovalov said:

"I think it was Azerbaijan's provocation because civilians were
killed. Casualties among the military can be understood because it is
a situation of war. But victims among civilians is a different thing.

It is an act of aggression, and the best way of deterring Azerbaijan's
aggression is raising the problem at the Collective Security Treaty
Organization (CSTO). Armenia must submit the problem to discussions."

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan raised the problem at the CSTO a
few days ago, with no response on the CSTO's part.

"I am sorry, but I do not at all confident that Azerbaijan will stop
its provocations. Therefore I say again that the problem of ceasefire
violations and border tensions must be raised at the international
level, the CSTO and United Nations. The Armenian side must not
miss a chance to make a statement at the UN Security Council because
incidents are fraught with escalation of the conflict. To be frank, the
Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict is not a priority for the international
community now, and the entire world has focused on the Islamic state.

"No one is seriously concerned with the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process
now. So the Armenian side must 'liven up' the situation. But it cannot
do so by remaining silent."

As to the reasons why the international community, particularly the
OSCE Minsk Group, is not making specific statements, the expert said:

"This is a long-standing conflict. A moment comes when people are not
any more serious about ceasefire violations. This is the reason why
such incidents are underestimated. I think escalating the situation
is unacceptable, and the Armenian side must explain he threats to
the international community."

Asked if a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is
still possible, Mr Konovalov said that this long-standing conflict
has not yet been peacefully settled.

"Under the circumstances, a settlement of the conflict requires
the great powers' will - the political will of those guaranteeing
regional peace."

In response to a remark that Russia, one of the guarantors, is selling
arms to Azerbaijan, Mr Konovalov said:

"War is war. If two nations have an unresolvable problem between them,
the matter is settled in a military way. Regrettably, I do not see
a peaceful and diplomatic way of settling the conflict. I think it
requires time. This is the reason for the international community
not responding. It cannot be helped. There is no key to solution."


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:10 AM


September 25, 2015 - 19:06 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenian troops retaliated to Azerishelling of
Armenian villages in the province of Tavush. At least 5 Azerbaijani
soldiers were destroyed in the counterattack, with another 5 injured,
Panorama.am reports.

Azerbaijani military base, located on the hills opposite to Armenian
village of Paravakar was also destroyed.

The Armenian village of Paravakar in Tavush province was shelled by
Azerbaijani armed forces Thursday, September 24.

A village resident, Paytsar Aghajanyan was deadly wounded, the chief
of Paravakar, Roland Margaryan told PanARMENIAN.net.

Other border villages were also bombarded: Sona Revazyan (born in
1974) and Shushan Asatryan (born in 1921) were killed in the border
village of Berdavan.

The Armenian military warned about retaliatory measures, "with
Azerbaijani military-political authorities to bear the entire
responsibility for the consequences."


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:11 AM


22:13, 25 Sep 2015
Siranush Ghazanchyan

Four Armenian soldiers were killed as the Azerbaijan side opened fire
from Turkey-made TR-107 reactive rocket launchers in the north-eastern
direction of the Defense Army at about 17:30, NKR Ministry of Defense
said in a statement.

The victims were identified as Norayr Khachatryan, born in 1995, Robert
Mkrtchyan, born in 1995, Harut Hakobyan, born in 1997, Karen Shahinyan,
born in 1997. The Ministry said several soliers were also wounded.

Probe into the details of the case is under way.

The NKR Defense Ministry shares the sorrow of the heavy loss and
expresses its sympathy to the families and friends of the killed


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:12 AM


17:33, 25 September, 2015

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 25, ARMENPRESS. Energy-rich Azerbaijan has in
recent years increased military expenditures, prompting concern of
instability in an already volatile and strategic region.

Three women were killed and several people wounded in what the Armenian
Interior Ministry said on Friday was Azeri shelling and gunfire from
across the border the previous night. "Armepress" reports that German
Deutche Welle writes about Azerbaijani ceasefire violation which 3
Armenian women were killed.

Deutche Welle noted that the incidents took place on the eve of the
agreed meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers in
New York.

As Deutche Welle reports the Armenian Defense Ministry condemned the
attack as an act of provocation and urged Azerbaijan "to refrain from
any steps which are aimed at escalation of the situation." It added
that the country would take "appropriate steps to pacify Azerbaijani
armed forces."

"The deaths are the latest in a two-decade-long conflict between the
former Soviet Republics that has claimed nearly 30,000 lives. The two
sides have periodically clashed since a ceasefire went into effect in
1994, when ethnic Armenians in Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh region
separated from Baku," says Deutche Welle.

Deutche Welle also cited OSCE Minsk Group statement urging the two
sides to avoid civilian casualties.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:13 AM


18:52, 25 September, 2015

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 25, ARMENPRESS. "Karabakh war veterans" NGO issued
a statement on the occasion of civilian casualties resulted by rival
shooting in Berdavan community of Tavush Province on September 24
and the recent escalation of tension on Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

"It was with great sorrow and wrath that we got informed about the
fatal shelling of Tavush bordering communities and the civilian
casualties caused by it. Elderly people died during the days of
the ceasefire achieved by us, and also those who remained with them
trying to save them at the time of shelling were killed or injured,
including young mothers.

We walked through the entire path of the Artsakh war and we well
remember the innocent victims, as well as the grievous, but fair
response that we gave against the shedding blood. We stood at the
roots of the creation of the army and always stood side by side with
the Armenian army and accept the famous statement of the Defense
Ministry of the Republic of Armenia as an order.

And today, we remind the Azerbaijani army using the citizens of
emptying bordering communities, frightened by the revenge, as a shield,
about our encounters until 1994 and after and clearly announce that
everything, including our tolerance, has its limits. On September
24 you again turned into murderers. We clearly say that the next
time, instead of reaching the bullets and shells fired by you to
our civilians, we, together with the soldiers of Armenian army will
encounter you.

Thus, we urge instead of being always cautious, to awaken",
"Armenpress" reports that the statement issued by "Karabakh war
veterans" NGO reads.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:13 AM


22:10 â~@¢ 25.09.15

Member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki condemns
Azerbaijan's aggression.

In an interview with Armenpress he said, in particular:

"I believe that the land of Nagorno-Karabakh is the land of Armenians.

"This massacre is an act of terrorism. It is completely unacceptable
from a European point of view.

"I want to see European institutions act very strongly in defending
human rights and in supporting Armenian independence and democracy.

This is some kind of war against Armenia and I support Armenia because
the long connectations that exist between our people, between people
from Bulgaria and Armenia.

"This is terror against the government and the people of Armenia. It is
is necessary for the European Commision not to be blind. I believe that
the European commission must support the sovereign Armenian state."


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:14 AM


22:24 â~@¢ 25.09.15

Member of the National Assembly of France Francois Rochebloine has
condemned the latest acts of aggression by Azerbaijan.

In an interview with Armenpress he said:

"War in itself is unacceptable. Shooting on civilians is
unacceptable. Already shooting on soldiers, even though there is a
ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Karabakh, already has to be condemned.

"On the other hand this does not surprise me. Since a certain time
Azerbaijan has intensified its repeated fires towards on the line of
contact with Nagorno-Karabakh.

"I have just returned from Karabakh, I was there last Sunday. I
haven't been on the frontline this month but I was there in May. I
have seen the situation as it was, I heard bullets flying by. There
is not a day or night without Azerbaijan firing, with stronger and
stronger weapons. Soldiers are killed and today they even shoot on
civilians. It is entirely unacceptable. It is unacceptable.

"This is a frontal attack from Azerbaijan on Armenia.

"I call upon France, its government and its ministry of foreign affairs
to intervene and put pressure on the foreign ministry of Azerbaijan
to make sure these unacceptable acts cease.

"This has to happen very soon. When I see that certain French members
of parliament support this Azerbaijan I find this unacceptable."


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:15 AM


Naira Hayrumyan, Political Commentator
Comments - 25 September 2015, 20:52


Shelling by Azerbaijan Killed 4, Wounded Several

This Is Already a Large-Scale War

Agreement Will Ratify Azerbaijan's Defeat

Azerbaijani Firing Killed 3 and Injured 2 Civilians

Giving Up On Karabakh: Who Is Telling the Truth?

The Azerbaijani foreign minister has issued a statement on the
escalation at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Note that yesterday
the Azerbaijani snipers killed 3 and injured four civilians.

The Azerbaijani foreign ministry blames the Armenian side for the
sabotage. In addition, the Armenians are to blame for locating the
emplacements close or deep in the villages, thus making the peaceful
population a target.

In fact, the Azerbaijani ministry of foreign affairs has confessed
that it is shooting at both military and civilian facilities along
the Armenian borders. Earlier the Azerbaijani ministry of defense
also informed that the soldiers do not shoot at peaceful people but
they have an order to fire at every "moving object".

This is about "moving objects" in the territory of Armenia. In
other words, Azerbaijan admits to military actions in the territory
of Armenia.

After these confessions the statement of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs
is nonsense. Note that the co-chairs urge "both sides" to observe the
ceasefire and refrain from violence against the peaceful population.

The artificial parity of the Minsk Group is already too much. Baku's
sincere confessions about guilt are not influencing it. The Minsk
Group statement holds that they cannot understand where the violence
is coming from. The Azerbaijani foreign minister states that the
reason is that the Armenian villages are too close to the border.

Does the Minsk Group have the mandate to look into the reasons of
escalation at the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan? As is known,
the Minsk Group was created to seek for ways of settlement of the
Karabakh conflict while Armenia still insists that it has no direct
link to the conflict. The Armenian side believes that the conflict
is between Azerbaijan and Karabakh which has seceded from it.

In this case, what is the point in turning to the Minsk Group?

Wouldn't it be better to turn to OSCE, the UN and other organizations
which have the right to investigate firing at the population of
one country by another country? The Minsk Group does not have such
a mandate.

- See more at:

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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:17 AM


Interfax: Russia & CIS General Newswire
September 24, 2015 Thursday 9:23 PM MSK

YEREVAN. Sept 24

The Armenian Armed Forces will take necessary steps to discontinue
Azeri shelling of Armenian territory and Yerevan urges Baku to refrain
from further action that would destabilize the region, a spokesperson
for the Armenian Defense Ministry told Interfax on Thursday.

"The Armenian Defense Ministry is calling on Azerbaijan to refrain
from any action that would escalate the situation, and to take steps
to stabilize the situation. We are urging the population of Azeri
border villages to avoid being used as a shield for the armed forces
of Azerbaijan. To stabilize the border situation and suppress the
activities by the Azeri armed forces; the Armenian Armed Forces will
take proportional action as a result of which full responsibility
will be borne by military and political leaders of Azerbaijan,"
the spokesperson said.

Azerbaijan "has acted provocatively" on the eve of talks and meetings
over Karabakh and is "deliberately creating tensions on the border
line," the spokesperson said.

"All this attests to Azerbaijan ignoring efforts and initiatives as
part of the Karabakh peace process and destabilizing the situation
artificially. The Armenian Defense Ministry hereby states that the
actions by Azeri military and political leaders contradict the logic
of the talks of the OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation
in Europe] Minsk Group and the principles of international humanitarian
law," the ministry said.

Earlier on Thursday an Armenian police spokesperson said that three
civilians had been killed and another two injured in an Azeri military
attack in Tavush Region in the northeast of the country.

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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:19 AM


The New York Times
Sept 25 2015

SEPT. 24, 2015

The Armenian police said Thursday that three civilians in villages
near the border with Azerbaijan had been killed by Azerbaijani forces.

Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry said that Azerbaijani villages in the
area had come under fire and that the armed forces had responded. The
two former Soviet republics are locked in a long conflict over
Nagorno-Karabakh, a largely Armenian region of Azerbaijan.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:19 AM


Agence France Presse
September 24, 2015 Thursday 6:44 PM GMT

Yerevan, Sept 24 2015

Azerbaijani forces on Thursday shelled Armenia, killing three civilian
women, officials in Yerevan said, as tensions mounted in the Caucasus
neighbours' decades-long conflict over the disputed Nagorny Karabakh

Three women aged up to 94 "died as a result of shelling by Azerbaijani
armed forces" in Armenia's north-eastern Tavush region close to the
border with Azerbaijan, Armenia's interior ministry spokesman Ashot
Agaronyan told AFP.

"A 70-year-old women was killed in the village of Paravakar village,
and two other women, aged 94 and 41 were killed in the village of
Berdavan. Two other civilians were wounded," he said.

"Shelling from large-calibre mortars" was still continuing on Thursday
evening, Agaronyan said.

Armenia is locked in a protracted conflict with Azerbaijan over the
breakaway region of Nagorny Karabakh, an ethnic Armenian enclave
in Azerbaijan.

Armenia's defence ministry condemned the shelling as an "act of
provocation" as the two countries' foreign ministers are set to meet
on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on a date
still to be confirmed.

"Our neighbour's military leadership shows complete disdain towards
diplomatic efforts aimed at finding a negotiated solution to the
(Karabakh) conflict," Armenia said in a statement.

"Armenia will take appropriate steps to pacify Azerbaijani armed
forces," the ministry added.

The two ex-Soviet nations regularly exchange fire along their shared
border and across Karabakh's volatile frontline but last year clashes
hit a new high.

Ethnic Armenian separatists backed by Yerevan seized control of the
territory during a 1990s war that left some 30,000 dead.

Despite years of negotiations, the two countries have not signed a
final peace deal to cement a tenuous 1994 ceasefire.

Energy-rich Azerbaijan, whose military spending exceeds Armenia's
entire state budget, has threatened to take back the breakaway region
by force if negotiations fail to yield results.

Armenia -- backed by Russia which sells weapons to both Baku and
Yerevan -- says it could crush any offensive.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:19 AM


Press TV, Iran
Sept 25 2015

Armenian officials say three women have lost their lives after the
Azerbaijani army shelled Tavush region in northeastern Armenia.

"A 70-year-old woman was killed in the village of Paravakar, and two
other women, aged 94 and 41, were killed in the village of Berdavan.

Two other civilians were wounded," said Armenia's Interior Ministry
Spokesman Ashot Agaronyan on Thursday.

Agaronyan added that the Azerbaijani armed forces continued to target
the area with "large-caliber mortars" on Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, Armenia's Defense Ministry condemned the deadly attack as
an "act of provocation," saying it will derail diplomatic efforts to
resolve the decades-long border conflict between the two states.

"Our neighbor's military leadership shows complete disdain towards
diplomatic efforts aimed at finding a negotiated solution to the
(Karabakh) conflict," the ministry said in a statement, adding,
"Armenia will take appropriate steps to pacify Azerbaijani armed

This is while reports say that the foreign ministers of the two
countries are scheduled to hold talks on the sidelines of the the
United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The two ex-Soviet Caucasus nations claim the territory of
Nagorno-Karabakh, which is largely populated by Armenians but located
in Azerbaijan.

Ethnic Armenian forces took control over the enclave, which accounts
for 16 percent of Azerbaijan, in the early 1990s during a six-year
war that lasted from February 1988 to May 1994.

The conflict left an estimated 30,000 people dead and one million
displaced before the two sides agreed to a ceasefire in 1994. However,
a permanent peace accord has never been inked and the dispute still
remains unsettled.

Azerbaijan has threatened to take back the region by force if
negotiations between the two sides fail to yield results, while
Armenia has pledged to retaliate against any military action.


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:20 AM


Arutz Sheva, Israel
Sept 25 2015

The Azerbaijan military attacked several villages along its border
with Armenia, killing three and wounding another two, according to
Armenian reports.

A spokesperson for the Armenian police says that the victims were
killed by small arms fire and artillery strikes on the Tavush
Province. The ministry of defense also called on the Azerbaijan
government "to avoid steps that would escalate the situation on
the border."

Azeri officials have not commented on the reports.


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