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Armenian character

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Posted 07 April 2000 - 12:40 PM

What do you think is the worst point of a typical Armenian character????

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Posted 09 April 2000 - 11:03 AM

Well, mostly being pigheaded and somewhat of a chauvinist!!! But, don't hate me 'cause I still love my people

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Posted 21 April 2000 - 07:29 AM

Originally posted by k.g.:
Well, mostly being pigheaded and somewhat of a chauvinist!!! But, don't hate me 'cause I still love my people

Hold on, Hold on, she asked for the worst point in armenian character, why do u immediately jump to criticise armenian men ??
When theres criticism on character its always the men's fault? I dont think u r being fair. I dont care how bad the criticism is, as long as it is just and fair.
Women have to reform themselves just as much as men do, hokis anush hye xchig

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Posted 30 April 2000 - 09:25 AM

yeah, ya know, I think you're absolutely right. If there's going to be criticism, it should get both sides of the field.
In that case, I think that too many of our females are rather submissive. It's the 90's people! Can we please NOT be heta m@nats?:D

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Posted 05 May 2000 - 06:19 PM

The worst characteristics of Armenians? There are so many! They are petty, grudge-holding, bitter, nosy, back-biting. As a "ges odar" I am made to feel like shit by you big nose bastards! Even though I speak Armenian and am knowledgeable of the culture I have never truly been accepted by you people and you can probably see that in this reply.
And yet I am proud of being half Armenian. They are a great, talented persevering race. When people ask me what I am, I automatically say Armenian rather than Irish. Oh well enough. Are there any other "ges odars" out there.

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Posted 06 May 2000 - 06:22 AM

Poor thing!
But you know what, everything depends on you!!
I am half Armenian by blood , but i'm a pure Armenian by heart!!!
People never Know I'm not a pure armo, because I look and behave like a reaL ARMO.

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Posted 06 May 2000 - 09:22 AM

Nayek dzer tsav@ tanem.
LAv te VAt Hye en bolor@,
Hye ka ashxarh@ Matov a tsuyts talis.
Hye el ka Ashxarh@ mata tsuyts talis.
Karevor@ iyne vor stapvek dzer kisat prat kyank@ hamaxmbek,
Shovinist inchu che
Natsinalist inchu che
to peq yerav Fashist el klinem te DA im Azgin Ogut a Berelu , te sa e lutselu im Azgis HArts@.
inchu che unenk mer vat kormer@
#1 Moranum enk Shat shut
iyskan ban Mornum enk vor menk Hye enk Mornum enk vor menk HArtser unenk lutselu moranum enk vor amen meks mi Hyei zavak enk
Yete chmornank gutse amen ankam mer vorosh axchikner@ tanits durs galsi mi hat irents hayliyi mej k@nayen vor pijoni pes tanits durs chgan . 5 hat akanjor u 6 guyni manikyur qselov. mi moratsek te ov ek um Azgin ek nerkayatsnum .
Yete chmoranank lav klini asel mer Hye traneri masin srants mej el pakas pijoner chkan l@pstats mazerov et itsamorukov u irants otaratench aprelakerpov.
yekek chmoranank te menk ov enk .
yekek chmoranank te um zavaknern enk yev um enk nerkayatsnum .
menk voch mi Baroyakan iravunk chunenk iyspisin linelu iysor.
menk der Hartser unenk lutselu.!!
menk der Yerkir unenk Pahelu .!!
menk der Yeraz unenk anavart .!!

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Posted 06 May 2000 - 07:50 PM

I came back to this site to see if anyone responded to my message. Well good for you Nvard, you look Armenian. I however, don't and I think there is some jealousy on the part of Armenians, including my family because I don't have a huge nose and am not hairy like a neanderthal! Don't tell me that this isn't true, all you have to do is see how popular nose jobs and electrolysis is in the Armenian community, and not just with women!

On a more substantial note, I believe Armenians are being held back by their grudge-holding. Now they have become worse than the Turks towards the Kurds and Azeris in Nagorno-Karabagh. Its enough already! Give it a rest! Now the Georgians are reaping the benefit of the oil pipeline running through their country from Azerbaijan to Turkey, all because the Armenians had to continue with their bitterness. Learn from the Greeks who are finally beginning to bury the hatchet and are reaching out to the Turks. We are supposed to be Christians, yet we behave like old Testament Jews.

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Posted 06 May 2000 - 08:30 PM

Well, Steve, I'm sorry you feel that way! What my impression is is that you've gotten so bitter because you've been unfortunately exposed to some (or a lot!) of the "old school" armenians who are not as tolerant and open minded as the rest of us! Trust me on this one! We all, yes even probably YOU, do have some degree of racism within us,... but it's how we respond to those impulses and if we put ourselves in the others' shoes before we make them feel like sh*t!--Just look at the BIIIIIIIIG division WITHIN the armenian community based on georgraphic origin; I think it's disgusting and I'm 100% armenian!!! However I do NOT agree with you on the whole Arm-Turk-Azr issue! Armenians have been denied their rights for so long and have been oppressed for so long that it only SEEMS like we are asking for too much! No we're not! We're only asking for acknowledgment and for what's rightfully ours! You know, Eastern Turkey DID belong to us 1st. However, what I think is that Armenians should start "acting" more like the jews and SUPPORT one another and become LOUDER and BE HEARD about the genocide (just like with the holocaust!)--When we unite we'll accomplish many great things! -----------And for those of you who got all excited about me being unfair to the "poor guys" (hehe)let me tell you that there ARE unfortunately plenty of gold digging Arm. (you know whats!!!) who sk**w the guy and milk all the money they can out of him!SADLY!!!---There, am I being fair now???

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Posted 07 May 2000 - 06:44 AM

Hi, Steve!
When i said i looked ARMENIAN, i didn't mean that i have a huge nose and i'm covered with hair, like a monkey, I AM NOT LIKE THAT!
I meant that when people meat me, i look armenian to them because of the way i present myself and of the ideas i stick to!
I am sorry that you had a failing experience in that! I know that some armenians act like idiots!!!
you just haven't met the right people!

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Posted 12 May 2000 - 09:12 AM

Steve, I am half Armenian by blood and pure by heart just like Nvard said. You can't know how much I want to have a child with an Armenian woman! God blessed me with the nose and the hairy body of the "usual" Armenian . I know some Armenians that don't look Armenian at all, light eyes, light hair, etc. But when I start talking Armenian with the person I feel so proud and I consider him (or her) as a brother (or sister).
Steve, it's all about what YOU choose to be. I chose to be Armenian and I am very much accepted by others and I don't think it's because of the Armenian "physique"; I talk Armenian quite well and I also know quite a lot about our culture, it helps. For example, my big brother isn't well integrated in Armenians because he simply doesn't care and I'm afraid he'll end up just like my fatherl : marry with an "odar" and later get divorced with children not feeling proud about being Armenian because they will be only, well, 1/4 Armenian. Only the name stays.
To answer to the topic question I have to say that I don't really know a typical worst point but I can tell you that the usual "talking in the back of others" or even the discriminatory feeling is not Armenian, these are things adopted from Arab countries (Lebaon, Syria) where this was quite common during the armenian exile, I came up with this answer by asking myself the same question a while ago .

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