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Wolves & Werewolves In Armenian Folklore

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Posted 30 October 2004 - 04:14 PM

A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who changes into a wolf, either by purposefully using magic in some manner or by being placed under a curse. In fictional treatments starting in the 19th century and in popular modern superstition this transformation is said to take place at full moon, either for a few nights every month or permanently. It is said that a werewolf may be killed if shot by a silver bullet.


There are women, so the Armenian belief runs, who in consequence of deadly sins are condemned to pass seven years in the form of a wolf. A spirit comes to such a woman and brings her a wolf's skin. He orders her to put it on, and no sooner has she done this than the most frightful wolfish cravings make their appearance and soon get the upper hand. Her better nature conquered, she makes a meal of her own children, one by one, then of her relatives' children according to the degree of relationship, and finally the children of strangers begin to fall a prey to her. She wanders forth only at night, and doors and locks spring open at her approach. When morning draws near she returns to human form and removes her wolf skin. In these cases the transformation was involuntary or virtually so. But side by side with this belief in involuntary metamorphosis, we find the belief that human beings can change themselves into animals at will and then resume their own form.



I vaguely remember my grandfather telling stories or narrating this legend. Has anyone heard of it or has a reference?

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Posted 23 October 2005 - 07:59 PM

Although not Werewolfs, I do recall my father remembering a very interesting reference to mythic wolves from his grandmother, my great. She used to tell him as a child that when the sun shines and it rains simultaneously, the she-wolf is giving birth to a cub. This has fascinated me since youth.

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Posted 29 October 2005 - 04:07 AM

QUOTE (Zartonk @ Oct 23 2005, 07:59 PM)
She used to tell him as a child that when the sun shines and it rains simultaneously, the she-wolf is giving birth to a cub.

My grandmother used to tell me the same smile.gif

But i have never heard about "armenian women werewolves" like mentioned in the 1st post.

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Posted 11 July 2006 - 06:02 PM

I read about werewolf type of thing in Van but it was long time ago. The witnesses describe him a human with the wolf head. And supposedly he used to go through the Van's gardens and fight with gardners. But then he dissapeared again after a while.


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