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Presidential Elections 2008 In Armenia March 1

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 09:07 AM

ARKA, Armenia
Aug 10 2018
Armenia’s Court of Appeals to announce its ruling on former president Kocharyan on August 13

YEREVAN, August 10. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Court of Appeals will announce its decision on a petition filed by ex-president Robert Kocharyan’s lawyers against his arrest, on August 13, one of Kocharyan's lawyer, Aram Orbelyan, told journalists today. 

He added that the decision will be made public on Monday at 4:00 pm. According to Orbelyan, he and other lawyers believe that the Court of Appeals will deliver a positive ruling, as Kocharyan shed some light on some facts.

Earlier the Office of the Prosecutor-General declined an appeal signed by 46 members of the parliament, to release Robert Kocharyan from custody pending investigation into the 2008 post-election violence in Yerevan. The lawmakers, the bulk from the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia, guaranteed in writing that Kocharyan will not flee prosecution if set free.

A Yerevan district court late on July 27 ruled that the Special Investigative Service (SIS) could hold Kocharyan for two months in pre-trial detention pending investigation. The case dates back to late February and early March 2008 following the disputed presidential election, when then prime minister Serzh Sargsyan was declared the winner, angering the opposition, led by the first Armenian president Levon Ter-Petrosyan and setting off 10 days of nonstop protests that led to a crackdown on March 1, in which 10 people were killed and more than 200 injured.

Kocharyan is now charged with toppling constitutional order in collusion with other persons, and the agency has applied to court for a detention warrant. 

The same charge was brought against Yuri Khachaturov, secretary general of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, who had been the chief of the Yerevan garrison at the time of the bloody events of 2008.  However, Khachaturov was released on bail, for AMD 5 million.  

Also former defense minister Mikael Harutyunyan is wanted by the law-enforcement authorities as a defendant in the case. He is accused of illegally using the Armenian armed forces against opposition supporters who demonstrated in Yerevan in the wake of the disputed presidential election held in February 2008. --0----


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Posted 17 August 2018 - 10:14 AM

The Koz Telegram
Aug 16 2018
Ex-President of Armenia will be summoned for questioning because of the suppression of protests in 2008
magictr | August 16, 2018


The former President of Armenia Serzh Sarsyan questioned in the case about the suppression of protests in 2008, when ten people were killed, reported the Special investigation service of the country.

Office chair Sasun Khachatryan on August 16 said that will be questioned all those involved in the case”, writes Radio Liberty.

“Serge Sarsyan also questioned”, said Khachatryan, adding that the procedure “will be determined by the investigator on the basis of a criminal investigation and feasibility of implementation of specific investigative activities.”

Khachatryan also expressed hope for the re-arrest of the former President of Armenia Robert Kocharian in connection with the case.

In late July, the court arrested Kocharian for two months on charges of involvement in the suppression of protests in 2008. Next month the policy was released. The court explained this decision by the fact that, under the Constitution, the President of the country during the tenure and after this could not be criminally prosecuted and held liable for actions arising from its status.

The release of ex-President provoked a wave of protests in Yerevan.

The Chairman of the investigative service called the court’s decision, the decision to release Kocharyan’s illegal. He stressed that the former President would be arrested immediately if they try to run away from Armenia.

Kocharyan calls the charges against him as politically motivated.

The case against Kocharian was broken due to the forceful dispersal of protests after the presidential elections in 2008. Then the protesters are supporters of Levon Ter-Petrosyan, who was defeated in the elections, demanding revision of results of voting. In clashes with police 10 people were killed. Kocharian declared a state of emergency, protests in the country stopped.

One of the organizers of rallies in 2008 and was the current Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinian. In 2010 on charges of organizing riots and was sentenced to seven years in prison. In may 2011 Pashinyan was released on Amnesty.


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Posted 20 August 2018 - 09:24 AM

Nikol Pashinyan: You will sit with all the murderers (video)
  • 23:45 | August 17,2018 | Politics
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan touched upon Robert Kocharyan’s statement that he was a victim of political persecution.

“If you are a victim, what do you do in freedom? Or do you think we do not know the ways of forcing judges to impose this or that illegal decision? But we have abandoned that practice and I want to say that we are proud of our government that we have abandoned that practice.”

Pashinyan stressed that nobody will be allowed to avoid responsibility.

“I exclude that anyone will avoid the responsibility for killing 10 civilians and carrying out state revolution in the Republic of Armenia on March 1. There cannot be such a thing. There cannot be such a thing,” announced Nikol Pashinyan and added, “You will sit with all the murderers. And I am authorized to declare it on behalf of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia.”




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Posted 25 September 2018 - 08:57 AM

823a403c-ce32-4d86-985b-8d4b6effb94c.png ECHR Orders Compensation to be Paid to March 1, 2008 Protester       15a58a5a-cf1e-401a-88e4-261ec8667381.png On September 20th, 2018, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) released a ground-breaking verdict in response to calls for evaluation of the treatment and persecution of citizens who were arrested in relation to the March 1st 2008 protests in Yerevan, Armenia. Mr. Mushegh Saghatelyan, one such arrested activist, had complained of “ill-treatment by the police” and that his arrest had been unlawful. He furthermore had asserted that the entire case brought against him by the Armenian government was fabricated. In the Chamber judgement, the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been violations of several articles, including the right to liberty and security, and the right to a fair trial.  In response to this judgement, the Court held that Armenia was to pay Mr. Saghatelyan 15,600 euros (EUR) “in respect of non-pecuniary damage” and EUR 5,000 “in respect of costs and expenses.” 559af2d4-ad2f-4fb5-b15f-adab63f1a985.jpg The Zoryan Institute, committed to examining the forces and factors which shape Armenian life and contemporary history, has closely followed the subsequent developments of the March 2008 protests, violence and killings in Yerevan, Armenia. The September 20th ECHR ruling offers the first tangible evidence of the corruption and wrongful prosecution that followed the March 2008 protests, as well as the ongoing failures of the Armenian judicial system. The ruling confirms that in the wake of the 2008 clashes the government willingly distorted the truth of the events. Armenian President Robert Kocharyan opted to use the army against opposition protesters because, according to Armenian officials, the “government thought the protesters were armed”. Various news outlets reported that on March 2nd, 2008, military vehicles entered the capital. Soldiers used gunfire and tear gas to violently attack the thousands of protesters assembled in the square. 49a33aba-0179-4b00-98d1-c9c05e3d2186.jpg In the days that followed the clashes, news outlets reported that the Armenian government denied excessive force. A ban on public gatherings, media censorship and internet censorship were put in place as reactive measures. Mr. Saghatelyan’s verdict delivers to Armenia, and the world, evidence of the police brutality that was used during this event, confirms that citizens were wrongfully jailed, and represents the first time that victims’ rights in this incident have been established. The ECHR has brought due diligence and justice to a victim involved in the clashes, paving the way for other cases to be opened. The failures of Armenia’s judicial system have been exposed, demonstrating the urgent need for judicial reform. Reform is integral to both the future of Armenia, and to making amends for the corruption and nepotism of the past. One means of enacting the judicial reform is by way of institutional reform, a method associated with transitional justice. The International Center for Transitional justice states that the “…reform of state institutions involved in human rights abuses can be an important transitional justice measure that promotes accountability and helps prevent the recurrence of violations.”

The Zoryan Institute recognizes that the September 20th ECHR ruling could have a profound impact on the future of Armenia. This ruling creates an opportunity for the government to undertake judicial reform, and ultimately establish accountability and trust amongst civil society. For the full and detailed report released by the ECHR please click on the button below:  ECHR Report

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