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Posted 30 August 2003 - 11:05 AM

Saturday, August 30, 2003
No matter how rotten the status quo,
it will have its supporters and defenders.
From Nero and Caligula to Idid Amin Dada and Saddam:
they all had their supporters and beneficiaries.
A regime does not need majority support to survive.
All it needs is a ruthless elite,
a minority of supporters (or priviligentsia),
and an apathetic or intimidated majority.
Consider our present situation,
or the regime in Yerevan and
the garbage dump of the Diaspora.
Who profits?
The mafias in the Homeland
and the academics in the Diaspora.
The academics can always count
on the political and financial support of our elites
provided they concentrate on the Middles Ages
and the Massacres and ignore our present problems
by pretending we have none
or if we have any, time will solve them
if not in two than in three generations.
Why are you so tough on your fellow Armenians?
I am asked once in a while by concerned readers.
I am not tough on Armenians.
I am tough on deceivers, dividers, and bloodsuckers
regardless of nationality.
I am tough on all victimizers.
Now then, identify yourself please.
Are you a victimizer or a victim?
If you are a victim, why do you object
to my speaking up against your tormentors?
Why is it that some very smart and learned Armenians
confuse anti-charlatanism with anti-Armenianism?
Why is it that some very cunning Armenians
in their defense of their own selfish, narrow interest
will voice reasons worthy of an inbred moron?

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