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Saakashvili To Start Learning Armenian?

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 07:12 AM

In America if an an Englishman says to a Spanish "learn to speak English!" The Spanish will respond: "Why don't you learn to speak Spanish?" and the English will oblige and go to night school to learn Spanish.
In the same way, when Georgian officials say to the Armenians of Javakhk "learn to speak Georgian!" They should respond to them: "Why don't you learn to speak Armenian?"

Saakashvili for once promised to learn to speak Armenian -now that he is off duty and has plenty of time for it!

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 07:17 PM

Saakashvili gained power in Georgia in a bold maneuver that was scripted by the following independent NGOs: the National Endowment of Democracy, George Soros, Freedom House, and some others. The aim of England BP was to detach Georgia from Russian influence and make of that country dependent on the West, specially on UK, so that oil and gas pipelines would pass unhindered and free from Russian meddling and influence. Saakashvili was their chosen vessel to accomplish this.

When Saakashvili lost the November 2003 elections to his rival Eduard Shevadnadze; without any evidence he called the elections unfair and claimed to be the winner. This was a tactic that those same independent NGOs would try to apply in Armenia also but in this later case they failed after a state of emergency was declared in Yerevan.

A series of mass protests were held in Yerevan in the wake of the Armenian presidential election of 19 February 2008. Mass protests against alleged electoral fraud were held in the capital city and organized by supporters of the unsuccessful presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrosyan who had lost in that election.

In the case of Saakashvili, he called for protests and civil disobedience claiming fraud in the elections, then his supporters held red roses in their hands and, after seizing the parliament building in its opening day, they interrupted Shevardnadze's speech who left for his safety. Georgia's Supreme Court annulled the elections in which Saakashvili lost; Saakashvili himself declared a state of emergency and convinced Shevadnadze to resign. This came to be known as Georgia's bloodless "Rose Revolution."

On January 5, 2004, Saakashvili was elected president. He was inaugurated after 20 days. In March 28 when new parliamentary elections were held, Saakashvili supporters used heavy-handed tactics to win the majority.

In Georgia familiar tactics were used when it came to elections; election rigging, organized street protests, major media propaganda, and whatever else it takes to prevail.

In Armenia after nine days of peaceful protests at the Opera Square of Yerevan the capital, the national police and military forces tried to disperse the protesters on 1 March, 2008. A bloody confrontation ensued where 10 people were killed. Levon Ter-Petrosyan (who was under de facto house arrest) asked the protesters to go home, thus ending the protests; and everything returned to normal in Armenia. Subsequent attempts by Ter-Petrosian to revive the demonstrations and force the acting Armenian president to resign were unsuccessful and his movement then fizzled off.

While in Georgia, following Saakashvili's election, state enterprises were privatized. Georgia's civil service was gutted. Business-friendly tax cuts were enacted. Widespread corruption gamed the system for personal advantage of the relatives of Saakashvili and his supporters.

Georgia became a ruthless police state. Rule of law principles were spurned. Heavy-handed repression targeted the protesters of Saakashvili's rule. Legitimate opposition was crushed by a police cleansed from its corruption.

Saakashvili's tenure included suspicious deaths, disappearances, mass arrests, detentions, torture, loss of civil liberties, mass media control, and allying with England's financial empire. Armenians of Javakhk were repressed and their rights suppressed, some of the Armenian leaders were imprisoned.

His biggest mistake was to wage war on South Ossetia in August 2008. He picked the wrong fight against the wrong adversary. South Ossetia has lots of Russian citizens. Moscow intervened to protect them. It justifiably called Saakashvili's invasion flagrant aggression and responded forcefully.

In January 2008, election rigging gave Saakashvili a second term. In May, angry Georgians demanded change. They had to wait five more years. What follows his departure remains to be seen, what is certain is that the new comers are not insane like Saakashvili and will act in a balanced way, with friendliness both with Russia and the West.

Some called Saakashvili "a charismatic leader"; however what is ignored is that whatever charisma he had vanished soon after his taking of office; in a region where elected leaders too often turn into dictators Saakashvili has become another such leader for 10 years. It was the billions of those supporters of independent NGOs that transformed Georgia into a somehow modern nation, with their billions, specially of the billionaire George Soros (who some say to be only a secret rep for Rothschild and BP of England), Saakashvili would not have been able to accomplish something of significant. Georgians wanted him gone long ago and now they are happy that their wish has come true. Armenians of Javakhk were able to take a breath of air of thankfulness because the one who put yokes on them was no more in power; one such yoke was when Saakashvili forbade them to speak, read and sing in their native Armenian language while forcing them to learn to speak, read and sing in Georgian language. Someday, and he has now plenty of time away from politic, it's expected that Saakashvili will repent for his treatment of the Armenians of Javakhk and start learning Armenian --speak, read and sing in Armenian language! Then it will be possible for those maltreated Armenians to hold the hands of Saakashvili and do a typical Armenian dance all together.

In America whites and gringos are learning Spanish in order to communicate better with the Hispanics, I do not see why Georgians would not start learning Armenian in order to communicate better with the Armenians.

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 10:24 AM

Man could you please, include the source of your posts. At times I get confused whether it's your words or your posting from an article. Thanks Yervant

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